Sem 3 ends

the internet and DSL light has stopped blinking on the modem but the connection is still slowwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww...and i cant even sign into msn.

can someone tell me why i cant seem to get streamyx's 1800 number? That number not available anymore or its cause of my luck? I told Ming Zi i will be their bitchiest customer but i cant even get them on the phone...*sulks*


gotta do this quickly before i get cut off. Blogging has officially become very stressful for me.


Year one officially ends for most of us. There will be many good and bad memories of Y1 that i'll treasure, and of course this bunch of crazy classmates, will never forget these people.

We headed to MV for lunch and *whispers*karaoke*whispers* haha shy was my first time ever stepping into those karaoke hang outs which are sprouting out in almost all the malls i know. wait...they are in every mall.

The deco @ Mv was very pretty. The girls and Mike Birthday Boy got a group shot by the candy house.

After lunch was...karaoke time *shies*

It was also Pw and Mel's first time!

hahah i was scareddd...

Pw, Mel and i jakuned around the place cause we were...erm...having alot of mixed feelings. We got lost from the rest of the group and got some weird stares from the ppl working there..haha they eventually led us into our room.

and in the room....

everyone was either having a good time/pretending to have to a good time/obviously not having a good time and not bothered to pretend that they were.

However, we know who had the best time dueting....*que picture below*

Felt a bitttt left out when they were singing chinese songs but i just kept blah-ing any chinese characters that i could recognise and tried to sing along haha.

Pw and i layaned belayan jiwa
Jonsern was high singing Tom Jones' kiss.
Beng and Mel were so shyy.
Tiff, vern may and Yien were high when singing some songs too.
Ming Zi and Fung Min brought the house down when they sang aerosmith's dont wanna miss a thing.
Mike mamboed Number 5.
i solo-ed kukatakan dengan indah by peterpan.
Alex was forced to sing some song and finally got into the mood.
Hua fu and Grace however.....*points up to picture* lets just say the picture says it all. They layaned every song they sang to the max.

Headed to Jonsern's after all the screaming to chill and celebrate some birthdays.

Belle's hot housemate Belle was also a Dec baby so we got her into the pic.

The night was just spent chit chatting. Discussing bout intellectual stuff (cheh!). Eating pizza, cake. Reminiscing bout the past year as a psycho student. Time flies...

we took pictures..Vern may was holding the camera and i dont know where was Jonsern.

Belle dared Mike to

So we smashed some remaining pieces of the cake and i smoothed the cream on that board. hahaha.

No one got thrown into the pool (aww) but some of them got a lil bit intoxicated (yay)

Thats all the pictures i have.

*monotone* yay we are officially year 2 students.

i do not want to imagine the workload and timetable next year. sigh.

Happy Holidays people.

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