psycho the rapist

Did a lil modifications with the header *bounces* now my it's much more pinky and girly *peace* and feels a lil fresher compared to the previous, slightly more dull colored header...hmm but i somehow still miss the old header...oh well i'll just switch between both once in a while. :)

Been reading this joke book my brother got for christmas and i came across this...a note to my futher psychotherapist buddies.

A psychotherapist who set up an office downtown was seeing less and less customers by the day because of increasng competition. His friend advised him that to turn things around, he'd better advertise. So, he engaged an advertising expert to design and put up a simple sign on the top of the front door.

But, despite the advertising, there was no turn around. In fact, business plummeted even further. He also noticed that on many occasions, a number of women had approached his office, but suddenly they would run away. So, he decided to take a look at the sign which the man had written to see if there was anything wrong with it. To his horror, the notice read:




ha. ha. ha.

its 330 and im still awake! *gasp* Bye!

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