premature aging

my sleep cycle is so messed up and im suffering from premature ageing thanks to it.

Oh look its 4 am.....time for bed. yay. -___-
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Belated Christmas. Expectations. Dissapointments.

i know its over but i have pics...

Brother and i decided to go by XXX during Christmas eve, him to meet his buds and i, to meet my baybweeweeble. Heard there will be fireworks @ XXX...

Its been ages since i last drop by XXX and everytime, without fail..i enter that mall feeling all excited (because i seldom go there) but leave that mall feeling disgusted and annoyed.

Bro and i were trying to count the amount of lalamuis we saw that night, but not long after we started counting we decided that it was easier to count the amount of those who were not lala..*giggles*

The lights were real pretty but the people who were there...*speechless*

most of the people we saw at the jockey area were jumping around screaming and foaming each other up with their super cool 10 bucks for 4 bottles of foam confetti. LAME!!!

felt quite angry yet sad for those people who were having their fun spraying foam confetti on each other and thinking..yea, thats how Christmas is supposed to be celebrated. *shrugs*

anyways we left the place even before midnight to somewhere more civilised and tong sui with our dear friend Jesus to celebrate his Birthdaee. *winks at baybee*

Time for some random pics...

This was taken at some church in Taman Sinar or something...

The food selection was very dissapointing..

Fondueeeeeeeee *grins* yummy!

i know i'm not supposed to play with leftovers but what can i do? lick up the choc? haha

lil maoble and weeble...Yummierrrrrr!!!!!!! *drools*

something else thats random...

i feel pissed. a little pissed. no wait, damn pissed? i dunno whatever. Sometimes i wonder if i have signs all over me telling ppl to *coughcoughcough* me. It sucks and it happens all the time. All the damn time. And it always happens to meeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee. i hate it. hate it so much.

i dunno what am i angry over already la. ish!

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psycho the rapist

Did a lil modifications with the header *bounces* now my it's much more pinky and girly *peace* and feels a lil fresher compared to the previous, slightly more dull colored header...hmm but i somehow still miss the old header...oh well i'll just switch between both once in a while. :)

Been reading this joke book my brother got for christmas and i came across this...a note to my futher psychotherapist buddies.

A psychotherapist who set up an office downtown was seeing less and less customers by the day because of increasng competition. His friend advised him that to turn things around, he'd better advertise. So, he engaged an advertising expert to design and put up a simple sign on the top of the front door.

But, despite the advertising, there was no turn around. In fact, business plummeted even further. He also noticed that on many occasions, a number of women had approached his office, but suddenly they would run away. So, he decided to take a look at the sign which the man had written to see if there was anything wrong with it. To his horror, the notice read:




ha. ha. ha.

its 330 and im still awake! *gasp* Bye!
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hanging out at 1u stealing their Wifi and eating sushi..

----just had a big chunk of wasabi hahaha

okok so yea stealing their connection and finally checking my mail... i think i'll only have a few minutes before my comp runs out of battery..

----Baybee just had a big chunk of wasabi filled sushi hahAHAhHAHAH!!!

love WASABI!!!!!!!!


Had a movie marathon with my highschool buds and here are some of the pics taking up the space in my memory card

Here are some of the movies we watched...

Infernal Affairs 1 - twisted and nice
Rob-b-Hood - the baby is damn cute...makes my heart melt...*squeals*
John Tucker must die - typical
Silk - Touching
An American Haunting - Disturbing
Step Up - Sucked. Boring.
Death Note - an example of the substitles :
(English) keep stab into that kind ot hand feeling of the heart...
(Bm) tikaman tunai ke dalam jenis apa tangan itu perasaan hati...

our lunch that day was also our dinner that night and breakfast the day after...

took some pictures....

laa dee daa

Been seeing mnda quite often the last week *bounces*

Us now...
Us back then...

haha now she is the one with the bangs *giggles*

Im leaving...i have so many more pics to post up but that will have to wait till the next time i get internet access :)

Merry Christmas People!


Happy New Year!!
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gross stuff vs cute stuff

Why isn't there anyone online when i finally get to sign into msn??

met with a flasher the other day.

His "thing" was actually vibrating but it can't be seen in this short clip.

saw something else which was quite disturbing...

a blonde slut! hahahahahaha (its a pen holder btw)

on another totally unrelated note.


this is how it looks like...

but u have got to play it!! make sure your speakers are switched on too :)

p.s. chemical romance's black parade is damn annoying. The all american reject's it ends tonight vid is absolutely lovely. dont we all love fireworks?
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bagai bintang do syurga

My brother got me hooked onto this song. Its the kind of song that gets stuck into your head once u listen to it.

peter pan - bintang di syurga.

im humming it unconsciously.

its not some new song or whatever but its nice! Go check it out if u haven't already know about it!

masih ku merasa angkuh
terbang kenanganku jauh
langit kan menangkapku
walau kan terjatuh

dan bila semua tercipta
hanya untuk ku merasakan
semua yang tercipta
hampa hidup terasa

* lelah tatapku mencari
arti untukku membagi
menemani langkahku
namun tak berarti

dan bila semua tercipta
tanpa harus ku merasakan
cinta yang tersisa
hampa hidup terasa

bagai bintang di surga
dan seluruh warna
dan kasih yang setia
dan cahaya nyata

oh bintang di surga
berikan cerita
dan kasih yang setia
dan cahaya nyata

I'll add in the vid here too :)

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Sem 3 ends

the internet and DSL light has stopped blinking on the modem but the connection is still slowwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww...and i cant even sign into msn.

can someone tell me why i cant seem to get streamyx's 1800 number? That number not available anymore or its cause of my luck? I told Ming Zi i will be their bitchiest customer but i cant even get them on the phone...*sulks*


gotta do this quickly before i get cut off. Blogging has officially become very stressful for me.


Year one officially ends for most of us. There will be many good and bad memories of Y1 that i'll treasure, and of course this bunch of crazy classmates, will never forget these people.

We headed to MV for lunch and *whispers*karaoke*whispers* haha shy was my first time ever stepping into those karaoke hang outs which are sprouting out in almost all the malls i know. wait...they are in every mall.

The deco @ Mv was very pretty. The girls and Mike Birthday Boy got a group shot by the candy house.

After lunch was...karaoke time *shies*

It was also Pw and Mel's first time!

hahah i was scareddd...

Pw, Mel and i jakuned around the place cause we were...erm...having alot of mixed feelings. We got lost from the rest of the group and got some weird stares from the ppl working there..haha they eventually led us into our room.

and in the room....

everyone was either having a good time/pretending to have to a good time/obviously not having a good time and not bothered to pretend that they were.

However, we know who had the best time dueting....*que picture below*

Felt a bitttt left out when they were singing chinese songs but i just kept blah-ing any chinese characters that i could recognise and tried to sing along haha.

Pw and i layaned belayan jiwa
Jonsern was high singing Tom Jones' kiss.
Beng and Mel were so shyy.
Tiff, vern may and Yien were high when singing some songs too.
Ming Zi and Fung Min brought the house down when they sang aerosmith's dont wanna miss a thing.
Mike mamboed Number 5.
i solo-ed kukatakan dengan indah by peterpan.
Alex was forced to sing some song and finally got into the mood.
Hua fu and Grace however.....*points up to picture* lets just say the picture says it all. They layaned every song they sang to the max.

Headed to Jonsern's after all the screaming to chill and celebrate some birthdays.

Belle's hot housemate Belle was also a Dec baby so we got her into the pic.

The night was just spent chit chatting. Discussing bout intellectual stuff (cheh!). Eating pizza, cake. Reminiscing bout the past year as a psycho student. Time flies...

we took pictures..Vern may was holding the camera and i dont know where was Jonsern.

Belle dared Mike to

So we smashed some remaining pieces of the cake and i smoothed the cream on that board. hahaha.

No one got thrown into the pool (aww) but some of them got a lil bit intoxicated (yay)

Thats all the pictures i have.

*monotone* yay we are officially year 2 students.

i do not want to imagine the workload and timetable next year. sigh.

Happy Holidays people.
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For those who have been visiting this dead blog for the past week...SORRY! my internet connection has been down...and i dont think i can last long online this will b a quick one....

Photoshop has decided to go down with the internet connection also...having problems "activating" it. Nvm, i'll settle with that later...

This happened after finals...

The psycho students went psycho haha...

Then the next day...

Glamours went lunching :D (Im taller than A!!mwahaha...but thats cos A was in flats while S was in 4 inch stilettos)My hair is now the shortest among the Glamours :(

Went for a makeover at Shiseido and this was how i looked by the end of it...

The make up was so....natural (bleh) im a fan of dramatic eye make up *giggles*.

Their comb mascara was not bad but the end result was just wayy too natural...not dramatic enough. haha i seldom look so fresh faced after applying make up. The make up artist wanted to use purple toned eyeshadow on me...thank goodness i stopped her in time. No fan of color eyeshadows...they're like highlighters..are so...16 years old...and they remind me of the times when i first started experimenting with make up. Love the lip color though!

what else...

  • My neck is hurting and i cant turn my head to my right. Had very odd posture for the past 2 days and my grandma is having fun seeing me in pain.
  • i cleaned my bathroom. This might not seem like a big deal to the rest of u but trust my bathroom IS a big deal. Let me give u a hint...i found an old iron, exercise equipment, lamp, old epilator, a bigbox filled with sample sized shampoo, definitely more than 20 bottles of mosturizers for any part of the body (face, hands, body, ass)...ETC. All those belonged to me dear mother and her mother...and they are now lying in that filty rubbish bin outside my place. *evil laugh*
  • i need HELP with my hair. Its weird but i dont want to trim it...i wanna leave it long again...
  • i dont enjoy camwhoring anymore..:(
  • Movie marathon is coming up!!!!
  • i miss having cash in my wallet.
  • i've been playing alot of solitaire on my O2.
  • i miss my good old highschool buddies.
  • i want to schmell Mr. Weeble....
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omg i have internet connection *drops jaw*
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will be away

3 days for me to make use of my time to catch up on studying. Thursday's the big day...where 2 papers will be taken one after another...*drama face*

wont be around for the next few days....


here's a big ass picture of myself taken last month with Pekwah's old school sial Aviators to fill up some space on this page.

blogger will be trying-very-hard to make myself as

*que for ugly photo and for readers to go...yERRRr*

as possible.

This pic was taken during the last sem's final exam period. No i wasn't squinting my eyes. they were THAT bengkak. (cant believe i just posted such an eww pic of myself)


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