First day

Volunteering at this center is truly a whole new experience. Was having abit of mixed feelings during the start of the community service. positive and negative feelings. Communicating this way was really odd at first but there weren't much barriers towards the end of the day anymore.

All in all, today was a fun but tiring day.

ps. my partner for the voluntary placement *hint hint* the very graceful one...almost got her first mmmmuaxx *cough* stolen by....Hahahahaha! but at least.....mat salleh....naughty....HAHAHAHaha! *laughs to self uncontrollably* beep me for more info......ROFL!!
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when is she ever gonna update her freaking blog?

i hear you readers say everytime u end up here.

and to that i reply ya'll with a

big fat SORRY!

completed with a picture of my peeteeful face with the compulsory eyebags and zittie-zits to try and gain your sympathy for my lack of updates.

I few posts ago, i mentioned that i was suffering from worries about that because I'm currently used to feeling depressed and therefore not very much depressed over feeling depressed i'm fine.

*pauses for 15 minutes*

i dislike reading blogs of those who like to complain about how sad and meaningless their lives are (sounds familiar....-_-) but most of the things that go through my mind whenever i want to start typing are negative thoughts, thus no updates.

*pauses for another 15 minutes*

i'll leave this page open and come back with random thoughts every now n then...

0008 hours looking at super cute emoticons make me happy :D

0010 hours i don't get why do we have to submit in so many freaking copies of "approval" forms to the department. bloody annoying. we even need to fill in stupid forms for "consultation" with the tutors..Blergh

0013 hours i wonder where is my crappy righty ho pal...not online...

0030 hours you know what, i tried to murder a flying roach in my kitchen with hairspray because i don't have no sheltox or ridsect thingies. i sprayed. it flew. i sprayed again. it hid. i sprayed somemore!!! i failed. dunno where did it i think half of the potatoes, onions, garlic in the kitchen can't be eaten anymore......

0100 hours i want to go for isetan's sale. =(

0108 hours omg prison break season 3 episode 1 download = 75.8%!!

0124 hours south park is damn funny!

0122 hours i dunno why but the star wars theme song is stuck in my head. I'm not even a fan O_O dum dum dum..dum de dum dum de dum~

o138 hours i think i should check the 98 mails in my hotmail account.

0143 hours i wonder how are my ex mentees they even remember me? :(

alright. time to sleep.
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currently suffering from depression.

btw. this might be useful for my fellow biopsych classmates.

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