hanging out at 1u stealing their Wifi and eating sushi..

----just had a big chunk of wasabi hahaha

okok so yea stealing their connection and finally checking my mail... i think i'll only have a few minutes before my comp runs out of battery..

----Baybee just had a big chunk of wasabi filled sushi hahAHAhHAHAH!!!

love WASABI!!!!!!!!


Had a movie marathon with my highschool buds and here are some of the pics taking up the space in my memory card

Here are some of the movies we watched...

Infernal Affairs 1 - twisted and nice
Rob-b-Hood - the baby is damn cute...makes my heart melt...*squeals*
John Tucker must die - typical
Silk - Touching
An American Haunting - Disturbing
Step Up - Sucked. Boring.
Death Note - an example of the substitles :
(English) keep stab into that kind ot hand feeling of the heart...
(Bm) tikaman tunai ke dalam jenis apa tangan itu perasaan hati...

our lunch that day was also our dinner that night and breakfast the day after...

took some pictures....

laa dee daa

Been seeing mnda quite often the last week *bounces*

Us now...
Us back then...

haha now she is the one with the bangs *giggles*

Im leaving...i have so many more pics to post up but that will have to wait till the next time i get internet access :)

Merry Christmas People!


Happy New Year!!

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