Do that often?

Lets start off with something nice before i get on elaborating about the title yea.

i MET AZAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA!!! she's back! and she is looking so much Hawttter *winks* can't wait to meet up and catch up with her *bounce*

Okay now to the main topic.

location : Starbucks BU2 aka 1U's new wing.

we (tiff, vern may n yien) wanted to sit at the comfy sofa at the middle of the outlet because we would be there for quite sometime. Sitting on wooden chairs would hurt our backs! But, as usual there were people sitting there. So we sat somewhere at the corner of the shop with two of us on the sofa and two more on the wooden chairs.

see the black sofas at the corner?

alright, so when the customers at the middle sofas left, we decided to move over and because i was the nearest to the sofas...i grabbed my bag n stuff and shifted to the center while the three of them were cheering me on

go michelle go!

Just when I sat on the sofa...i noticed a Malay kid (bout 12-15?) looking like he was walking towards the sofa that i was sited at, looking all disappointed and innocent. Gosh, i felt a lil bad for the kid because he actually looked really innocent but we were already halfway shifting our we just sat at our place. Besides, there were plenty of seats at starbucks with many available power points so i guess the kid could sit somewhere else. The outlet was quite empty that time.

Just when we were all settled down, the kid and some people looking like his parents moved from their original seats at

to where the four of us were originally sited. The black sofas.

Actually didn't notice that the boy had company until they were moving.

So when they passed us, this Malay woman whom i suspect is her mother...lemme describe the woman first

she was dressed in a long sleeve polo shirt tugged in her jeans. no tudung. Basically, she looked like a well mannered, rich malay lady.

ok so when she passed us, she gave me a bitchy stare (like seriously bitchy and childish can die kinda look) leaned towards us and went

DO THIS OFTEN? *sarcastic tone*

GOSH if only u heard her tone of voice! she was so freaking bitchy/bimbo....and she just left to her place....leaving the four of us feeling

!?!?!?!?!? WHAT THE HECK?!?!?!?!?!

especially me, because she was looking at me when she uttered those words.

i guess she was probably implying that i BULLIED her kid.

take note again. the outlet was almost empty, there were plenty of seats and they were already sitting at somewhere with an available plug point.

ok, we can justify why she wanted to move to the big sofas because she had her husband (im assuming this man with her was her husband) and another 20 odd years old looking boy with her, not forgetting the kid also.

i was so damn pissed.

i kept staring at them, the woman never dared look back at me, but her husband did. He too gave me that bitchy stare and i rolled my eyes at him.

yes i did.

then, the four of us were discussing in english+cantonese whether we were at the wrong or not and NO. I reached the sofa before the kid and he was only halfway through his walk to the sofa when i was already sitting there weih. We were analyzing really loud though.

just then. the man whom i suspect was the husband came over and looked at vern may, yien and tiff ( i dont remember him lookin at me when he said this)

ok let me describe the man also. He looks like he's in his late 30s to early 40s, bald, the rich looking type of malay playing with his hand phone.

Did you call us crazy in chinese? I understand chinese ok? Don't think i don't understand chinese.

he was giving a smirk and sounding damn sarcastic.

?!?!?!?! we said NOTHING about them being crazy though we were really pissed in our hearts.

HUHH?? all looking damn blur.

This was when i lost it.

i said to him

And we understand English too. Could you tell me what was that all about? *points to bitch* Can u ask that woman *pointing to bitch* to come over I want to speak to her.


Oh she was giving me a very horrifying stare and i wanted to know what she meant by the things she said.

What? People can't look at someone else isit?

But she was giving me a stare i did not like ask her to come over

what? people cannot look at others isit??? (obviously, he ran outta things to say at this point)

he was pointing to me with his phone while saying that

fucking lanci lanyong

I want her to justify her actions.

you have no right to talk like that. Who are you to speak to me like that? (omg as if he's got so much right to firstly, accuse us then acting all smart?)

What do u mean i have no right? she has no right to do that!

that woman did not even look over and dare come defend herself.



i forgot what was the exact convo at this point already but my last line to him was...

OH? older? Why don't you then go tell that woman *points to bitch again* and ask her to watch her mouth and act HER AGE.

The fella kept going on and on bout something until i forgot the exact words he said but tiffany threw him her trademark


and that was when the man left before saying

Fuck tiffany. (omg weih!)


Oh My God Weih. Where got people like that wan?!?! TELL ME???

i was pissed to the core of my heart i tell you i could have....i dunno what could i have done but i was just so angry la!

cannot stand all these rich bastards thinking they are all better than other people.

what? you think just cos we were dressed down in our t-shirt and jeans you can bullshit us like that?

think you own the whole shop? 1 U?

Since you're so fucking atas and can't lay your asses on wooden chairs then don't come to starbucks.

go order take out or something.

better still open a starbucks franchise right at your own room la so you won't need to wait and fight for seats with little girls who don't have the right to defend themselves against big old bullies who think they own the world.

i was msging baybee because i was too pissed until i can't even piss anymore then i called him and was complaining to him about the incident while standing around Nando's after getting my drink at the counter.

The family left Starbucks when i was on the phone.

i did not acknowledge them and when they were walking pass, the woman, no wait...the BITCH between both the young boy and the 20 year-odd lookin fella,

leaned towards where i was standing and said

Goodbye bitch. to me.

Damn cool right?

I did not acknowledge that because i was on the phone and didn't wanna entertain lame people any further but if i did i guess i would have said this

please start acting your age woman, what kind of example are you to your kids? immature. *flips hair and roll eyes*


stupid people.

i seriously have never encountered bitches like that in my entire life.

For no reason....kena like that.

Honestly, i wonder how on earth can some grown ups with kids still act that way? Dare throw spiteful words at others and cabut after that but don't even dare come face to face to me and talk about it? Loser.

and to that man, he dare come and sound us when her wife acted like one who was stuck in her highschool ages...wait so is he. Saying fuck you to us but claiming he is OLDER and supposedly WISER therefore we can't speak up to him?

just shows their mentality. so hilarious weih.

won't respect anyone who don't deserve it and i don't think i did anything wrong in the first place.

what do u think? honestly.

was i wrong? were we wrong?


anyways the four of us were speculating what would happen if only we had kick ass girls who won't give a shit like my cousin mnda, sheryn, adelene, ming zi, fung min and also guys who don't give a shit like my baybee, mike, jonsern or alex to back us up during that kinda situation.


now i can finally go piss.

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