bimboness to the max. replies for comments

*throws in bimbo slang as per the girls from " free tickets ah?"*

zyenn vs zyenna


I know! oh my gawwddd!

omg shut up!

no you shut up!

Omg are you like for real?

Dohh!! like totally!

omg shut up! *giggles*

omg i like totally can't believe this

i know! its like...

i know!!

omg shut up!

No you shut up!

Can you like, believe it? OMG!

I know! OMG its like totally...


SHUT UP! *giggles*


*both starts laughing and rolling about like a bunch of idiotic bimbos*

29th November 2007, 1700 hours marks the end of all our sufferings as PSY year 2 students...................................................assignments wise.

like OMG!


Thank you for all the supportive comments regarding my previous post people!! the chatterbox is too small for me to reply ya'll so i'll do it here.. k?

i repeated and reenacted the whole scene for at least 5 times yesterday and 4 times today to different people ahhahaha!

(tiffany) Lame ass weih! thats prolly the best comeback line he could ever know how some people just resort to cursing others when they run outta things to say. hahahhaha! i like how we reenacted today!

Fuck you
Fuck me? oh, never in your life :)

(m3) and you know what, most of them only know how to curse in chinese saying things like diuleiloumou and machan in their slang hahaha! seriously zzz to them yeah? ahh my brain couldn't switch so fast to think of a nice comeback at that mo, but now can think of alot! like...right back at u. oh as what pek wah said : sama-sam, selamat hari raya! lol you people are so funny! but maybe also it was a sign that i shouldn't stoop to her level.

(fungmin) actually when facing the fella also got feel abit insecure cos he was like raising his voice and pointing here and there....although i think i sounded quite loud also..haha used to screaming around edi..exactly, and they are adults, grown ups! Bodoh sial. think they rule the world.

(headloco) yeah weih baybee...i wish we had an imaginary slapping tool...or maybe it can't be sent through emails. ARGH! whats wrong with the people today!? obviously that woman still don't want to or can't grow up! if they ever picked on some gangster taikache gone case la! ahh! don't meet this kindda people!! :( makes us angry and raise our blood pressure only...we need to collect our EPFs right ROFL! no? *squeeeeeeze* hahaha odd people we met lately...

(mingzi) thats why!! i didn't even hear that you know. But tiffany's "WHATEVER" was damn good la! with the perfect tone and volume, i tell u...class A. Those people bodo sampai got nothing to say edi then have to curse.

(m3) hahaha! come to us for counseling?? charge them kao kao weih! If they were loving parents they would not have asked the kid to go run for the seats and they really shouldn't continue acting like the own the world. pity them huh?

(shan) i met aza when i was at 1u!! she didn't call me to tell me she was back also! i'm free starting 17th!! we neeed to meet up!! :)

(Belle) funny leh? hehehe i'm like a clown with you all! hahaha aiks becoming a habit edi....low class ah? i thought they were not significant enough to be categorized into a class? hohoho! i'm sure we will meet more of these people in the future so we must always watch our backs! weee~!


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Do that often?

Lets start off with something nice before i get on elaborating about the title yea.

i MET AZAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA!!! she's back! and she is looking so much Hawttter *winks* can't wait to meet up and catch up with her *bounce*

Okay now to the main topic.

location : Starbucks BU2 aka 1U's new wing.

we (tiff, vern may n yien) wanted to sit at the comfy sofa at the middle of the outlet because we would be there for quite sometime. Sitting on wooden chairs would hurt our backs! But, as usual there were people sitting there. So we sat somewhere at the corner of the shop with two of us on the sofa and two more on the wooden chairs.

see the black sofas at the corner?

alright, so when the customers at the middle sofas left, we decided to move over and because i was the nearest to the sofas...i grabbed my bag n stuff and shifted to the center while the three of them were cheering me on

go michelle go!

Just when I sat on the sofa...i noticed a Malay kid (bout 12-15?) looking like he was walking towards the sofa that i was sited at, looking all disappointed and innocent. Gosh, i felt a lil bad for the kid because he actually looked really innocent but we were already halfway shifting our we just sat at our place. Besides, there were plenty of seats at starbucks with many available power points so i guess the kid could sit somewhere else. The outlet was quite empty that time.

Just when we were all settled down, the kid and some people looking like his parents moved from their original seats at

to where the four of us were originally sited. The black sofas.

Actually didn't notice that the boy had company until they were moving.

So when they passed us, this Malay woman whom i suspect is her mother...lemme describe the woman first

she was dressed in a long sleeve polo shirt tugged in her jeans. no tudung. Basically, she looked like a well mannered, rich malay lady.

ok so when she passed us, she gave me a bitchy stare (like seriously bitchy and childish can die kinda look) leaned towards us and went

DO THIS OFTEN? *sarcastic tone*

GOSH if only u heard her tone of voice! she was so freaking bitchy/bimbo....and she just left to her place....leaving the four of us feeling

!?!?!?!?!? WHAT THE HECK?!?!?!?!?!

especially me, because she was looking at me when she uttered those words.

i guess she was probably implying that i BULLIED her kid.

take note again. the outlet was almost empty, there were plenty of seats and they were already sitting at somewhere with an available plug point.

ok, we can justify why she wanted to move to the big sofas because she had her husband (im assuming this man with her was her husband) and another 20 odd years old looking boy with her, not forgetting the kid also.

i was so damn pissed.

i kept staring at them, the woman never dared look back at me, but her husband did. He too gave me that bitchy stare and i rolled my eyes at him.

yes i did.

then, the four of us were discussing in english+cantonese whether we were at the wrong or not and NO. I reached the sofa before the kid and he was only halfway through his walk to the sofa when i was already sitting there weih. We were analyzing really loud though.

just then. the man whom i suspect was the husband came over and looked at vern may, yien and tiff ( i dont remember him lookin at me when he said this)

ok let me describe the man also. He looks like he's in his late 30s to early 40s, bald, the rich looking type of malay playing with his hand phone.

Did you call us crazy in chinese? I understand chinese ok? Don't think i don't understand chinese.

he was giving a smirk and sounding damn sarcastic.

?!?!?!?! we said NOTHING about them being crazy though we were really pissed in our hearts.

HUHH?? all looking damn blur.

This was when i lost it.

i said to him

And we understand English too. Could you tell me what was that all about? *points to bitch* Can u ask that woman *pointing to bitch* to come over I want to speak to her.


Oh she was giving me a very horrifying stare and i wanted to know what she meant by the things she said.

What? People can't look at someone else isit?

But she was giving me a stare i did not like ask her to come over

what? people cannot look at others isit??? (obviously, he ran outta things to say at this point)

he was pointing to me with his phone while saying that

fucking lanci lanyong

I want her to justify her actions.

you have no right to talk like that. Who are you to speak to me like that? (omg as if he's got so much right to firstly, accuse us then acting all smart?)

What do u mean i have no right? she has no right to do that!

that woman did not even look over and dare come defend herself.



i forgot what was the exact convo at this point already but my last line to him was...

OH? older? Why don't you then go tell that woman *points to bitch again* and ask her to watch her mouth and act HER AGE.

The fella kept going on and on bout something until i forgot the exact words he said but tiffany threw him her trademark


and that was when the man left before saying

Fuck tiffany. (omg weih!)


Oh My God Weih. Where got people like that wan?!?! TELL ME???

i was pissed to the core of my heart i tell you i could have....i dunno what could i have done but i was just so angry la!

cannot stand all these rich bastards thinking they are all better than other people.

what? you think just cos we were dressed down in our t-shirt and jeans you can bullshit us like that?

think you own the whole shop? 1 U?

Since you're so fucking atas and can't lay your asses on wooden chairs then don't come to starbucks.

go order take out or something.

better still open a starbucks franchise right at your own room la so you won't need to wait and fight for seats with little girls who don't have the right to defend themselves against big old bullies who think they own the world.

i was msging baybee because i was too pissed until i can't even piss anymore then i called him and was complaining to him about the incident while standing around Nando's after getting my drink at the counter.

The family left Starbucks when i was on the phone.

i did not acknowledge them and when they were walking pass, the woman, no wait...the BITCH between both the young boy and the 20 year-odd lookin fella,

leaned towards where i was standing and said

Goodbye bitch. to me.

Damn cool right?

I did not acknowledge that because i was on the phone and didn't wanna entertain lame people any further but if i did i guess i would have said this

please start acting your age woman, what kind of example are you to your kids? immature. *flips hair and roll eyes*


stupid people.

i seriously have never encountered bitches like that in my entire life.

For no reason....kena like that.

Honestly, i wonder how on earth can some grown ups with kids still act that way? Dare throw spiteful words at others and cabut after that but don't even dare come face to face to me and talk about it? Loser.

and to that man, he dare come and sound us when her wife acted like one who was stuck in her highschool ages...wait so is he. Saying fuck you to us but claiming he is OLDER and supposedly WISER therefore we can't speak up to him?

just shows their mentality. so hilarious weih.

won't respect anyone who don't deserve it and i don't think i did anything wrong in the first place.

what do u think? honestly.

was i wrong? were we wrong?


anyways the four of us were speculating what would happen if only we had kick ass girls who won't give a shit like my cousin mnda, sheryn, adelene, ming zi, fung min and also guys who don't give a shit like my baybee, mike, jonsern or alex to back us up during that kinda situation.


now i can finally go piss.

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I burnt my leg with my curling iron few days back. I was sittin crossLegged on my bed happily curling my hair....went out the room for a mo and came back happily bouncing in bed failin to notice that hot iron...and then it happen...i sat on it. :(

can't seem to sleep early anymore.

Even when i have got nothing better to do.
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i is stressed.

Im having cravings that i can't seem to control!!!

Today, i ate a beef burger (damn small can die), apple pie, a cup of sprite, a cup of diet coke and a sundae cone for lunch.

i know.

Throughout discussion at McDs, i was tearing this brochure given by some Maxis sales person on the way to lunch. I tore that brochure into pieces. you know like many many pieces. lol.

too bad i don't have a picture of it.

As i was leaving my table to buy the ice cream, the cleaning lady approached my table and went

"whats all these papers? are u all playing a game?"

ohh no no...Oh i'll clean that up later!!

Noooooo! Noooo!! it's okay.

then she proceeded to staring straight into my eyes.

"are u very angry?"

*HUh!?!? stoned*

and vern may answered the lady


hahha yeah! thats the word stress! haahhahaha *cleans the table*

i was so shy to answer anything else I just went over to the counter to get me my ice cream.


omg weih.

There's this aunty at the door complaining about how the construction workers at her neighbour's place above her's are dirtying her clothes. The constuction workers were cleaning the water tank of her neighbout at the roof and apparently the water kena her clothes that were at her balcony.


so what u expect my dad to do?

super tak tahan this kinda people can anot?

you so not happy you go sound your neighbour la.

OMG WTH?!? i just walked to the door and came back to my seat cos i was too lazy to listen to her whining... she's now chatting with granny. Asking about our family *drops jaw*

and i heard her said.

Ohhh both your grandchildren are boys ar?

WHAT THE? she just saw me! and she should know i'm one of the grandchildren cos grandma just told her.

*points at boobs and ass*

im hungry. hmm

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Aftermath of becoming that landlady lookalike


H = for HEBAT
not saying im hebat lol, it's my high school shirt im wearing

Remember how i was saying i think my neck will hurt when i get up from sleeping with those rollers. guess what my neck didn't! and thats cos............... i didn't sleep that night!


ooo miss my curly hair

okok time to leave house for class :P

i camwhored every other time of the day hahaha

this was while waiting for my brother.

(zi zi n mel i'm in wong kam kam!) :P

i also camwhored at home. But i won't be putting up too many pics of those.

played around with Photoshop. Make up and slimming by photoshop :P

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the sleep deprived

its 430 am and i'm finally getting to sleep! After how many hours of staying up? Say from waking at 9 am on the 24th till sleeping at 5am on the 26...took bout a 2 hour nap in between. Someone calculate for e while i sleep....omg! I'm sleeping! Look at me! I'm in my bed! *snores*
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the tests we go through in life.

God tests us in many different ways.

Lost a relative today.

We will be missing you so much. sigh dunno what else i can say.

you left so unexpectedly and we didn't even get to say goodbye.....

may u rest in peace...

p/s: The "ha bengs" (keropok udang) you make are honestly the BEST in the whole world.


taking a breather from staring at the stats manual gotten from the library...

btw HELP's library have improved, proud to say so. Even though the uncles there still take damn long getting used to the computers...but at least they are upgrading.

feel so depressed for not knowing what step to take next.

and for having to re-stress about what i thought was done.

gimme a clue?

because i know you have it all planned out for me.
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rollers, bendies and moo moo ice cream

was looking through some old picture (I've been very nostalgic lately haha) and i was missing my curly hair!

thus after washing my locks today.....

presenting to u aunty teh

stuff a ciggie in my mouth and i'll look just like that landlady from Stephen Chow's KungFu Hustle



btw i think i need one those hair nets like the one she's wearing.

my hair was a bit messy because i actually slept with the rollers and bendies (i do not know their actual names)....until i got waken up by



but that was okay because it was time for me to wake up and continue working on my asses anyways.

I'll be having a sore neck next morning because i plan to sleep with those rollers and bendies.

wonder how will my hair turn out to be tmr


on a completely different note.


and.............our poster is the bomb!

but its so messy erghh and it looks like it's gonna fall off *grumbles*

it's the bomb!

one thing i learn today and it is to talk so much until your lecturer can't question you further about your topic.



one more thing,

I've been very addicted to these Moo ice creams.

its soooooooo good and I had 2 last week.

I have one more in my fridge now and I'm contemplating to take it.....


lastly, what on earth am i doing here?!?!?!?!

[edit : oh my skin in the first pic O___________O]
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donkeements.empty HELP carpark

when u get too sick of reading journals. what do u do?

people like me will start renaming folders and replacing boring ol windows icons.


btw i created history (for myself) by being the first car to reach HELP's car park on a Monday morning (last last week).

i left home at 630 for a 830 class. I was anxious cos i had a presentation at 830 and i kept arriving late even when leaving my place at 730.... so since i was up and ready to leave the house, i left thaaaaaat early.


Reached college at 650.

thats right, it only took me 10 minutes! Loved every part of the journey, the weather was perfect and roads were perfect.....even the car park was perfect.

totally empty.

as time passes....the cars slowly rolled in.


people who reach early really make use of their privilege of selecting parking lots. so cute.

so much work to do so little time. so many things to get so little moolah.

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bloggin with the phone ain't that fun after all

at times i feel like i have so much to talk about.

I actually do but i just don't talk about it here anymore.

For four days in a row now i've been trying to blog from this phone and i keep accidentally pressing some stupid button that made my posts go 'poof' right into cyberair.

For four days already! That means four posts! Argh.

I need to snooze already.
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oh yeah i scrubbed it.

i scrubbed it real hard.

with salt.


my dearest ulcer.

may u be gone when I wake again from my 4 hour sleep.
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temporary header

did a temporary header because the link for the old one wasn't working and i kind of wanted a change.

I sort of have the concept n design for a new layout all in my head already but i don't have the free time to work on it.

so yeah, a temporary one for now, more grunge-ey, less girly.

I wanna be a butterfly.

Edit : HAHHAHA the wings are located so weirdly

EDITed again: i gave my wings colorrrrrrrrr weeeeeee
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one tag down

This was done 3 weeks ago, when i got home after sheryn's party. Forgot to post it up ahaks.

Instructions: Name 20 people you can think of at the top of your head. Don't read the questions before you write, and tag 5 people to do the survey.

1. Eugene my baybee San is in a dilemma of which guitar to sell
2. Erinn wan the one who tagged me
3. Sheryn the birthday gal
4. Adelene the tall tall one
5. Vern May the blur one
6. Darrel damn bising at sheryn's place earlier
7. Aik Thai kept telling jokes he learnt from church camp
8. Ming Zi is very far away
9. Tiffany likes the word Bah dee
10. Jon Sern edited a picture of me
11. Grace, i just emailed her
12. Fung Min calls me shuwell
13. Melissa Ong who's pm now reads Leng Chee Kang
14. Beng Tack whom u will automatically think of when u think of Mel
15. Mike has an electric blue colored t shirt
16. Belle has a burberry bag
17. Soo Wen who is very fussy about contact lenses
18. Vatsala teaches at kumon
19. Yeen wants to organize BBQ the second
20. Shan whose puppy is a year old

1. How did you meet 14 ( Beng Tack)?
During foundation, he was in my group at HMC....but i transfered to another group not long after i started haha

2.What would you do if you had never met no.1 (Eugene baybee San)?
i would have been very bored. my life would have been so damn different i can't imagine how different it would be.

i wouldn't know how to love someone...
i wouldn't know how to cry...
i wouldn't know how it feels to be loved and appreciated by someone...
wow...cannot imagine...
i would be so dull....

3. What would you do if 20 (Shan) and 9 (Tiffany) dated you?
I would love to have shan as a date, to me she is the type that would be willing to make sacrifices.
Tiffany would be very well mannered at first but when she opens up she will shoot me with all her sarcastic words that are really funny! she makes people laugh, very caring person.

4. Would 6 (Darrel) and 17 (Soo Wen) make a good couple?
no way man. One so noisy another one very reserved. Hmmm maybe their liking for sports could! cannot la!

5. Describe no.3 (Sheryn).
Glamorous, pink, expensive, extravagant, confident

6.Do you think no.8 (Ming Zi) is attractive?
fuiyohhhh! of courseee! My ming zi ok? hahaha

7.Tell me something about no.7 (Aik Thai).
He is very tall. He likes to tell lame jokes. He is in APIIT now. and he drives a Waja. Into gadgets, like me.

8. Do you know anything about no.12's (Fung Min) family?
I know she has a sister and they went to Europe for holiday sometime back hehehe

9. What is no.8's (Ming Zi) favourite?
the people she left here at Malaysia hahaha

10. What would you do if no.11 (Grace) confesses that he/she likes you?
...freak out first, clarify what kinda "like" she meant and then compliment her that she's got taste then show her many pictures of mat salleh.

11. What language does 19 (Sook Yeen) speak?
Perfect english, Manglish, Perfect Cantonese, Perfect Mandrain, Broken Bahasa, lil bit of Jap?, li bit of frenchie

12. Who is 9 (Tiffany) going out with?
Her Babe hahaha

13. How old is 16 (Belle) now?
very very old. tsk tsk tsk. hahaha 21.

14. When was the last time you talked to 13 (Mel Ong)?
Chatted..last night, she offered to massage me! hehehh if talking then at the airport bout a month ago :(

15. Who is no.2's (Erinn) favourite singer?
hmm think she's more into bands? singers...Bjork? used to be eminem i know...don't think she has a fav.

16. Would you date no.4 (Adelene)?
Hmm...noooo i think we would fight a l o t. not up to her standards also la haha

17. Would you date 18 (Vatsala)?
*thinks hard* hahaha would u date me vat?

18.Is 15 (Mike) single?
i also want to find out ;)

19. What is 10's (Jon Sern) last name?
EWWWWWWWWWWWW! hahahah its Eu. But isn't that supposed to be the first name? haha nvm

20. Would you ever consider being in a relationship with 11 (Grace)?
*drops jaw* siao.

21. What school does 3 (Sheryn) go to?
she's at HELP now.

22. Where does 6 (Darrel) live?
DJ area right? near one of my old friend's place if i've not mistaken...hmm

23. What's your favourite thing about no.5 (Vern May)?
She is patient. Helpful very caring when you're down n all that. Hardworking...BLUR! hahah she makes people laugh.
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look who bounced over to kontradikcion

I've always had a soft spot for this lil creature. especially because a very significant person of mine makes super damn-adorable-can-die impersonations of Stitch.

Stitch, meet world.

world, meet....

damn cute rightttt???

btw its a life sized stitch!

stitch : ohana means famiwee

omg omg omg he's doin it again!!!

gonna attend to my call now
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snatch theft

What happened to Imagecave?!?!

Where is my header and my picture links?


and why must the Koreans fight so much?


what is wrong with the people today?

there are so many cases of break in and snatch theft that I've been hearing lately.

dear lil brother met with some snatch thieves a few days ago and now he's suffering from a massive bruise on his cheekbones and right eye. kesian je. Just pray that it won't impair his vision and all...especially now cos he's facing SPM in a few days time.

what happened was the semangated brother wanted to go over to his friend's place for discussion at bout 7:30 am. I told him to wake me up an hour later to send him over because 7:30 was so early. He couldn't wait (gan jeong) so he followed mum outta the house. Called his friend on the way to his place but his friend was still sleeping and mum had to rush for work so she couldn't wait with him in front of his friend's place.

in front of his friend's place, bro was trying to wake the friend up by phone n through the door bell. Just then, he was attacked by an Indian guy who went ''mana boss?" then snatched his phone and tried escaping buttttttt my brother had alot of his master-pieces in his phone that has yet to be backed up so he fought the fella, fell down dunno how...but yet he still grabbed the loser's legs till he loser fell as well. In the end, lil bro got whacked in the face with the loser's helmet in while fighting him :( At this point, he fella managed to escape with his accomplice on a motorbike but left his slippers, helmet...and number plate on the road. Oh I'm not done yet, he also left the phone on the ground because of obvious reasons....

the screen is all cracked.

and this is the max it cud clam.

kesian je.

but it is still functional.

bloody thieves.

the fella must have been wanting some fast cash for Deepavali. Too bad he left with nothing.

So lazy to go into more details about the incident.

anyways, finally transfered the pictures from sheryn's 20th birthday @ her place. we took so little pics this year...=(

and lastly, i wanna include a picture of myself in conjunction with the deepavali celebration

see my strategically located pimple? it makes me look


rindu sama uncle weebleeeeee

lazy to proofread this also
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i almost forgot i had a blog

i was so stressed up the past few days. The diarrhea was not stopping after a whole week and i was cracking my head trying to figure out how to continue those assignments. Sort of got that figured out for now. But why is it i still can't sleep and end up here typin on my phone in bed again? Btw I tell you gadgets are the coolest things on earth! Hmm i think i'm startin to develop road rage..some road users are just so annoying but then again i'm sure hundreds of other drivers out there think the same of me. But i got my expired P stuck on my ride so i've got excuses. Besides that, i'm kinda enjoyin it. As in driving. Ho ho ho bet you'd never expect to hear that comin from me! Haha!

My min told me that i can't put on an angry face...i think she's probably the first person to tell me that. Lol! I always thought that i have some angry arrogant look plastered on me face according to other sources..that r prolly not that reliable :p

I just realized i use probably alot.

Seems like i've typed damn alot...bout time to sleep now. Thanks for reading. :)
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