bimboness to the max. replies for comments

*throws in bimbo slang as per the girls from " free tickets ah?"*

zyenn vs zyenna


I know! oh my gawwddd!

omg shut up!

no you shut up!

Omg are you like for real?

Dohh!! like totally!

omg shut up! *giggles*

omg i like totally can't believe this

i know! its like...

i know!!

omg shut up!

No you shut up!

Can you like, believe it? OMG!

I know! OMG its like totally...


SHUT UP! *giggles*


*both starts laughing and rolling about like a bunch of idiotic bimbos*

29th November 2007, 1700 hours marks the end of all our sufferings as PSY year 2 students...................................................assignments wise.

like OMG!


Thank you for all the supportive comments regarding my previous post people!! the chatterbox is too small for me to reply ya'll so i'll do it here.. k?

i repeated and reenacted the whole scene for at least 5 times yesterday and 4 times today to different people ahhahaha!

(tiffany) Lame ass weih! thats prolly the best comeback line he could ever know how some people just resort to cursing others when they run outta things to say. hahahhaha! i like how we reenacted today!

Fuck you
Fuck me? oh, never in your life :)

(m3) and you know what, most of them only know how to curse in chinese saying things like diuleiloumou and machan in their slang hahaha! seriously zzz to them yeah? ahh my brain couldn't switch so fast to think of a nice comeback at that mo, but now can think of alot! like...right back at u. oh as what pek wah said : sama-sam, selamat hari raya! lol you people are so funny! but maybe also it was a sign that i shouldn't stoop to her level.

(fungmin) actually when facing the fella also got feel abit insecure cos he was like raising his voice and pointing here and there....although i think i sounded quite loud also..haha used to screaming around edi..exactly, and they are adults, grown ups! Bodoh sial. think they rule the world.

(headloco) yeah weih baybee...i wish we had an imaginary slapping tool...or maybe it can't be sent through emails. ARGH! whats wrong with the people today!? obviously that woman still don't want to or can't grow up! if they ever picked on some gangster taikache gone case la! ahh! don't meet this kindda people!! :( makes us angry and raise our blood pressure only...we need to collect our EPFs right ROFL! no? *squeeeeeeze* hahaha odd people we met lately...

(mingzi) thats why!! i didn't even hear that you know. But tiffany's "WHATEVER" was damn good la! with the perfect tone and volume, i tell u...class A. Those people bodo sampai got nothing to say edi then have to curse.

(m3) hahaha! come to us for counseling?? charge them kao kao weih! If they were loving parents they would not have asked the kid to go run for the seats and they really shouldn't continue acting like the own the world. pity them huh?

(shan) i met aza when i was at 1u!! she didn't call me to tell me she was back also! i'm free starting 17th!! we neeed to meet up!! :)

(Belle) funny leh? hehehe i'm like a clown with you all! hahaha aiks becoming a habit edi....low class ah? i thought they were not significant enough to be categorized into a class? hohoho! i'm sure we will meet more of these people in the future so we must always watch our backs! weee~!


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