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Thanks Roberta for giving me something to update LOL! =D

DIRECTION: Once you've been tagged, you have to write a post with sixteen random things, habits or goals about you. At last, choose five people to be tagged, listing their names and why you chose them.

So lets see.....

1. Since April till now, I've applied for up to 30 jobs (Yes believe it), with a wide range of job types, description and responsibilities. I've attended up to 8 interviews so far and am still searching for the right job. I've got so much experience interviewing now that I'm thinking of blogging about my different interviews in future. *winks*

2. I'd come up with silly dance moves whenever I'm bored around the bf. Up till now I have a collection of 6 different ridiculously stupid but funny (to me at least) dance moves that never fail to disgust him....and make him laugh a lil?

3.I'm very veryyy stubborn and particular about taking pictures, especially the composition. I get upset when a potentially good shot is just not up to my standard.

4. I do think that I've got low self esteem at times, I fear leaving the house sometimes because of the way I look or for some stupid reason..... and m very critical about my work, appearance and how I carry myself too.

5. I'm crazy about fruits. Btw i just stocked up on apples, oranges, pears, MANGOES! and lemons. Just had the mangoes earlier tonight and it was AMAZING. I am addicted really.

6. I'm ultra sensitive to scents of all sorts. I tend to be the one sensing the horrible body odour with people around me and also whatever sorts of smell first among my friends. I also have this odd phobia of halitosis when I watch scenes from shows with the actors speaking very near each other...I tend to think to myself " omg what if that actor has bad breath?"

7. I'm impulsive. Example? I once woke at 3am and snipped my fringe because it was getting too long. More? I messed up my entire wardrobe ( and when i say mess up, I mean grabbing everything and flinging them out to my bed) looking for this red top of mine just to know if i still have it. MORE?....duwan la....I don't wanna be freaking you out more.

8. I absolutely cannottakbolehbukeyi tahan lala people because of the things they say. Saw this on tv when I was in the middle of something else....

Judge: WHY do u think u will win this singing competition?
Girl: *complete with hand gestures, the gaya tone of voice and that smirk on the face* because I am very "YAO GUEN" (meaning ROCK, the music genre)! *turns to crowd* Yo Yo Yo Check it out!


9. I believe strongly that make up is a form of manners. Of course I'm not talking about the elaborated monkey backside kinda make up, but I just can't stand women who do not know how to and do not bother learning how to apply basic make up especially if they are working professionals. My disgust also applies to women who put on too much or have bad taste for make up at inappropriate situations.

10. I admire the driving skills of bus and lorry drivers or more specifically their ability to get everyone else on the road to bow down to them. *roll eyes* lol

11. I have a love-hate relationship with driving. I sometimes think I suck so bad at it because I scratch my cars. But I sometimes also think I'm damn yeng at it because I drive a manual car, changing gears makes me feel yeng/gaya. hahahahaha!

12. I take very long to park my car well. I will reverse, adjust, reverse, adjust, adjust, adjust somemore until I feel I'm parked properly. I will also park -> get out of car -> walk a few steps -> lock car -> walk somemore -> look back at car -> hestitate walking away -> walk back towards car -> unlock car -> get back in car -> repark because I just suck at parking or I'm too particular about it.

13. I miss my friends alot but I'm at idiot for not taking more initiative to keep in touch with them. I hate myself for that sometimes, but i do stalk your fbs and blogs! Btw I still have emails to reply and I will reply soon!

14. I don't know how to act fake when communicating with people even on msn. If i like you, you'll find me sharing things about myself to you. I rarely hold back when sharing things about myself to people I like even if we might not be close. If i dislike you, you'll definitely get the hint by the way I reply. But If i don't reply your messages, it does not necessarily mean I dislike you. I might just be busy, away from the comp or am not in the mood for chatting. I'm online most of the time so if you don't see me on your list for a consistently long period of time....hahahaha...ehehe.......erm... *peace*

15. I prefer savoury food more to sweet food. I am not a dessert freak like most girls hahahaha, I do not get hyper when I see the desert section of any buffet spread. I do not fancy chocolate fondue much...its messy and basically just not that special to me.

16. I want to be the jack of all trades. I dream too much and want to learn too much. Sigh how i wish I knew more about every lil thing in this world. I want to be an entrepreneur with mind reading abilities, amazing art sense, designing skills and unlimited creativity...who is also a damn good singer and actor with very good knowledge of politics and amazing culinary skills...and knowledge of engineering...architecture...IT....cars....medicine....construction... mm yea. Master of none still.

I've got so much more random things to share but the list has got to end somewhere has it? =)

Nvm I've got one random experience in my life that I would never forget story to share.

This happened today 23rd May 2009, Saturday afternoon at Amcorp Mall. I was waiting for my mum who was shopping at Cosway, I was having a bad tummy ache while I was on the phone with my bf. I was describing to him the pain i felt in my stomach...the details of my discomfort and how I was in need to...*ahem* go...*ahem ahem*.

So anyways, I dashed out of Cosway and headed straight to the ladies while I was on the phone and trying to calm myself down. I reached the ladies (with everything still in control lol) and immediately searched for an empty cubicle. Spotted this cubicle with the door slightly opened, thought to self, YES thats it. Pushed the door............to find a barenaked ASS of a standing woman staring back at me. I was still on the phone with my bf and in that stressful + shocked + embarrased split second, I yelled "SHIT!! OMG!!" over the phone...and LEFT looking for the an empty cubicle. Found one and wasted no more time. ...

Why am i such a horrible person? I feel so horrible about the whole situation, me opening the door of this woman who was having her private moment, me yelling something stupid at that moment, me LEAVING the door open because I was too shocked + I desperately needed to go + I felt abit disgusted and went straight to look for the next cubicle. What's worse was there was a whole stretch of mirrors facing the cubicles and another woman who was washing her hands witnessed the whole situation (naked ass included). SIGH.

While i was getting down with business I heard the woman (naked ass) yell

"sui da kai wo de men?!?!?! *who opened my door?!?!"

and her friend or whoever replied

" ni mei you suo??? * You didn't lock it???"

I was hoping she wouldn't be banging on every cubicle looking for the culprit at that moment and thank god she didn't! but sigh...I feel so bad. I wanna apologize to her here now.

Sigh, I'm sorry I got you into such an embarassing situation and did not even try to curb things, I know how it feels (YES I DO!), I kena-ed this once when I was much younger in my granny's friend's place. The bloody plastic toilet door lock was apparently faulty and the door was just PUSHED open when i was...minding my business.

sigh. Blame the faulty locks la! I'm sure she wouldn't have left the door unlock on purpose....? And to my defense, the door was already slightly opened >.< sigh. Sorry woman, you gotta understand that I had to go real bad and I can't handle stressful situations well. :(

Sorry...I feel horrible...

I feel another dose of low self esteem coming up because of how poorly I handled the situation.

Almost forgotten about the tagging bit. Lets see...mmm soo wen...suzz....I can only think of you guys cos your blogs are still pretty active hahahaha. Just feel free to do this and let me know when you do =D
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in bed

damn hungry can?
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sorry i haven't been replying your comments dear ppl who still layan this blog hehehe :) will get to it... I blog more often using my phone these days so i get alot of problems leaving messages on chatboxes or commenting from this super small 1.5 x 2 inch display. Lol!

Today i'm not so emo already because i was busy running around meeting people. So i guess i can conclude that not being productive and lacking in human communication is the main course of my low self esteem. (well u dont have to be a psych grad to figure that out haha)

But what i'm concern is how will be making the choices that are placed in front of me. Should i go for something rewarding materially or more psychologically? something totally new and unexpected to see how i would fair? Or something that is within my comfort zone...

are u ready for a challenge lil missy?
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words can't express how i'm feeling now. I can't seem to find an outlet for these feelings of mine.

Others might see nothing for me to be depressed over.

But i know myself best. Me,myself and i.

Getting myself back together. Crying and praying really helps more than anything in the world.

Michelleteh please be strong!
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words can't express how i'm feeling now. I can't seem to find an outlet for these feelings of mine.

Others might see nothing for me to be depressed over.

But i know myself best. Me,myself and i.

Getting myself back together.
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taken from beautyheaven.com.au

Lately I've been having this slowly building up case of OCD. I've been carrying my hand sanitizer around ALOT and I'll use it whenever i feel that my hands are dirty. I used to carry paper soaps around but I don't get water everywhere to wash my hands so now I've switched to hand sanitizers...and they are pretty addictive.

taken from sz-wholesale.com

I've been like seriously slapping the sanitizer on my hands on a pretty frequent rate. Even when I exit the public loo after washing my hands I can't help but "sanitize" my hands more. Am i being silly? Do these hand sanitizers actually work?
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how to react when faced with a zombie?

Every once in a while my brother would invite me to watch a movie with him on his 21 inch monitored desktop. This time we watched QUARANTINE. Pretty freaked out after watching this...lol ok more like uncomfortable but not scared or whatever. Not scared la!

Being unemployed n haven't been using my brain much for the past 4 months, i started wondering... What if situations like in the movie were real?

That'd be really scary...and i would so be guilty of all the acts i yelled at the actors not to do.

"stupiddddd! Get a weapon before going into the room laaaa!"

"omg b**** stop cryinggg!!"

"that guy is so not dead! Stab him! Stab him! He's gonna come get you idiot!!!"

Not too sure when did this movie debut but the title says it all. A bunched of people quarantined (what else) haha. The concept is pretty much similar to the typical zombie movies.

Guy gets bitten by a zombie /guy gets some sort of weird disease --> guy dies--> guy lives again except now he has no sense of who he once was. He now also either has an exceptional thirst for blood or is bloody hungry (bloody + hungry). He is also exceptionally strong, like an animal...either having also heightened sense of smell/sight/hearing, combi of those or a lack of any combi of those. Oh he is also very sensitive to light and would either or not die when coming into contact with light. --> guy proceeds to hunt and attack disease free humans.

And sooner or later the whole world/country/building gets filled with zombies like these...and towards the end you'd somehow realize it all started from some scientist trying to take over the world / animal / directors running out of originality. Still everyone either dies or someone will still be alive and ready to spread the disease somewhere else thats not contaminated.

We're often bombarded with crappy zombie movies and yet we dig it and are scared watching it. Thats human and thats me...and my brother.

Brother and i would always crawl into our beds like asap once we finish a horror /thriller film no matter how crappy it is cos its just uncomfortable staying awake after watching those movies Haha!

But seriously, what if situations like these were REAL? n you're that main actor fighting to escape/survive the whole zombie shit. Have you ever imagined yourself playing the lead in those zombie movies? How would you react weih... Computer gaming zombie encounters do not count! No matter how realistic you'd feel playing games like left4dead, you wouldn't be armed like the characters in real life!

*wasting my brain juice*

*still wasting my brain juice*

Adding to my little non existent notebook, how to react when faced with a zombie.

You know just to prepare myself in case of a nightmare or something.

Yer. Scary la!
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Picture rights

I apologize beforehand if you feel unhappy about what I'm about to say. This is not meant for anyone in particular okeee

I always get bugged for pictures because I'm kinda the one carrying my camera around. Its not that I don't want to be sending pictures to others but to me pictures of poor quality (according to my standards) being sent off to other people and them posting it up does not make me happy at all. I'm a perfectionist in that way cos I have standards for a good picture. I would rather take time & effort to screen through and touch up whatever that needs to be touched up before sending them off because I'm still lacking skills in photo taking or someone else using my camera to snap pics are not that skillful. That is why it takes time, please understand.

Another thing I'm not too crazy about are people taking the pictures of my camera, posting them up wherever and not giving me credit for it. I mean isn't it basic manners to give credit when credit is due? That's also why I would take the effort to watermark my pictures because of the time & effort I spent making it look better since I sometimes don't get the recognition of taking certain pictures. Some might call me selfish or whatever for being this way but I'm pretty particular in this.
Heh! *peace peace*

For now I'm working on the pictures from my graduation first, didn't take much pictures of that event as it was pretty inconvenient since this time around I'm not the one actually taking the picture.

I'm envious that baybee has got some nice pictures of his graduation for example this one

taken with his whole batch of friends. If only the four of us graduated with more of our friends.

Random picture of the day..

Do these look familiar to you?

Image Hosted by ImageShack.us

Got these picture from my brother's phone. These were the cocktail sausages I prepared for Bpsych's Halloween event last year! Might give you a lil inspiration to jazz up your plate if you're only eating plain ol cocktail sausages. Just lightly slit the ends a lil before steaming the sausages and they will turn out like this! Try slitting different patterns its fun!
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in the dark

Totally unrelated to what i'm about to talk about but i can't find any other pics in my phone to upload for now, this was snapped when I met up with Grace a few days ago at Gardens with her phone.

camping in the hall tonight because i just felt like it. Lying here in the dark reminded me of a moment during hmc's leadership camp. It was that moment where we were all left individually at different spots in that forest (which we thought was haunted and were occupied by wildboars). I'm just recalling the thoughts that were running through my head during that moment of silence and loneliness. What brought back all the sudden urge to reminiscent that moment was looking back at my old pics a few days ago, that movie that i just watched and also the endless mosquitoe bites i'm getting now....which really almost resembles that moment in the forest...almost.

Lookin back...I've met so many different people throughout my not very long journey in life...not long ago i was pretty close to a few people whom i now barely even talk to anymore..sometimes i couldn't even remember the names of these people and it really saddens me for forgetting. I wish i have more gbs in my head to remember every single moment of my life...every person i once know....every happy moment...sigh if you ask me whats my biggest fear in life i'd tell you its the fear of forgetting. The fear of losing my memories.

It's really not such a bad feeling to be alone for that little while to reflect of whats happened in my life. At least i can practice recalling whatever happened that day and try to retain whatever it is i can...

Mmm ima go into snooze mode now.
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