Langsat on a bright bright day

came home to alot of langsats on the dining table.

they look so adorable they deserve a picture.

Or two...
The langsats are real big...this one in my hand probably had a diameter of 6 cm.

enough snapping imma eat em all up! mwahaha *evil laugh*

Im so deaf i didnt even know my phone rang when it was barely a metre away from me. So anway there was a miss call and voicemail...dialled 121

"Hi this is Ms XXX...from XXX i hope u remember me...i will call u again later"
(XXX = some indian name)

HUHH? i don't know any Ms XXX so like any other average individual, i ignored the voicemail.

bout 2 hours later this Ms XXX called (same number)

"QILuQuLuQiLiQuLuqiliquluqiliqulu" (Qiliqulu=tamil)

HUHH?? erm...i think u've got the wrong number
Oh wrong number? ok sorry

then my phone rang again

Hi can i speak to Mr EEE (EEE= another indian name)
You've got the wrong number
Oh sorry phone rang again
MR EEE... *recognises my voice*..err...
There is no Mr EEEEEE here, you've got the wrong number
sorry sorry

WRONG......*call ends*

rofl..aih some people just now how to brighten up my dull days :)


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