i used to be very into cooking and baking but i never had the time to do so.

This holidays...i cooked and baked....

3 fruit flans
one for mike, fung min, alex, another for weeebleness and one more for the family :)


the bigass one!

the top one for the family and bottom one for baybee!

tried adding in strawberries at the sides but the cake didn't look neat.

one big ass cake for 3 "tweenteen" (loo, 2007) year old people.

2 rounds of mash potatoes

once for bbq and another round for Christmas dinner. I'm still craving for mash potatoes...

Marinated and Barbecued chicken wings, grilled lamb, beef strips and sausages for bbq
love love love the marinade!

3 rounds of Vegetarian, Chicken & Beef Quesadillas
because i want to make better Fajita quesadillas than chillis'.

Spanish Rice
because i have a thing for flavored rice.

Spinach Soup

for Christmas dinner and because I love mum's spinach soup and i wanna replicate it.

Pasta Alfredo
For Christmas dinner, well it was supposed to Alfredo style...

Pasta Carbonara

to feed my hungry brother

other stuff i wanna make before the holiday ends....

cheese cake - cotton cheese cake and american cheese cake
pastry - my last attempt at croissant making bout 4 years ago was a failure :(
brownies - weeeee wang wang

notice that all the food I'm interested in making are UNHEALTHY?

i love watching AFC!!!

but its making me experiment with cooking unhealthy food.

i cooked so much of stuff i don't have much pictures to show it! sadness...

i gotta go look for recipes now

no time to blog lalala
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we thought...

one fine day, a group of alphabets were on a day out....

skip skip skip skip.............

everyone was happy discussing about something (this is not the main point of the story)...and just then.....

(this is the main point)

A : erm people...excuse me...people...B wants to make an announcement...

*B holds on to microphone*


C, D, E, F : OMG OMG OMG OMG !?!?!? *Frantic*...*screams*...*cheers* WOW!!! SERIOUS?!?!?!?! (trust me the situation was crazy, i don't know how to describe it)

*A & B looking...blank? but with hints of smiles in their faces*

C, D, E, F, G : SERIOUS?!?!?!?

A & B : nooooooo!!!

C, D, E, F, G : BUT it looked as if u guys were HAHAHHAH SERIOUSLY!?!?! ........... because A has to announce that B was gonna make an announcement and both of u all looked like u all were really gonna....LOL!

A & B : Noooo!

*after a good few minutes of debating*

C, D, E, F, G : then what did u all want to announce?!?

A : B wanted to ask if we should go for a movie...

the rest of the world : WHAT?!?!?!?!

P o t o n g.

but it was a good laugh :)
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Sell em weih

We are looking for young ladies of any race, between the ages of 18 and 32 to help childless couples by becoming an egg donor.

For female and NON-muslim only. You will get RM3,500

If you are an accomplished and attractive young woman we hope you will consider our programme. We realise the enormity of your gift and are dedicated to making the experience as personal and as wonderful as possible.

For guys..you can ask your girl friends
if they are interested to donate.

Anybody interested please email your photos
(full body&face) and your profile inclusive of name, age, race, hp number, address,
height, weight, body statistic, blood type (if known),hair eyes & skin colour, highest educational certificates you are presently studying or have studied, occupation, hobbies etc...

Its safe and easy.. Well known clinic in damansara, KL and Johor. As we all know, ladies eggs are produced and dropped every month, so it's better to donate and give hope and joy to a loving couple. USA and UK guidelines are strictly followed by the clinic - you can donate many times and still can get pregnant after that.

Interested? Send profile to email or Any questions :
reply at friendster or
email- dearhoney_bu82@yahoo.com

by amy.


so.....to all the good looking ladies out there.....

What are ya'll waiting for?!

this is so hilarious.

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post-exam stress

was supposed to be sleeping by 1 but was on the phone talking and chatting with the beloved :)

I can't seem to sleep thinking and worrying about how badly i did for the last paper of my second year as a psychology student.

I damn don't like biopsych ok!

need some conflict resolution between biopsych and i...if i fail *grabs and squeezes tightly on anything made outta wood* this course...

the conflict between us will really escalate.

because i face cognitive rigidity, bias, selective perception towards BIO and i have an unwitting will to hold on to my old behaviors and perception about BIO.

there will be little chances of our conflict becoming matured.

4 am after all the examinations and i'm still speaking theories and shit from all the different subjects.

I need to voluntarily approach any center or human service providers who are accepting, patient, have loads on empathy towards me, believes in the capacity of change in me, who would also have a sense of humor, has the capacity to deal with ambiguity and risks when working with me...

hmm...i wonder what are the available resources in the Petaling Jaya and Kuala Lumpur area to me?


before that, i should run a study on myself about

the effects of examination on behavior of z y e n n

Iv will be exam, no exams

Dv will be behavior, with normal, omgshescrazy

hypotheses will be...

the michelle in no exam conditions would display normal behaviors.
the michelle in exam conditions would display omgshescrazy behaviors.

this would be regression right? because i'm trying to predict if the existence of examination would determine the kinda behavior i would display post exam.

this should be linear regression isit? hmm whatever..don't remember.

but oh wait! my sample would definitely not be normally distributed so i can't run regression on my data...Booo hoo hooo...

nvm, i'll just carry out a qualitative study then.

After determining whether or not there are significant effects then i'll consider going to a Human service centre.

ok enough of crap. time to sleep.

before that, we studied so much bout classical conditioning with Uncle Pavvie and his Dog, but have we look at the study from the Doggie's perspective?

(Markstivers.com, 2003)

Doggie might have been classically conditioning Uncle Pavvie! heh.

i know its 430 am, i'm going to sleep soon! i need to reference my source k.......

Markstivers.com. (2003). Cartoon, Pavlov's dog. Retrieved December 15, 2007 from the World Wide Web : http://www.markstivers.com/cartoons/Cartoons%202003/Stivers%202-10-03%20Pavlov's%20dogs.gif
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christine glass - my love will get you home

finished watching the abalone series better known as Heart of Greed during my study break. heh.

and because they kept replaying this one song in the show, it's now stuck in my head.

very simple lyrics but i think the simplicity of the song makes it so nice :) downloaded it

If you wander off too far, my love will get you home.
If you follow the wrong star, my love will get you home.
If you ever find yourself, lost and all alone,
get back on your feet and think of me, my love will get you home,
boy, my love will get you home.

If the bright lights blind your eyes, my love will get you home.
If your troubles break your stride, my love will get you home.
If you ever find yourself, lost and all alone,
get back on your feet and think of me, my love will get you home,
boy, my love will get you home.

If you ever feel ashamed, my love will get you home.
When there's only you to blame, my love will get you home.
If you ever find yourself, lost and all alone,
get back on your feet and think of me, my love will get you home,
boy, my love will get you home.

If you ever find yourself, lost and all alone,
get back on your feet and think of me, my love will get you home,
boy, my love will get you home,
boy, my love will get you home.

here are two videos of the song. enough to get it stuck in anyone's head hahaha

my blog is so chinese-syyy lately *squints*
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my courses in mandarin

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just hate being in a state where you try to make things better but nothing is helping u, nothing.
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dot dot dot
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mmmmmm i've got it all planned out!

I've even hand written the menu.

There's at least 5 courses. *evil laugh*

the amount of calories in that menu will make me the fattest girl alive.


but I'm happy!

can't wait!

to put my skills to test. heeeeee

I am so distracted!
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Matsuri video AFC

mum sent this over.

can u imagine how good this sounded Live?

he looks much older now...and not as slim haha.

but still as good.


The Asian Food Channel, 703 is officially my new fav channel!

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Kitaro @ genting

Last Friday (30th November) was officially the last day of the semester......but i skipped class!


camwhore in the car

Yes. Love my life. bye bye! the end.


haha ok that was kinda bodo.

okok sorry.

I went to genting. You know that place on top of that hill where people say is not cold anymore?

First World Hotel

Yeah this place.

And because of listening too much to rumours, i got conned to wear a dress to genting. Bodo!

Thats cos i was going for Kitaro!!

so thought wanna act more matured and all that bullshit la u know lol.

me have me tix

me and my aunty looking brother haha

so why did i say i was conned?

just look at how freaking misty the place was!!! It was giler cold!

This is the entrance to the Arena of Stars.

Look at this pic, can u guess what is behind those thick ass mist?

it was this! remember? my fav ride in the theme park?

I was freeezing like mad thank god mummy almighty brought windbreakers for each of us if not I just might die there. might.

the wind was strong and it kept "lifting" my dress also. brother called me a marilyn monroe wannabe. -_-

Thank god i wasn't stupid enough to actually strut around in my heels because the place was crowded! (i changed to my trusty with crocodile sandals before getting off the car) not crocs! but crocodile brand!

i'm suddenly reminded of these kids from this milk powder ad. You know the one where one kid teaches another kid how to imitate the sounds of animals? so freaking cute la.

kid 1: what sound does a crocodile make?
kid 2: i dunnoooooooo *innocent face*
kid 3: RArrrr!!

ahh!!! i wanna pinch those kids in that ad.


Here is the stage before the event. I was kinda shocked to see the backdrop of the stage so empty.

The place was slowly filled up, everywhere was filled EXCEPT for some rows of the VIP seats. Too expensive maybe?

there was an icecream man...well selling ice cream in the arena and because of my lack of self control =( i bought an ice cream on impulse. Impulsive sial. i grabbed the ice cream before asking for the price and then finding out that i didn't bring my wallet so i had to borrow some moolah from the brother.

look what did he say about me!!!!!

Oh yeah, forgot to mention about my sis. Before the show started, there was a few man walking around the place selling ice-creams, Cornetto. She wanted to have an ice-cream even though she was feeling cold... She doesn't have any money with her and coax me to lend her. Until she hold on to the ice-cream cone, I asked how much? The man said "5 ringgit" OMG! Thanks to her lackadaisical decision, I just wasted my RM5 for an ice-cream with the price of 2 ice-creams... I thought it would be RM3.00 somewhere there but RM5 is too much...bla bla bla... At least she paid me back my money which make me losing nothing except for stupidity for lending her money.

I returned him his money weih! bleh!

yeah i was freezing but ice cream was...irresistible!

Kitaro started the show. *claps*

He is such an awesome artist. You can see and feel his enthusiasm for music, peace and love through the way he plays and the music he produces.

Top notch, no doubt.

and...he prolly plays every instrument available on earth.

He plays these thingies on the floor that i couldn't get a proper picture of.

He plays the flute.

He plays the keyboard.

He blows this other thingy i have no idea what is

He plays the keyboard again.

He plays the guitar...

He plays the harmonica.

He plays those big ass drums at the back

and he makes awesome



sound effects for his songs. Remember in Matsuri? Thats actually his own voice.

chunted la.

After the encore session, he came back holding the mic near him and everyone thought he was gonna sing hahahha........but he didn't.

anyway he gave a short speech on how thankful he was to be here. Couldn't really make out what he was saying exactly but i could catch a few words like.

"we would like to coming to Kuala Lumpur in future"

"Our nature for our next generation....keep situation good for them..."

"music to the heaven...the heart...the soul...for peace..."

something like that.

very down to earth man judging from the way he speaks.

I feel so cultured being at the show. It's nice to watch him play because he plays with a smile on his face..his gestures are pretty cute haha.

After the event, since the place was packed and so many people were crowding the exit...we came down to the VIP section to get a closer peek at the instruments on stage.

then the guitarist came on stage and started throwing out his picks! bah! i couldn't get one for baybee :(

a closer look at this pic seems to suggest that....LOL!!!!

its the angle and all that la ok? the man was throwing guitar picks to the crowd.

Besides Kitaro the man himself, his guitarist was really awesome throughout the night.

so was his violinist.

and those 2 on the keyboard.

and that man on the drums.

Now im hooked on listening to Kitaro.

Matsuri was DEFINITELY the best song during the night.

ahh...miss the night.

and i'm gonna end this post ever so awkwardly. as usual. kontradikcion style ma.

peace out.

omg i haven't started studying!
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