The people i see almost everyday

*itchy itchy fingers*

*on's photoshop*

*click click click*

*logs into blogger*

*click click click*
(blergh picture is so to enlarge)

we live and breathe assignments.

our best friend used to be proquest but now its ebsco.

i wasn't supposed to be posting anything shhhh...u didn't notice any updates right? hahha :)
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harap maklum

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the 19th birthday was lovely. First of all, i would like to say a big big

thank you!!!

to all of those who remembered and for the wishes. =) So sweet of you guys. Theres so many more Thank yous i want to say right here.

To Vern May, Tiffany, Adelene, Sheryn, Ming Zi, Grace, Mike, Yien and Pek Wah, Loved the gifts and thanks for spending time with me on that day. Lunch @ Sushi King was *thumbs up* for me...Haven't had so much of sushi since Jogoya *flashback and sighs* so thank you all for selecting Sushi King for lunch *winks* Thank u all also for the birthday song singing marathon while hanging outside Sushi King and walking around cute la u people *blushes* :P Thanks also for the surprise *winks* hahaha it was really unexpected but thank goodness i didn't react tooooooooooooooooo memalu-fyingly this time :P Love u guys.

Besides that, me would love to thank baybeee for making this birthday extremely memorable to me *huggies* sigh. It would take me forever to start thanking you here but only u would know what I'm thanking u for *squeeze* love u soo much

Today was winnie's (my lecturer's) birthday and there was a mini-celebration during class. Her candle blowing skills were slightly off hahaha!! nayh but it wasn't because of her skills, it was the candle!! y' know the type that won't go off no matter how hard u try to blow it off?? Anyways her candle incident was so cute!! it made me think of my candle incident too hahhaa XD she got to blow the "trick" candle, i got to blow the ciggie lighter of baybee's car!! Thats cause the sweetest donkee of mine used his ciggie ligther in the car as a schweetttttt

Mum bought cakes and loads more of other pastries from Sheraton that day..but i feel awful Firstly because i only got to cut my cake the next day as i got home pretty late and i didn't get to celebrate my birthday with my family on my actual birthdate even though we did sorta celebrated it on Sunday. Tried to make it up to them by buying them pizzas from Marco's the day after my birthday for dinner though *grins*

my beautiful cake

super adorable puffs

The one i love and me

ahhh supposed to be finishing up my assignments right now but spent a few minutes blogging about this to take my mind off the stressssss =(( sigh, better get back to work while I'm still wide awake....*hits the publish button on blogger and heads back to boring microsoft words*
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I have got nothing to prove to anyone. Love me or hate me i'm still gona be here. How on earth would i be able to find time to please everyone? Wait, the issue here is that I'm not even gonna be bothered to try and please others. This "parade-your-hate-towards-zyenn"shit is making my blog hits escalating...i wonder if its a good thing or bad thing? to the haters out there...u must hate to admit this but no matter how much u try and convince yourself that u hate me...u still visit this blog of mine. =) Dont like me why u want to know stuff about me to aggravate your poor selves? And have u all ever thought of how cute is it that you spend your energy hating someone who is not even bothered about your existence? I think its real cute. Cheers.
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me vs waitress no. 1 & 2 @ DQ Julius

Hi do you want to order?
Yes please, can i have a pepperoni hotdog and another beef bacon hotdog?
Okay. U want the set?
Erm, no thanks, just the hotdogs will do.

*waitress no. 1 flips over menu pointing to the "hotdog" section*

so which ones u want?
pepperoni and beef bacon.

*waitress no. 1 fiddles with cash register machine*

pepperoni and beef bacon -__-
U want beef or chicken?
HUh? oh erm beef.

*waitress no. 1 moves away...waitress no. 2 take over cash register*

which hotdogs u want?

*me turns around resting chin on baybee's shoulder and complaining to him while donkee takes over and orders*

Pepperoni and beef bacon

me to baybee : JKFH HDFljhkhdifgehfk!!HLH!J!HGK i told them so many times!!!!!!!!
baybee to me : shhh shhhhh shhhh *rubs me head*

Chicken or beef?

*waitress No. 2 fiddles with cash register*

Thank you, Its XXX ringgit. I deliver to u
Okay,Thank you.

Thank god i had baybee to calm me or i would have stormed off to chillis for Mac and Cheese *squints*

This is how efficient some of services provided by Malaysian F&B chains are. I get so frustrated ordering from the people at DQ EVERYTIME without fail..but i still go back to them for hotdogs cos they ARE pretty good. Hahaha.
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of noodles and hairclips

today was such a tiring day

decided to walk back to the main block for lunch to accompany pek wah and in a way support her on her mission. *winks* All the best yea girl!

Anyways we didnt end up walking all the way back to the mainblock (Thank god!!! my feet was killing me) but somewhere nearer for lunch, had Ban Mee after a long time. Used to crave for Ban Mee every now and then. Today's was not bad. Hmm actually i should say it was not very good because I have a liking for sucky Ban Mee. Sucky Ban Mee to the rest of the world is Ban Mee that's thick, not very cooked and well, just slightly harder la....Ban Mee as such are supposed to be sucky...but not to me coz i like my noodles hard. (sounded a bit wrong) Same goes for my Maggi noodles...i cannot take the uber soggy ones that apparently alot of people i know lurve...i drop my noodles in the pot before the water boils and take em out immediately when the bubbles from the boiling water emerge so my noodles will not be too soggy. I wonder how many others out there do the same? or am i just plain weird? I am really particular when it comes to noodles couse i love noodles....every bite of any noodle dish i take has to have that unique texture...i love noodles that are springy, chewy and are long enough for me to slurp...which reminds me of that time when i ate that bowl of miserably short yee mee from UOA last monday. awful. Im a pasta barrel ok.

Tutorials today was abit slow...played Mafia. Poor me was "killed" in the second round...haha but it was soo much more fun to observe the clueless people playing the game.

was a bit bored yesterday so i decided to take some pictures of something.

Target for the day : my pretty hair clip + my gigantic foot

notice how the colour of the ground is not exactly very flattering with the pretty lilac hue on me hair clip...aiyark

step into the light

the colour of the hair clip and my toe polish colours are so pretty :)

so pretty!! the colours that is...not my foot...the toe polish has been on for quite some time thats why its so cacated....

Personally i don't really like metalic-coloured kinda polish..feels like Im back in those days when i first discovered nail polish when i use em. haha but I've ran outta colours to use and this old bottle still had some polish left. least it made my pictures pretty. *grins*

Have yet to start on my Biopsych essay :( will start researching tomorrow. i promise.....myself.

Buhbye *waves goodbye and bounces off to bed*
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and u ask me why i love this donkee

goodness sooo cute!!! *squeeze squeeze squeeze*

i love this donkee.

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Easier said than done...but oh well the literature review is 90% completed...all i need to do now is some final editing and printing it out..but that can wait till the weekend. haha. so much more work to be much more researching and typing and printing to do. Honestly, i dont mind the researching part its actually quite interesting to read about the research of other psychologists but summarizing their findings is tough work for me because doinkee's are lazy and has problems writing a good research paper. Bleh lets not talk about that in this peaceful haven of mine. =)

i realised i haven't been blogging lately because i haven't been taking many pictures. the lack of pictures means the lack of interesting stuff to talk about...which also means the lack of drive to blog...

Anyways...mum and i were talking about one of my nicknames when i was younger.

see..back then, i used to be

round ( i still am)
cute ( i think i still am)
busy body ( haha)
restless ( im much more lazy now i guess)
itchy-handed (is there such a word? hmm but yeah i am)
clumsy ( yea whatever)

so yea they used to call me Octopus because i somehow resemble one back then.

then i started recalling the nicknames i used to have or some that i still use and formulated this whole list of nicknames.

z y e n n

How on earthdid this nick originated?
mum came out with this back when i was in std 4, was creating an email address for me when she came up with that nick. The Z in the nick came from the "zhu" in my name and then Yenn..well from the Yenn in my name la.

what do i like about this nick?
Because it starts with Z! and i think Z's are sexy.
No one i know has the same nick. Its Unique ( u gotta admit that)
its cooler than your nick.

lil z

how on earth did this nick orignated?
Baybee and i were chatting and he decided to call me something (before we got together)...the original was lil zyenn but i thought lil z sounded nicer :) but he said it sounds like some female rapper...u noe lil' kim?.....lil z? hahaha

what do i like about this nick?
sweet sounding and cos baybee gave it to me.

K. M Glamour

how on earth?!!??!
K= kurang M= minyak. some fellow glamour of mine named me that because i always go "kurang minyak!!" or "kurang gula!!" when i order stuff from mamak. now i go "milo kosong" and no more kurang gula and i dont give a damn about telling them to have a light hand on the oil because it simply won't work! just gotta stay away from mamak food.

what do i like about this nick?
nothing about it. haha ok la the fact that the girls tried sooooooooooo hard to come out with it.

Chelly Poo

How on earth???!?
Iman calls me this. I don't remember when or why she started calling me this but its cute :)

what do i like about this nick?
simple and cute.

Perasan/berkabung/[insert____god knows what else] Queen

how on earth did this nick come about?
Dearest highschool mates started giving me Queen titles because they think i deserve them. XD i also always claim to berkabung if my results were bad...

what do i like about this nick?
the Queeen status (ngehehe)

Teh Tarik

How on earth did this nick come about?
I lost track but it seems like people have been calling me this since forever. I guess everyone with the surname TEH would bound to come across lame people who calls them teh tarik.

what do i like about this nick?


How one earth did this nick come about?
Aza, Shan, Vat and i just started giving each other nicknames back in Form 5. I wanted Nicole =) , Aza was Lola, Shan was Jamelia and i couldn't remember Vat's nick. See my parents were gonna name me Nicole (2nd choice) or Rachel (3rd choice) after Michelle. They picked Michelle because it was a RARE name in 1987 ( obviously alot of mothers thought the same thing). I would love the name Nicole but because my surname was Teh...Nicole Teh would sound like Nicotine -_-

What do i like about this nick??
i like the sound of it. Actually i like names that end with the el' sound...

Too lazy to elaborate on the rest of the nicknames..
-Michael Teh
-Fei mui
-Zhi Zha mui

.....can't remember anymore for now ahaha oh i have a whole lot of nicknames from baybee too but that would take up a lot of space so here are the ones that i could remember.

....i cut my hair...again...well this time was more of a trim but my fringe is darn short and it makes me look 10 years younger. Tze Meng said i look like a kid and she misses her sexy sis *pouts* sighhh *prays that hair will grow faster*

3 more major asses to go *bigass sigh*

Goodbye for now.
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someone is dying for attention..i just had to show some respect

!!!Sometimes in life u meet certain people whom u think are worth your time. You give your heart, give your trust to certain people. You give your honest opinions...personal advices from past experiences in hoping that it would be somewhat useful to the situations they are in. You ASSUME that they are sincere just as you are. One god-knows-whether-its true-or-not side to a story exposed to u. u analyse and accept it. It's basically none of your business but because you felt that urge of wanting to lend your helping hand and also to clarify lil bits of information you had beforehand that you were curious about. Then...u find out that what u have been told was twisted and covered up with what others are exposed to. Not literally, but the story about the process of the initial sharing of information was..."twisted". Anger. Hatred. Not from you, but from those who shared. You know nothing about what happened in between to have caused those negative vibes from the other party. But whatever was it that happened, you never saw that coming. Never. All you know is that you have just been insulted and accused afterwards by them. you are talking personal attacks.

So...what have u got to say about the situation now?

You are sure you have never done anything against your conscience or any sort of acts that betrayed the other party. You have nothing to hide. You are clear of what you have said and is so sure that what the other party have said about you is not true. You know you are right. So you thought of exposing the whole truth, all that has been shared, the good and bad information that would humiliate that other party to defend yourself. But, there are other people involved. People who are innocent and people whom u cared about enough who were also the sole reason why you even bothered about the whole issue in the first place. People who are not worth the humiliation. People whom you called a FRIEND.

Not going to be judgmental of what that is not even my business in the first place, and i don't know enough to be telling you what to do. For that, i apologize for having wasted my time. I apologize if there were any missunderstandings in between, but I'm not bothered about it anymore.

To the other people concern in this issue, there are two faced people out there in this world, this fact we cannot erase. You will know what is best for you and who you should trust. I'm not implying anything, I could be the two-faced one to you too.

Oh and also to the one who made me write this entry, Thanks for adding a lil drama down at the chatterbox. (I finally realised who it was hahaha...oh wait, I'm just assuming...maybe its not u or just one of the other people whom I've offended along the way) Don't let that anger of yours out on me, don't hold all your grudges against me, I'm not worth your time. And I don't deserve it. Grow up. All the best in your future undertakings and take care. *winks*

oh n wahh didn't know i got potential to become model leh?? Maybe i should start working on that camwhoring huh? picture editing? maybe not? oh yeah I'll start working on my "trust" issues first yea?

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Church elder Dr Caleb Koh and his lovely wife Mrs Koh Celebrated their 50th wedding anniversary today *squeals*. A slideshow of their pics throughout the 50 years was played duing the service...and it almost made me tear...almost. *sigh* God bless them :)

Bought external Hdd @ Pc fair...was so excited to arrange my files when i got home...but the thing is somehow not functioning...PANCUNG MAX -____-

(p/s) post will be edited once mood is better.
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Seriously, how hard can it be?

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