Gem of Life

episode 82. END.

Praise the lord I'm finally done with Gem of Life.

Watching this looooooooooooooooooooooong series has made me so not productive, and not to mention fatter.

I spent about 1 and a half weeks watching this series and because I'm watching in on DVD i CAN'T get it to stop playing. No, I Can't.

Thankfully I've reached the end. Got really sick of watching them characters sabotaging each other at some point.

Now i'm feeling as though i'm being led out of prison.

Bah! crazy long ass dramas!
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I need like 10 doses of motivation "kau" and another 10 doses of creativity "kau kau" thank you.

for now i'll have my milo kosong "kau" first.

Not gonna elaborate further.
You know just to prevent people from ripping off my ideas AGAIN and AGAIN.

Btw i found alot of pictures in my phone. Pictures of my random scribblings and notes in classes back in my Uni days.Will post them up someday. =D
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Candid shots of me

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Exactly why i don't really like candid shots of myself, especially of my left face. I make the ugliest facial expressions that i absolutely loathe.


This was taken by my boyfriend to question himself which he loves more. Me or his guitar.
he sold out this guitar already HAHAHA I win despite my ugwee facial expression!

*thick skin*
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