in the dark

Totally unrelated to what i'm about to talk about but i can't find any other pics in my phone to upload for now, this was snapped when I met up with Grace a few days ago at Gardens with her phone.

camping in the hall tonight because i just felt like it. Lying here in the dark reminded me of a moment during hmc's leadership camp. It was that moment where we were all left individually at different spots in that forest (which we thought was haunted and were occupied by wildboars). I'm just recalling the thoughts that were running through my head during that moment of silence and loneliness. What brought back all the sudden urge to reminiscent that moment was looking back at my old pics a few days ago, that movie that i just watched and also the endless mosquitoe bites i'm getting now....which really almost resembles that moment in the forest...almost.

Lookin back...I've met so many different people throughout my not very long journey in life...not long ago i was pretty close to a few people whom i now barely even talk to anymore..sometimes i couldn't even remember the names of these people and it really saddens me for forgetting. I wish i have more gbs in my head to remember every single moment of my life...every person i once know....every happy moment...sigh if you ask me whats my biggest fear in life i'd tell you its the fear of forgetting. The fear of losing my memories.

It's really not such a bad feeling to be alone for that little while to reflect of whats happened in my life. At least i can practice recalling whatever happened that day and try to retain whatever it is i can...

Mmm ima go into snooze mode now.

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