snatch theft

What happened to Imagecave?!?!

Where is my header and my picture links?


and why must the Koreans fight so much?


what is wrong with the people today?

there are so many cases of break in and snatch theft that I've been hearing lately.

dear lil brother met with some snatch thieves a few days ago and now he's suffering from a massive bruise on his cheekbones and right eye. kesian je. Just pray that it won't impair his vision and all...especially now cos he's facing SPM in a few days time.

what happened was the semangated brother wanted to go over to his friend's place for discussion at bout 7:30 am. I told him to wake me up an hour later to send him over because 7:30 was so early. He couldn't wait (gan jeong) so he followed mum outta the house. Called his friend on the way to his place but his friend was still sleeping and mum had to rush for work so she couldn't wait with him in front of his friend's place.

in front of his friend's place, bro was trying to wake the friend up by phone n through the door bell. Just then, he was attacked by an Indian guy who went ''mana boss?" then snatched his phone and tried escaping buttttttt my brother had alot of his master-pieces in his phone that has yet to be backed up so he fought the fella, fell down dunno how...but yet he still grabbed the loser's legs till he loser fell as well. In the end, lil bro got whacked in the face with the loser's helmet in while fighting him :( At this point, he fella managed to escape with his accomplice on a motorbike but left his slippers, helmet...and number plate on the road. Oh I'm not done yet, he also left the phone on the ground because of obvious reasons....

the screen is all cracked.

and this is the max it cud clam.

kesian je.

but it is still functional.

bloody thieves.

the fella must have been wanting some fast cash for Deepavali. Too bad he left with nothing.

So lazy to go into more details about the incident.

anyways, finally transfered the pictures from sheryn's 20th birthday @ her place. we took so little pics this year...=(

and lastly, i wanna include a picture of myself in conjunction with the deepavali celebration

see my strategically located pimple? it makes me look


rindu sama uncle weebleeeeee

lazy to proofread this also

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