Langsat on a bright bright day

came home to alot of langsats on the dining table.

they look so adorable they deserve a picture.

Or two...
The langsats are real big...this one in my hand probably had a diameter of 6 cm.

enough snapping imma eat em all up! mwahaha *evil laugh*

Im so deaf i didnt even know my phone rang when it was barely a metre away from me. So anway there was a miss call and voicemail...dialled 121

"Hi this is Ms XXX...from XXX i hope u remember me...i will call u again later"
(XXX = some indian name)

HUHH? i don't know any Ms XXX so like any other average individual, i ignored the voicemail.

bout 2 hours later this Ms XXX called (same number)

"QILuQuLuQiLiQuLuqiliquluqiliqulu" (Qiliqulu=tamil)

HUHH?? erm...i think u've got the wrong number
Oh wrong number? ok sorry

then my phone rang again

Hi can i speak to Mr EEE (EEE= another indian name)
You've got the wrong number
Oh sorry phone rang again
MR EEE... *recognises my voice*..err...
There is no Mr EEEEEE here, you've got the wrong number
sorry sorry

WRONG......*call ends*

rofl..aih some people just now how to brighten up my dull days :)

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odd situations

Was at this steamboat restaurant the other day. The lady boss there was one of the most friendly people i've came across, she served us very well and made sure we enjoyed our dinner, just then...i caught a glimpse of the top she was wearing....


yeah that was printed right across her top.


while having dinner at that place, some fruit/dessert seller came by our table

gwai lin gou? nangka? chestnut?
erm...leonard what do u want?...hmm nangka la
3 ringgit
u dont want gwai lin gou? *giving me the weirdest stare everrr*
*stares somemore* but its good for your skin *sarcastic tone*

i dont need you to remind me how bad my skin is. ISH!

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Kate's friend sent this to Kate and she sent this to me and i thought this is quite funny.

technology these days.

i prefer watching this muted. that voice is so annoying!!!!!! hahaha

i know i posted 3 entries today in which 2 out of 3 of em are vids. I KNOW its lame...but i love sharing stuff i find interesting with the rest of you out there :) heee hee
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Watched Paula and Jien talking about this trend around schools in the west.

damn cool!
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girly tags

had the urge to make name tags for my team members...

got home from meeting and straight away headed for my artblock and stationeries and drew lil hearts ( i sound damn girly)

snip snapped...drew and colored a lil bit and here they are! the girly name tags for my fellow mentors.

then i hands were shaking because i was damn hungry. I can't help the sudden "semangat" of finishing up those name tags.

suddenly feel so exicted to go to JINJANG.

(they will laugh at me when i fall on stage)

mum says i've got nothing better to do...when i actually have an ass annoying me right now *squints*

Oh btw, watched the highlights for Malaysia Cup 2006 on STAR SPORTS.

Congratulations PERLIS!!! Woohooo~! .............. ROFL
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Gas playing tricks on me

when the Gas tricks.

I don't feel like doing anything at all even though there's shit loads of stuff waiting for me to do.

when the Gas tricks.

I feel damn frustrating.

When the Gas tricks.

I feel useless.

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I know what i did this raya

Went by one of my mum's friend's place on the second day of raya. She lives in an area i never knew freaking far!!!

This was snapped along the way to her place.

After the visit, we went by KL Hilton & Le Meridian to check out the place.

This was part of the deco @ Le Meridian's Lounge.

These two are pics of the Lounge @ KL Hilton.
simple yet classy deco of Le Meridian.
Pretty fishies of KL Hilton.

Had dinner at the Lebanese restaurant of Le Meridian and my camera ran outta battery before i could snap any pics of that awesome place. The interior was simply *drops jaw*.

The waiters/waitresses/chefs were so nice and friendly haha somehow felt like royalty dining there. *curses camera battery* The food however was so-so...i prefer the Lebanese food at Tarbush@ Starhill...there were more variety of authentic Lebanese food and flavours @ Tarbush while this place emphasizes more on fusion styled cooking. Hmm what else do i have to say about this place...OOOh! There was a belly dancer performing that night from table to table *winks*. They just started the belly dancing performances that night itself when we were there....lucky us. *grins* The belly dancer was dancing about only 3 feet away from me ok haha, felt like i was in a strip club or something! *ngeks* Felt so inspired watching her move...i wanna learn belly dancing and dance like her! *bounces about*

I'd definitely recommend this place to those who enjoy experimenting with food and meat lovers. Gosh those Lebanese sure eat alot of meat! The portions of meat in the set meal were freaky!! so please share :) Somehow this place reminded me of Carnaval @ Dj...because that restaurant also serves damn alot of meat!

*munches on celery* I still need my vegetables in my meals thank you...

Oh there's only one thing that i have to ramble about this place, the waiters misled us into thinking that they do not serve sky juice so he opened 2 bottles of Evian for part was those 2 bottles of evian cost 60 bucks...blergh *curses camera again* i could have taken so many nice pictures of the food! ish ish!

We drove the Klassique Beau the whole day around town.

.:when randomness strikes:.

Introducing : My fake smile

Purpose of introducing my fake smile is because i always get comments from friends that their first impression of me is that I'm arrogant and "lanci". I guess because i don't smile much to strangers...but that doesn't mean im arrogant does it? I can't help having the "face" ok..blergh...(agree, tiff and ming zi??? )

So...Yes this is my mug face. Yes i am smiling. Yes i look damn cute. and YES that Smile is Fake! SO if u ever catch my smiling to u like that, donb't smile back....because in my mind, I'm either thinking of ways to avoid u or cursing because i am forced to smile at u. So I'm indirectly trying to signal to you that i do not like smiling at you when i smile to you as per picture.

SeEEEEEeeeeeee, thats why its much better if i show u my "lanci" "action" face when i see u rather than this least I'm not being fake when i'm showing you my so called "lanci" face...I'm not being lanci either! ergh..I'm just being me. I would look like an idiot smiling like that to everyone wouldn't i? yes? no? whatever la

I AM damn lanci ok? fine?

*cough* nayh, erm i was just kidding...the whole paragraph above this line was pure crap and my smile is damn genuine ok thats why i sooooo love showing off my smile. *grins*

-_- bla bla bla.

Okies enough of crap..i shall end this entry with a not so friendly and nice to see picture of THE Donkee and THE Doinkee...

Lanci-ing you we are. BLEAK! ( i want to sniff him right now now now! *merajuks*)
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i'm visitor number 4444!!
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big baby

I'm loving the holidays...

i can't believe its coming to an end....

I don't want to start working on that ASS....

i don't want to revise my work....

I'm so sick of printing notes....

I just wanna chill around and eat more nasi briyani...nasi tomato...kuih lapis...other kuih raya....keropok whatever...muruku...rendang...kumar chicken...ketupat...omg lemang...OTAK OTAK...ARGHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!!!!!!

i don't care if i sound stupid i just wanna keep hiding under my comforter...stay in my comfort zone...hug/sniff/cuddle/poke/snuggle/wrestle/tickle/kissie my donkwee...suck my favourite flavoured my strawberry yoghurt...drink vitagen...nibble on raisins


i sound like i miss food more than my holidays....-_- sigh
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ikan vs itik

Went around visiting some of Dad's friends who were celebrating Deepavali and since we were near the "fish market" daddy sometimes buy fish from, daddy thought of bringing our family friends to the market to get fishayyyy

This market was somewhere near Pulau Indah...20 odd km from Klang

They tailgated us all the way to the fish market *tsk tsk tsk*

We went by the village areas and the scenaries were awesome...*smacks self for forgetting to snap pics along the way* ooo i saw alot of monkeys and cows along the way too.

Then we reached the fish market...

some of the stuff laying around the area...

There u have it...the FISH. I didn't step into the wet area in this pic because it's wet and it stinks. eww. eww. eww. They've all sorts of fish there but none that i know of, i can't recognise fishes and associate their breeds to their looks.

I only recognise Garoupa's because they are fat, black, ugly, taste damn good and are expensive enough to be remembered by me. *grins* but there weren't any Garoupas sold. i saw some sharks though...and my neighbour bought one of those.

This whole place is all about seafood so the cock felt left out...

You can tell from my expressions that the market stinks alright..We spent a total of 350 bucks at the market. O__O Guess i'll be eating alot of fish at home the next few weeks.

U think the fish market was gross?

i've found something even more gross than that fish market..


ewwww. *disinfects blog*

Snapped some pics during dinner the other day

Peking Duck yo

I hope i didn't annoy them too much

We're supposed to only eat the skin of the duck in this dish...

Therefore, this piece of duck was a lil too thick...

This was perfect =D


Nothing interesting in my life lately so I'll just end this post with a self potrait.

Here's my latest self potrait...




HAHAHA of course not!

I got the inspiration to edit it this way because i looked a lil chubby in this pic and it reminded me of my cousin Jade.

She used to always chub up her cheeks and go "My name is Chub-beh....laa dee daa" in her English accent. Haha she's real adorable :D

Okay then...

My self potrait :)

oh and some updates about my ear.

i picked up my house phone today...

held it against my left ear = dial tone

held it against my right ear = no dial tone


Thats all for now, Buhbye~

EDIT : *grabs anything made outta wood and squeezes tightly* mum said i will eventually be *cough*fat*cough* like in the edited pic...NO NO NO!! *squints* sigh...why do i always like to make a fool outta myself in my blog? hmmm
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happy deeparaya

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health issues

something is wrong with me.

After one an a half hours of touble and stressing at the Main block, i went up to Starbucks PBD and finally got myself some internet connection. Bought a cup of cafe latte and when the barista went "what size do u want?" i couldn't even capture a single word uttered out from his mouth. Then it took me a few more seconds to answer him and i had a hard time handling him over the cash. I was so fidgety. Hands and feet were so cold and i felt like i was going to collapse any second. My head still hurts and now the pain has been transfered to inner part of my right ear. I don't know how can i describe the pain in my ear but it's so hard to bear with. I feel as if my drums were being torn apart or there is something in my ear slowly biting the insides of it. How long will this pain last? It's taking up all my energy and i couldn't even concentrate in class earlier today. I'm making the people around me worried about my health and i seriously hate having to trouble them. ergh.

What the hell is wrong with me? I've been sick for the longest time and I'm not getting well but feeling worse than ever.

Crap la this pain.....this painn....*screams*

hmm...didn't even realise Jaclyn Victor and a few other people was sitted opposite me all this while at Starbucks until she got up and left.
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mentally blocked

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Seems like forever since i last posted something here. Here are some interesting updates for the past 2 days.

0715 - Good Morning

1030 - Good Night

1400 - Good Morning

1430 - Good Night

1900- Good Morning

2230 - Good Night

0615 - Good Morning

1015- Good Night

1200- Good Morning

1600- Good Night

............ because i am sick.
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ahh ahh ahh

hello *pause*
ah...poh poh leh?
ok hold on

damn weird phone conversation.
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the baby me

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Happy Mooncake Festival

eventhough i didn't eat any mooncake, admire the Beauty of the full moon, had any contact with candles or lanterns....Happy Mid Autumm Festival people :)

(i know i'm quite late)
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Movie Marathon

Another Movie Marathon has come n gone...

and like the previous year, it was a blast. Love spending time with those little girls rekindling our friendship since lower sec school. I somehow always feel like a kid when i'm around them hehe and its not a bad thing!

Had lunch at Italiannies because it was a Wednesday and they have the never ending bowls of pasta promo every wed. I was so stuffed. Went around shopping for a bit after that and i just had to spend some money despite being damn broke. Was dissapointed however cos i didn't get to buy that XJHHHFb that i wanted from KJKFHUKE. *sulks* So after i finally managed to convince myself that i AM going to be broke, we headed to Giant to grab a few bottles of booze and headed back to Sook Yeen's "crib".

Once i stepped outta her car, i had to go on a treasure hunt in yeen's damn big house. Those girls sure put in alot of effort to make sure i get all cranky and confused about reading the maps and finding clues. And i bet they had alot of fun laughing at the "lost" me. Thanks girls :) They are the sweetest and cutest friends i tell u. So yea this was what i found at the end of the map. A treasure chest! *bounces around like a kid*

This chest is supposed to be my birthdae gift from the girls :) It's handmade by touched >.<
This is the inside of the chest, where my treasure lies *winks*

Movie marathon officially started around 4 pm and here are the movies we've watched in the 24 hours chilling at Sook Yeen's damn big room.

Loved this movie though it was abit slow and long. Believe it or not i have not watch this before *blushes*. Tom Hanks did a fantastic job in it.

We watched this while having dinner because it was something light and funny. The donkey in the movie cracks me up everytime i watch this, but he is no where near my donkee's ability to make me laugh.

Vat picked this and it was my 4th time watching it. We all agreed that Han should not have been killed in the movie because we like him. Vat kept going "why isn't she dead? why aren't they killing her?" throughout the movie because she and i agree that Neela's voice was annoying. Nevertheless, this movie is totally worth watching the 4th time because of the gayaness of em driving and of course for the rides.

Unfortunately, i couldn't stay awake to finish the entire movie. Loved the dialougues in this one. Besides that, all i can remember was that Josh Hartnett was running around the streets half naked for the first half an hour in the movie?

Absolutely LOVED this one. Never had the chance to catch it when it was in cinemas.

I'm kinda on the fence for this one, didn't really like it but i don't hate it either. Didn't find the plot amusing but it was an easy going and fun to watch movie. Some parts of it were really corny and funny yet freaky though O_O. Talk about freaky ex girlfriends man. Uma Thurman wasn't as hot as i've expected her to be in this one but still hot.

I don'tthink i''ll ever dislike any Adam Sandler movies, and this is definitely one that i would love to watch over and over again. Yeen said i was cold blooded because i didn't cry at the end...but she couldn't seee the tears at the corner of my eyes that time :P

The only dissapointing thing was we didn't get to watch any horror movies and scream together like the previous marathon. NVM! The next one is gonna be better!!! right girls?

I think im becoming more and more boring in my entries.

I forgot my camera so there are no shots of us eating pasta, chilling in the room and messing up Yeen's damn big bed. >.< That is why i have to put up some movie posters in this entry to make it look more complete.

(p/s) Yeen, please send me the pics as soon as you get you ass back from penang. *rwar* oh i meant, Yeen dearie, could you please be so kind just to upload the lovely pictures we snapped the other day on your camera to your computer and send them to me? Please and Thank you O=)
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ive got the best

Really don't need nothing more than just having u by my side.'s really quite obvious


*pinches donkee's lil nosie*

i just love u so much.

*squeezes donkee to sleep*
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Starlight Rendezvous

Yesterday, i got a wake up call from Adelene.

The call was regarding one of my lecturers back in HMC requesting for the SOFT COPY of HMC Starlight Rendezvous Program Booklet that i produced for last year's ball. Adelene offered to pass the lecturer her hard copy of the booklet but the lecturer, ahh lets call the lecturer D, didn't want to printed booklet, D insisted on the SOFT COPY.

Being the blur me as i just got up, i said ok to adelene and that i'll send the soft copy over. the call ended, and i decided to go back to snooze. But i couldn't because some scenes from my encounter with the present HMC student council members when my friends and i were trying to HELP them with their Food Sale were playing in my mind.

ets just say, they weren't very kind to us when we approached their stall that were supposed to be selling food. Another thing that crossed my mind was that, why do they need the soft copy when they have the printed booklet?

There should be some copies in the HMC office...if not that, the lecturers themselves should have one each. If they wanted some of the speeches in the booklet, they could have at least put in some effort which i did last year to TYPE whatever they wanted. If they wanted LOGOS of the same sponsors for this year and last year's ball..they could have taken the time to Google all the company's logo like what i did last year. Besides, there aren't much valuable pictures in the booklet so i don't see the point in wanting the soft copy of it. Unless they have no time to prepare a booklet and wanted to simply edit the one i did and print it out? They can't be serious, can they? Besides, the lectures could have saved the soft copy i passed them before they went to print the booklets out last year.

Whatever D's intentions are, I'm not going to be so mean. They want a soft copy? I'll send them a soft copy.

Only it'll be in PDF format.

this is the cover of the booklet

Just so that they could view the booklet on a computer screen.

Hope that would be much of help to D and his Lovely team of council members with the organizationg of the Ball. :)

Edit: Thinking back of the time where us ex HMC council members had to put up with all sorts of crap to successfully organize the ball, i think the present council should learn to endure some of the difficulties they face for this year's ball so that they could have their own experiences of their hard work paying off. It's really quite satisfying. But, simple things like a program booklet also need help? I understand if its sponsorship or locations.

Personally, i had to meet deadlines and spent quite an amount of effort on my part of the organization. I think i have my rights to what i've done.

Requesting for a SOFT Copy and not being able to even provide me with a clear reason for it...or requesting it from me but through another party...and also being rude to me before...hmmm..This is the best i can do

i don't really want to have anything else to do with that HMC council anymore. blergh.

(p/s) D is not the lecturer's initials!
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Problems with the august Archives

blogger is annoying. my archives are not working properly. some of my posts in my August month are gone if u were to click on the August link on my archive....:( and the trick i used to get my missing posts displayed like what i did to the "May" entries are not working here.
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photoshop me!

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one disabled customer

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copy copy cats

some people just lurrrrrve have to copy. haha. Thank you very muchh.
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