the tests we go through in life.

God tests us in many different ways.

Lost a relative today.

We will be missing you so much. sigh dunno what else i can say.

you left so unexpectedly and we didn't even get to say goodbye.....

may u rest in peace...

p/s: The "ha bengs" (keropok udang) you make are honestly the BEST in the whole world.


taking a breather from staring at the stats manual gotten from the library...

btw HELP's library have improved, proud to say so. Even though the uncles there still take damn long getting used to the computers...but at least they are upgrading.

feel so depressed for not knowing what step to take next.

and for having to re-stress about what i thought was done.

gimme a clue?

because i know you have it all planned out for me.

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