i is stressed.

Im having cravings that i can't seem to control!!!

Today, i ate a beef burger (damn small can die), apple pie, a cup of sprite, a cup of diet coke and a sundae cone for lunch.

i know.

Throughout discussion at McDs, i was tearing this brochure given by some Maxis sales person on the way to lunch. I tore that brochure into pieces. you know like many many pieces. lol.

too bad i don't have a picture of it.

As i was leaving my table to buy the ice cream, the cleaning lady approached my table and went

"whats all these papers? are u all playing a game?"

ohh no no...Oh i'll clean that up later!!

Noooooo! Noooo!! it's okay.

then she proceeded to staring straight into my eyes.

"are u very angry?"

*HUh!?!? stoned*

and vern may answered the lady


hahha yeah! thats the word stress! haahhahaha *cleans the table*

i was so shy to answer anything else I just went over to the counter to get me my ice cream.


omg weih.

There's this aunty at the door complaining about how the construction workers at her neighbour's place above her's are dirtying her clothes. The constuction workers were cleaning the water tank of her neighbout at the roof and apparently the water kena her clothes that were at her balcony.


so what u expect my dad to do?

super tak tahan this kinda people can anot?

you so not happy you go sound your neighbour la.

OMG WTH?!? i just walked to the door and came back to my seat cos i was too lazy to listen to her whining... she's now chatting with granny. Asking about our family *drops jaw*

and i heard her said.

Ohhh both your grandchildren are boys ar?

WHAT THE? she just saw me! and she should know i'm one of the grandchildren cos grandma just told her.

*points at boobs and ass*

im hungry. hmm

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