Be Right Back

It's not like I've been updating very frequently, but i'm so stressed over my work now and i need an outlet! just not through blogging. cos blogging can take up quite alot of my time.


be right back ya
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just a lil something to say....

Imagecave is by far the worse image hosting site i've used. They'd flag my image as inappropriate when my pic was only consisted of a fork with some glutinous rice stuck to it. Their storage space runs out so bloody easily. Bandwidth also lousy. Totally hating it......COS IT MADE ME HAVE TO DELETE MY OLD IMAGES to make space for new and no i can't create more than one account from the same ip....STUPID LA.

On another note....i'm still thinking. Thinking alot. Thinking about probabilities...what ifs and all that.

Btw made a new linking button for phasionology :) prettier than the old one la to me heeheehee

I'm sleepy and i have loads of pictures to work on...sigh
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what a great way to earn money

A lil copy pasting here and there, stealing a bit of ideas here and there, doodling here and there and you get few hundred bucks from that.

What a great way to earn money from people who don't know those are easy peasy things to do. Maybe i should start working on that too. earn myself a few hundred bucks lol

Thats what designers are here for right.

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I really feel like one of the cleaners of MBPJ man. Bloody stressed.
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Bloody stressed over all the work in hand. Can't wait for everything to go over soon...can't wait till the end of 2008.

another realization.

I can never depend on anyone for help, best way to get things done is to DIY.

so many pics to edit too. :(

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