how to react when faced with a zombie?

Every once in a while my brother would invite me to watch a movie with him on his 21 inch monitored desktop. This time we watched QUARANTINE. Pretty freaked out after watching ok more like uncomfortable but not scared or whatever. Not scared la!

Being unemployed n haven't been using my brain much for the past 4 months, i started wondering... What if situations like in the movie were real?

That'd be really scary...and i would so be guilty of all the acts i yelled at the actors not to do.

"stupiddddd! Get a weapon before going into the room laaaa!"

"omg b**** stop cryinggg!!"

"that guy is so not dead! Stab him! Stab him! He's gonna come get you idiot!!!"

Not too sure when did this movie debut but the title says it all. A bunched of people quarantined (what else) haha. The concept is pretty much similar to the typical zombie movies.

Guy gets bitten by a zombie /guy gets some sort of weird disease --> guy dies--> guy lives again except now he has no sense of who he once was. He now also either has an exceptional thirst for blood or is bloody hungry (bloody + hungry). He is also exceptionally strong, like an animal...either having also heightened sense of smell/sight/hearing, combi of those or a lack of any combi of those. Oh he is also very sensitive to light and would either or not die when coming into contact with light. --> guy proceeds to hunt and attack disease free humans.

And sooner or later the whole world/country/building gets filled with zombies like these...and towards the end you'd somehow realize it all started from some scientist trying to take over the world / animal / directors running out of originality. Still everyone either dies or someone will still be alive and ready to spread the disease somewhere else thats not contaminated.

We're often bombarded with crappy zombie movies and yet we dig it and are scared watching it. Thats human and thats me...and my brother.

Brother and i would always crawl into our beds like asap once we finish a horror /thriller film no matter how crappy it is cos its just uncomfortable staying awake after watching those movies Haha!

But seriously, what if situations like these were REAL? n you're that main actor fighting to escape/survive the whole zombie shit. Have you ever imagined yourself playing the lead in those zombie movies? How would you react weih... Computer gaming zombie encounters do not count! No matter how realistic you'd feel playing games like left4dead, you wouldn't be armed like the characters in real life!

*wasting my brain juice*

*still wasting my brain juice*

Adding to my little non existent notebook, how to react when faced with a zombie.

You know just to prepare myself in case of a nightmare or something.

Yer. Scary la!

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