The sweetest thing

Mr Weeble is so sweet and one of a kind *squeals*

love u sho much baybeee thanks for making my day *squeeze*

Made these 2 icons sometime ago =)

This song was playing earlier in the car.

Decyfer Down - Here to you

Your signal across the sky
Is trying to bridge the distance
And all of the reasons why
I'm so far away
I know you can move the time
And the space that falls between us
I know you can cross the lines
All I can say is
Break them down

You are what's turning my world around
Moving me close in the moment with a single motion
Even when all of my stars are falling
You pulled me from here to you
It feels like I'm falling down
Through atmospheres and orbits
And I'm moving without a sound
I'm floating away
But you are the satellite
That makes the strong connection
With messages through the night
When the going is insane
Send them down
Cause they're keeping me alive
Send them down

A million miles away
Is as close as a razor
All the words I can't say
In a breath of silence
All the truth I'm looking for
Is just beyond my shadow
When I'm spinning in the night

You are what's turning my world around...

such a sweet tune....=)
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Jess Simpson VS Pam Anderson

About a year ago.

some fella was eavesdropping and over heard this convo between 2 dumb blondes. One, well known for being dumb, the other....well, there have been debates for and against her being a dumb blonde.

Love this picture of Jessica Simpson

Some of her famous quotes:

-“I think there's a difference between ditzy and dumb. Dumb is just not knowing. Ditzy is having the courage to ask!”

-“Is this chicken, what I have, or is this fish? I know it's tuna, but it says 'Chicken of the Sea.'”

-“On my first day of Jr. High I was in Geography class, and the teacher asked us if anybody knew the names of the continents. And I was sooo excited. I was like, Damnit! It's my first day of 7th grade, Im in jr high and i know this answer. So i raised my hand I was the first one and I said A-E-I-O-U!”

-“I don`t think people would take me seriously . They take me seriously as a blonde”

- “Sweet Kisses is very personal to me, and I can't wait to share it.”

-“'Jessica, you want some buffalo wings?' 'Sorry I don't eat buffalo.'”


hmm you probably won't be able to recognize Pamela Anderson that well in this pic, try the one below.

much better? hehe now let's try both the pictures together

There you go.

Some of her quotes.

-“It is great to be a blonde. With low expectations it's very easy to surprise people.”

-“Tattoos are like stories - they're symbolic of the important moments in your life. Sitting down, talking about where you got each tattoo and what it symbolizes, is really beautiful.”

-“In junior high a boy poured water down my shirt and yelled: `Now maybe they'll grow.”

-“I don't really think about anything too much. I live in the present. I move on. I don't think about what happened yesterday. If I think too much, it kind of freaks me out..”

all quotes from

Anyways their conversation went something like this.

Jessica: Hey! I've always wanted to ask you...

Pamela: *smiles*

Jessica: How is it that you guys always manage to run sooooo slowly during the opening of Baywatch? *puzzled*

Pamela: Oh...well, there is this technology around known as S.......L........O.........W motion.

Jessica wins (depends how u see it) tsk tsk tsk. Respect her la.

Btw here are some pictures i find nice of em and their exs.

Jessica and Nick

Pammy and a kid. Wait, are these 2 still together or what?

I've got so much work to start on!
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Beberapa hari lalu dalam sejarah.

Today, grandma came back holding 2 sheets of A4 paper grumbling her way to me...

The other day our instructor brought the newspaper, with all our colored pictures in it. It was about a 2 sheet spread copy you know! SO BIGGGG then this XXX so PATT you noe! She said her son can photocopy for everyone so she brought back the copy la! And then today see what she brought back for us???????

Only 3/4 quarter of the article was printed out....there weren'y any dates on it. Basically, it was just printed damn awkwardly la!

Then u see this one, she purposely photo stated the part only with the picture of her face in it! Everyone was so pissed la....Aih....

*few seconds later*

Eyh, u see u seee, got my name...hehe but my picture cannot see ler...

Hahahaha i was laughing my ass out!

Anyways here is part of the article granny's friend photocopied....I didn't scan the one with that person picture. The highlighted parts are Words of wisdom from none other than *drum roll* My granny :D

Please click on the above pic for sexier view of the article.

However, if you are stubborn and don't want to click, you could at least glance through what my granny talked about line dancing right here :D

Not too sure about the walking 1km per day fact though haha

So everyone, intro your grannies to line dancing yea! hahahha


While i was happily scanning away, i might as well scan this part of the text book that i was reading through...

gosh I'm not even done studying 1 freaking chapter for the past 2 days :( Thursday was spent....Lala-ing, Friday....Whatever.

One word from this page appealed to my 69 of the Human Personality Textbook.

Wanna guess what word is it? Click for sexier view.

I'll give you 5 to hunt the word


But in case if you were so stubborn and did not bother clicking to search, you can do so here.

please click for sexier read.

Ok la, let me make it easier for those who are really participating in the search

Still can't find it???

NO? Are you serious?

Ok fine, heres the word....

Exactly, thats that word please don't tell me you missed it.

Ahh yes, that one. Of course not pronounced as how it's supposed to in the text.

BLEAK (pronounced as bleh-k)

it's a colloquial term used when one feels moody, bored, any sort of negative feeling. A good substitution when you run outta things to say. Can be replaced with emoticons that look something like "=P" also. However, it has that sorta flirty element to it when used in different situations.

Some examples.

Weih, whats up?

Damn sien la weih

Why la?

Got nothing else to do man aih, bleak.

Well, life can be boring sometimes man, chill.

aih, bleak...


I really think you are the most beautiful girl I've ever met in my life.

*insert annoying act cute/high pitch tone* so bad ler u...bleak!! hehehe Bleak

Bleakkk ;)

ehehe Bleak!!! ehehehe

But you really are... hehehe so cute bleak

enough ler!! bleak bleak bleak bleak!!


BLEAK!! hehehehhehe

Ok enough.
You get it. Use the word with caution then.

Obviously, my idea of BLEAK here is not like in the latter example.

Why am i feeling "BLEAK"?

because I can't do the things i promise myself to do, I.e study.

And i didn't get to see Mr. Weeble today =( because i was supposed to be studying.

I'm not happy :(

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another taggie tag tag

A guy by the name of Eu Jon Sern initially tagged a Michael Teh and then edited it so now its a Michelle sounds like my name huh? haha

[edited : Looks like i got tagged by Ming Zi Zi tooo hahaha ]

1. Feeling cold cos the air conditioner is set to 18 degrees and I'm too lazy to switch it off.
2. My nose is trying to run away from me because i feel cold.
3. Guilt because I'm supposed to be studying right now.
4. Guilt because I will be going to stick that spoon of ice cream in my mouth soon.
5. The feeling of missing someone...
6. Eyes feeling dry and heavy cos I'm sleepy.
7. Confused because I'm not trying to study even though i should be and also confused as to why am i so stubborn.

1. How good will that ice cream taste?
2. Will i be able to do well this sem?
3. Should i or should i not go for an internship during the break?
4. Is my foncusede taking proper care of Mr. Weeble?
5. What else is there that is on my mind.
6. What should i cook for lunch tomorrow?
7. Are you starting to get bored of this?

1. Why am i worrying about something?
2. My future.
3. My financial problems (always most oftenly BROKE brghhh)
4. Whether those scars will be permanent on my skin -_-
5. Will they hire me?
6. Do i really want to work there?
7. Will i be able to study tomorrow?

1. My family.
2. Having my baybee boogene.
3. My new hair color, though it took some time to get used to it.
4. I'm not feeling that moody anymore.
5. I don't have to wake up early tomorrow.
6. I don't have to wake up early the day after tomorrow also.
7. I don't have to wake up early for my coming Saturdays after this one.

1. Family.
2. Mr Weeble.
3. Friends, all of them no matter near of far, cannot list la :)
4. Extended family members (cousins, uncles, aunts..)
5. God.

thats already more than 7 !

1. Confidence.
2. Controlling my emotions...
3. Discipline...
4. Exam results.
5. Appearance.
6. Public Speaking skills.
7. Multitasking..

1. Falling asleep during lectures. I excel in this.
2. Getting Mr. Weeble's huggies *squeals*
3. Blogging? *cough cough*
4. Criticizing? *ehhhe*
5. Being Bitchy? *Because people say I'm bitchy =(*
6. Imitating those operator voices haha
7. Cooking? heheheheh

1. Telling jokes and stories.
2. Doing tags like these...
3. Writing..
4. Being in control of myself sometimes...
5. Staying focus on something...
6. Staying awake...
7. Waking up in the morning.

1. Risottoooooooo I'm craving for these!!!!!
2. Pasta Pasta and more Pasta!
3. Lamb Shanks :D
4. Chicken wings me marinated ehehehe
5. Gon Low Mee my Mr Weeble makes *slurps*
6. Abalone, Shark's fin and scallops
7. Those Korean, Hong Kong, Taiwanese Instant noodles.

1. Orange Juice, PEEL Fresh : any fresher, u gotta peel em yourself ;)
2. Ribena
3. Water hahahha
4. Pussyfoot ;)
5. Sparkling juices
6. Those Vodka yeen, wen, vat and i didn't get for our bbq this time around hahaha
7. V-soy SoyMilk!

1. Oxygen...haha lame :P
2. Me Home :)
3. Me soulmate *squints*
4. My laptop.
5. Internet access.
6. Cash hahaha
7. My phone....:(

1. My angry side.
2. My clumsy side.
3. My make-up less face :(
4. My weak side...
5. My flaws...Physical flaw...bleh
6. My room hahahhaha
7. My Wardrobe!


the seven dwarfs from snow white :)
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Taggie tag tag

I syok sendirily got this tag off Suzzane's blog!

#1 Your Name

Michelle Teh Zhu-Yenn

#2 Your Gangsta Name
(first 3 letters of Real Name plus -izzle)


hMmmm i think Michizzle sounds better...first 4 letter better yea suzz? hehehe

#3 Your Detective Name

(fave Color and fave Animal)

i can't think of an animal that i like...not an animal fan.

*squeezes brain*

*squeezes harder*


Golden elephant

O.O cos i suddenly thought of that elephant i drew on a poster recently hehehe it's so cute...:p

#4 Your Soap Opera Name

(Middle name, and Current Street)

Zhu-Yenn, SS26/10

this sounds retarded!

#5 Your Star Wars Name

(the first 3 letters of your Last Name, first 2 letters of your First Name, last 3 letters of Mom's Maiden Name)


Tehmiwan : I'm Tehmiwan, fret now for I am here to rescue you.

That princess whoever Leia : You're who? o__O

#6 Your Superhero Name
(2nd fave Color, favorite Drink)

I don't really have a favorite drink also...hmm i'll just put what I've been drinking more lately

Red V-Soy Milk.

#7 Your Iraqi Name

(2nd letter of your First Name, 3rd letter of your Last Name, any letter of your Middle Name, 2nd letter of your Mom's Maiden Name, 3rd letter of your Dad's Middle Name, 1st letter of a Sibling's First Name, last letter of your Mum's Middle Name)


This was confusing hahahha. pronounced as eh-zak-lem. Sounds really Iraqi LOL

#8 Your Witness Protection Name
(Mom's/Dad's Middle Name)


this one sounds so chinese, Meituck sounds like "moral values" in canto hahaha

#9 Your Goth Name

(Black + the name of one of your pets)

i don't have a pet...I'll use some names from the members of B<3 Z Black Sephantina No. 4

Gothic sialllll *winks to Mr. Weeble* hehhhehe

#10 Your Haxor Name

(your Name and replace letters with Any Other Key that looks Similar)

m![h3||e +3H zHu-`/3n|\|

I Tag

whoever who wants to do this tag! Seriously! don't be shy :) Go ahead and Syok Syok la sendiri hahaha ok that sounded abit wrong ROBL ahahahhah (ROBL stands for Rolls on boogene baybee laughin :D)
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Fire Fire

One day on the way out, Mr Weeble and I saw this...

smokey smokey O____O For those who live around my area, further down on the left of this road is SJK Taman Megah (Next to Yuk Chai).

Then we saw this...

It was actually a van on fire O_____O. Couldn't get a closer look of what has happened but we sure hope no one was injured or whatever. Surprisingly, there weren't any fire fighters or police around the area, guess the incident must have happened not long ago only


the fire dept and police were taking their own sweet time


the bystander effect took place where nobody made an attempt to call the police/fire dept...

sad weih.
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FGA Sports Carnival

FGA had it's very first SPORTS CARNIVAL!!

The sports carnival was held at the Matsushita Sports Centre (Shah Alam) on the 1st of May 07'. Yes, it was Labor Day. I know it's almost a month since the event, but i had no drive to put up pictures on kontradikcion. Things haven't exactly been going good for zyenn.


I'm finally done selecting a few presentable shots to display on this deprived page.

First of all, it was a sunny day even though the weather forecast says it would rain (Praise the Lord it didn't!) Granny came all prepared in her sun protective gear, which included those arm covers that female drivers normally put on while driving and this very Asian looking foldable sun shade/hat. She looked so cute in it and i had to borrow the hat for some cam-hoin...however, the pictures where not very flattering to zyenn so this is the only one that will be displayed *grins*

The colors are beautiful yea? yes? no? u don't care? haha it's okay...Let's move on.

There were a few events carried out that day including Badminton, Footie, Track & Field, Swimming, chess..etc...WAIT... CHESS? *nods*

Is chess counted as a sport? It allows the brain to exercise i guess. Must feel very nice competing in the outdoors haha

Here's the big ass pool...

And the big ass field...

Inside the complex, we have of course the indoor games such as Badminton.

The hall was packed with hyperactive kids/teens/adults/senior citizens cheering for the players.

The open area of the complex had stalls, mainly selling FOOOOOOOOOD. Didn't get a close picture of the many stalls because i was busy eating :D

Upstairs, there were stall games to entertain the less athletic but equally enthusiastic crowd.

And also, not forgetting those stalls selling lil items - bookmarks, photo frames, tissue holders, clothing, cutleries, electrical appliances....basically everything in the whole wide world.

Underneath the shade...we have...

People taking pictures.

This uncle took veryyyy long to get her grandchild to pose for the camera, his wifey then came to help out also hahha. so adorable.

people including us also.

The African Ministry then got the crowd all hyped out when they started worshiping.

Here is a video of a warming up session when they started. Note that i said Warming Up!

It was a good day and I'll be looking forward to more events like these by me churchie.

Finally got something done =) at least.

Take care all u lovely people!
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So addicted

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My Visual DNA

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Nothing interesting happening lately. Been quite low and moody for sometime already and all i could rely on is eating...eating and more not feel so miserable. Chocolates help a tad but they give me sore throats. Whatever.

I think I'll just go on a hiatus and return whenever I'm mentally fit enough to blog about something.

i think this comic strip describes what i'm experiencing perfectly. {edit: not that perfectly when i see it again..]

Better try to elaborate on what I'm feeling now. The way i interpret this comic strip is when the clown is around some other people, he would put up a front to try and entertain the people around him, doing his job as a clown...but when he's not in front of others, his true self reveals....a depressed stupid clown he is. I know it can be interpreted in different ways but THIS is how i SEE it.

Well, i feel depressed and moody la but of course not until the extent of pointing a gun to my head...

bye all, let's hope i won't be like this the next time i update kontradikcion. Take Care :)
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Im screwed

During the last day of last term's exam, i remember sitting along the isle with everyone else and i started introducing this stupid song to everyone else. I lost all the songs on my old comp and now i finally remembered to download it.

Presenting to you Paris Hilton, Screwed

Listening to it is making me feel more ANNOYED!!!!!!!!

the chorus is so stupid

" since i'm already screwed, here's a message to you" LOL!!!

but i may need to refer to the intro of the song again tomorrow...

[edit] well...just listen to the first minute of the song, the rest of it is crap and does not relate to my feelings before exams and while waiting for results.
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Results will be out tmr

i have a feeling my mood is gonna be so much worse tomorrow :(

The anticipation...ERGH!

I know i did badly this time.
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piece of boring crap you don't really want to bother

feeling so






Pissed off-ful



Look, i just invented a whole list of words.




The mood is Freaking bad and not even 2 Days of shopping could cure me. (Shopping without much purchases that is)

Today, i woke up looking for something decent and preferably new-er than the other stuff i have left in my wardrobe but i found NOTHING.

I dug and dug the for something to wear for almost half an hour and in the end just gave up digging.................

I tossed and threw *literally* all the messy clothes out of the wardrobe to my bed or on the floor. You know like how those crazy sale-goers start throwing clothes about when everything is*bimbo* 70% AHH AHH AHHH ~!....-_- Then i just gave up and picked something i was wearing quite often already. *yawns*

Was late already so had to rush up the car with my cosmetics all stuffed in my bag, WHICH is 2 years old (omg). Why aren't there any nice bags around????? ok... yeah so i was busy fiddling with my cosmetics and trying to paint my very "pissed-off" looking face. I hate the way i look when I'm angry.

In the car, whenever i was trying to apply some stuff onto my face, the car will be moving so fast and the ride will be so bouncy that i couldn't even steady my hands! BUT, when the car was stationary during traffic light stops, i thought to myself "ok nows a good time to put this and that.." but i had such a hard time looking for that stupid mascara and when i finally found it, the lights turned GREEN.


*bigass sigh*

so easily annoyed la these days. Seriously, i didn't smile couldn't smile at all throughout the whole journey. Oh wait, i did when i saw my eyelashes looked pretty alright after i curled them.

Damn bimbo i know.

I need a punching bag. Literally.

Feeling disconnected. And i'm making kontradikcion boring. Boooooo. Nowadays no mood at all to think of slightly more interesting stuff to blog about. Even considerably happening events are too lazy to be typed out here la. So many pictures. So lazy to edit. Edit also no use...Just to satisfy MYSELF. Blergh.

was addicted to making icons thanks to Vattie. But now, no patience to go play around anymore.

first try

second one

*And everyone reading this goes = "Boring............." *clicks on someone else's link to read about more interesting stuff*

I should just sleep la. ...That's is, if i could sleep WELL

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Before, During, After Knowa's First Gig

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Im experiencing one of those i-miss-my-long-ass-hair moments again
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Mnda's 21st

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Vat's Birtday Surprise

A few days ago, Sook Yeen, Soo Wen and myself sorta kinda organized a lil surprise get together to celebrate Vat's 20th Birthday. Called some old Djians but only a few of them turned up *squints*

Nature lovers tell me what do they call this lil creature please.

I only managed to snap a shot of it before it sped off and scared me! i was screaming and jumping only soo wen knew how funny i looked.

Vat was surprised indeed! And she had a lot of fun unwrapping her present with 20 layers of wrappers just as much as i had fun wrapping those 20 layers.

The cake. Which was supposed to be served before Vat arrived but only came halfway through our meal.

I loved the smoke salmon! :D

These are all those who came to celebrate Vat's Belated Birthday.

The *cough* organizers

Do we look like we we're running?


Overall it was an expensive but worth it reunion with some old Djians :)

After lunch we split and Vat, Wen and i went back to chill at Yeen's before laughing at our Year Book pictures at Vat's place. I look horrible back in form 1. *shy*

No mood for blogging.

Classes start tomorrow. Yay -_-"
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the phone is sold! :)
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The gig was awesome!!

so proud of Knowa

Headloco aka Eugene aka my rocker bf aka the damn HOT guitarist
Muralli aka the "diva" vocalist
Shern aka the very buffed drummer
aka the bassist whose shirt reads "i have no car i have no money, i have no job but I'm in a band"

those of you who missed it...*sighs*....too bad

i feel so star struck!!!
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Lacking in fonts.

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The other day, when dad was sending me home.

In the car...

Later when you go up, go to my bag and take the nipples. There are 2 there.
*confused* HUH??? WHAattt??

Nippleee *trying to focus on the road*

What Nipple?

It looks something like this *brings out a bag of tools underneath his seat*

ohhh...why do you all call it nipple?

*after passing him the nipples*

Yeah, this is called a nipple, N-I-P-P-L-E. See, got two heads.
i know how to spell...but why nipple? sounds so weird.


Hmm, normally when we (i) think of nipples, i think of something like this

Yeah the lemon fruit looks like it has a nipple, no? What about something more realistic.

like this?

yeah i know it looks retarded, that's cos it belongs to...


non other than a chicken. found this image from google images. If you are the owner of it, sorry and thanks cos i'm puttin this on my blog.

[edit: on second thought, that looks like a turkey with a chicken head]

What?! you thought i was gonna put up a picture of human nipples! :P

As you can see, with my limited vocab and the schema i have of a nipple, they always look something like those images up there.

But i might be wrong, so someone educate me please...why associate these tools.....

With Nipples?

i don't get it! *damm bronde*

btw look what the Creative Japs did ...yeah...what a fashion statement. I remember watching before in some movies that the western kids used to bully Nerds in school by making them wear rubber breasts that looks exactly like those scarfs.

Talk about cultural differences man.

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