Color Me Corby

I've a thing for colors.


For example if i were to come up with a design of any sort i will incorporate the use of colors just to make things less dull. The amount of colors i use in any of my work kinda reflects the mood i'm in.

If you've followed my dead blog for awhile you'd know how much color i highlight my words with in my posts...heh.


My life is a colorful one.

I eat colorful food.

I have colorful friends. (Don't mean this in any bad way)

I like wearing colorful outfits.

Too bad I can't dig more pictures to write about my exciting life.

If I had to pick a color that would be my fav of the moment. I'd go for



I love this color so much I use it as a form of greeting because it sounds like hello.


So yea this is how I normally greet people on IM these days when I'm my usual chirpy self.

I think the color yellow and I have some kinda fate.

My first ever car was a yellow car, which i nicknamed "Wong Kam Kam" (meanin yellow yellow dirty fellow in cantonese) because of the color. The color is such an attention seeking color it made me shy because it was on a Nissan Sunny.

My Fav racer back tank top with the perfect cutting happens to be in yellow. I've had that top for a year plus and it's still my fav top.

I use a yellow mug in the office.


Courtesy from mum.

The songs i hum most of the time

"Tie a yellow ribbon round the old oak tree, it's been 3 long years, do you still want me?"

So If I were to choose among the four Samsung Corby colors,


It would be none other than yellow.


*distracted and starts humming*

We all live in a yellow submarine.
Yellow submarine, Yellow submarine.


Random picture of my primary school buddies.


I miss my once fab hair. My hair color was close to the color yellow too, now its boring black.

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