hate feeling this way

frustrated gila babi.
Why the hell did i pick psycho in the first place?
Damn la.
Gila babi.
Gila babi.
Gila babi.
Psycho babi.
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soo soo

Korean Film Festival.. hmmm says (9:44 PM):
ooo oo.. i got unconditional offer from UQ... so early.. -.-"

:( another one leaving.
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figures. last day.


stupid figures.

They make u feel bad if they look bad.

looking at those ugwee figures were depressing *sigh*

*smacks self*

think u so smart can go sit for exam without even studying the textbook?

Stupid! procrastinator.

Besides those figures, my blog hits are also becoming depressing. lol.


Today was the last day of volunteering work at somewhere on earth.

My left arm got licked and kissed by that little mischief. but besides that, he was behaving himself today =)

he was so adorable when i was trying to teach him some sign language.

hah! yes i was teaching...simple ones though...

you know like elephants? *signs elephant*

birds? *signs bird*

rabbits? *signs rabbit*

hahaha damn pro right??? *thick skin*

Btw the program coordinators got one of the girls to draw portraits of grace n myself. aww....

but we didnt't get to keep them. haha

so this is grace holding up her portrait

and this is some female who's always imitating me holding up her portrait.


Now spot the difference!

hahaha, so apparently we look kinda alike.

*stares at the clock....gasps and goes "oh no! its time for bed!"*

z y e n n has left the chatroom.
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a msg

i l o v e u >(-_^)
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just checked my schedule and it scared the crap outta me. I'm supposed to be sleeping right now but i cant. Got up a number me times to check some stuff and wrote myself reminders. There's just so much to do. So much to do, so overwhelming and making me avoid work. Oh my...i think part of the purpose of this course is to deprive the students of their normal activities in life. It just forces you to become as no life as possible. Or maybe it's just me. *muka yang amat the pei* i miss being fun and a lil bit more happening. Kesian my blog only have to take up my lifeless boring rantings.

blogging with the mobile phone is quite fun too...at least i could blog in bed and just sleep once i'm done...the power of technology.
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the materialistic side of me

grandma : how come u never refill the toilet paper in the loo?
me: lalala~ *pretends not to listen*

mum: why can't you all simply throw away the empty toilet paper plastic wraps in the store room when the rolls run out?
grandma: must be her la!! *points to me*
me: but u all always complain that i never refill the toilet paper? so how can it be me?!?!
mum & grandma: if not you then who else!?

-_- -_- -_- -_- -_- -_-

i think i'm sick.

been sneezing the whole day thanks to dustynewGardens.

walking around Gardens gave me a lil insight. that is = I"ve gotta be filthy rich in the future la. everything there is so expensive. The brands there are all squeal-able material. (stuff that will make me go omgomgomgomgomg). I fell in love with that outfit on the mannequin @ Ted Baker. and that stupid Coach bag...and those shoes from the brands @ Robinsons. ahhhh i am so depressed.

i owe a few people some tags. will get back to that when i fix that leaking pipe nose of mine.
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boo! i miss blogging.

I'm becoming very random lately, it's prolly the stress i'm faced with. Same excuse all the time.

i need to sit my ass down n study!

too much of biological psych makes me go ...


~ the pinky and the encephalon

the pinky and the encephalon

one is genious...the other's insane

the pinky and the encephalon

the pinky and the encephalon

the pinky...

the pinky and the en en ce pha LON.

dah gile dahh.

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bahh bahh black sheep

the heat is a murderer! serial killer la!


i am upset cos i lost my pedant...

having the urge to go out with ah pek wong kam kam just to search for another piece.

*dengan muka yang pei sangat*

KNOWA is performing at Laundry right about now...but where am i?


*phone rings from a msg*

okie i've got a booster from baybee to study *grins*

all the best baybeee!!!

*bounces off to study*

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