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Pissy Mood - I'm Sick

(Written in a pissy mood, suspected to be PMSing)

There are so many things that I'd like to blog about but I can only keep those to myself due to various reasons. One being the fact that it involves other people who are not supposed to be involved in the first place. Another being the fact that I don't feel comfortable knowing certain people might read it...A private blog doesn't really make sense either so what I'll do is blog away and hit "save now" so the entry will remain accessible to me and me only. Unless my accounts gets hacked. O.O Which is quite possible since my password is a pretty easy one. It's a very n00b password. So n00b that you could prolly get it within the first few guesses.

I'm supposed to be getting some work done but I've put that on hold (I'm actually just distracted) because the flu bug hit me. I've been sneezing the whole darn day and the amount of wan tans I made could prolly fill a whole bath tub. omg help me.

My nose is gonna peel next because of all the friction with the kleenex I've been using. -_-

*Makes mental note to take Vitamin C tablets before sleep*

Can i just put a few camwhore-ish pictures and call it a post? That's what alot of people do anyway right? It's just that the photos put up are somewhat coherent with the whatever text that goes into the post.

Unlike mine.

There I was ranting (so annoying!) about me being sick and here I am about to put up a camwhore picture of my cousins, brother and I.

How is this picture even related to me being sick?

And this one? does camwhoring with my hot cousin have anything to do with my sneezing? Let's see if I could weave in a little story to make the picture look more relevant to my ranting.

This is Mnda and I. We entered this really warm room from another relatively colder room and decided to camwhore here, instead of in the colder room. I was sweating in my lacey top that had many layers but because of the sudden change of temperature, I started sneezing really badly.

There you go. Now you know the reason for these pictures. They don't seem to irrelevant anymore do they?
(still in pissy mood)

Life without photoshop sucks. Having to upload unedited photos is driving me nuts, which is another reason for why I'm pissy. Well actually photoshop wouldn't be that much of an essential tool for me if I had better photo taking skills.

You think posing can save your day? (from NERD - Rockstar) No, posing will never save your day, nor your hour or your minute so quit it or buck up. Btw I had shitloads of photos to develop for the family and all of them are post processing free so they are uglay =( (because I lack the skills to take a nice photo).

I better get back to work before I fall asleep on this couch again.
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Convocation 2010

The rest of my psycho peeps have officially graduated last weekend. I was really looking forward to their convocation because I miss seeing these people I used to see almost everyday in lectures.

We went through all the struggles as students dying (studying) hahaha

Congratulations guys! I'm proud of you! All of you!

Yips! I haven't seen you in ages. Why are you hiding up North? Come work in KL! :p

Mike, I always go to him to advice. Mike is a good counselor and he knows how to make people feel good when you talk to him. (Sounded a little wrong hmm)

Hua Fu & Kok Wui. These two are some of the most active peeps in the department. The student council presidents, peer support group, mentoring malaysia...they seem to be involved in all the clubs around. Smart guys. But annoying. Haha

Daniel the funny guy, always fun to have him around. He's got a really unique and contagious laugh. Omg I think I still have his book I borrowed years back. T_T

This pretty little girl, look at her all grown up already. She was so tiny then!
Btw, her name is Esther and she belongs to Roberta.

Congratulations dear!

Alot more photos but those will have to wait until I'm in the mood to continue posting up pics.
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