Starlight Rendezvous

Yesterday, i got a wake up call from Adelene.

The call was regarding one of my lecturers back in HMC requesting for the SOFT COPY of HMC Starlight Rendezvous Program Booklet that i produced for last year's ball. Adelene offered to pass the lecturer her hard copy of the booklet but the lecturer, ahh lets call the lecturer D, didn't want to printed booklet, D insisted on the SOFT COPY.

Being the blur me as i just got up, i said ok to adelene and that i'll send the soft copy over. the call ended, and i decided to go back to snooze. But i couldn't because some scenes from my encounter with the present HMC student council members when my friends and i were trying to HELP them with their Food Sale were playing in my mind.

ets just say, they weren't very kind to us when we approached their stall that were supposed to be selling food. Another thing that crossed my mind was that, why do they need the soft copy when they have the printed booklet?

There should be some copies in the HMC office...if not that, the lecturers themselves should have one each. If they wanted some of the speeches in the booklet, they could have at least put in some effort which i did last year to TYPE whatever they wanted. If they wanted LOGOS of the same sponsors for this year and last year's ball..they could have taken the time to Google all the company's logo like what i did last year. Besides, there aren't much valuable pictures in the booklet so i don't see the point in wanting the soft copy of it. Unless they have no time to prepare a booklet and wanted to simply edit the one i did and print it out? They can't be serious, can they? Besides, the lectures could have saved the soft copy i passed them before they went to print the booklets out last year.

Whatever D's intentions are, I'm not going to be so mean. They want a soft copy? I'll send them a soft copy.

Only it'll be in PDF format.

this is the cover of the booklet

Just so that they could view the booklet on a computer screen.

Hope that would be much of help to D and his Lovely team of council members with the organizationg of the Ball. :)

Edit: Thinking back of the time where us ex HMC council members had to put up with all sorts of crap to successfully organize the ball, i think the present council should learn to endure some of the difficulties they face for this year's ball so that they could have their own experiences of their hard work paying off. It's really quite satisfying. But, simple things like a program booklet also need help? I understand if its sponsorship or locations.

Personally, i had to meet deadlines and spent quite an amount of effort on my part of the organization. I think i have my rights to what i've done.

Requesting for a SOFT Copy and not being able to even provide me with a clear reason for it...or requesting it from me but through another party...and also being rude to me before...hmmm..This is the best i can do

i don't really want to have anything else to do with that HMC council anymore. blergh.

(p/s) D is not the lecturer's initials!

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