government hospitals

a relative has been admitted into UH recently. She had a wound on her leg and it needed to be attended to immediately because she's diabetic. Her fam sent her to UH hoping her doctors could follow up on her condition; however, she was only being attended to later that day...she waited a few hours in pain. Her fam got anxious after waiting half a day at the hospital and spoke to one of the docs. When the doctors finally got to her a FEW HOURS LATER, they decided that the skin on her foot has to be scraped off because the bacts has spreaded onto that area. After the surgery, she stayed in UH a few more days, and went home after making an appointment with the doc for a second surgery - to amputate 3 of her toes 2 weeks later. Today, she was in pain again and her fam sent her to SJMC instead of UH this time. The docs at SJMC suggested to amputate her leg off asap to prevent the bacts from spreading any further. She should be under operation now. sigh. i somehow couldn't understand how can the ppl at UH make an appointment with her 2 weeks later to amputate 3 of her toes while the ppl at SJMC said to amputate the whole leg immediately after attending to her. The bacts spreaded that fast to the whole leg knee below? and if bacts do spread that fast, how come she wasn't being attended to immediately at UH? With the speed of those bacts spreading, i doubt the only parts that need to be amputated 2 freaking weeks later won't be 3 toes only. Are the people at UH just plain inefficient or what? let people wait in pain.

Personally, i think the few hours wait when she just got to UH was what made her condition this bad. Aih.
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prank.cow's tongue.chicken's ass.rubber snake.

was deprived of the internet for 2 long days...but now its back! and i've finally got the chance to update this blog.

Everyone made a pack to blog about this....mwahaha

today during our break in between classes, while the-girl-who-is-leaving-for-UK left for the bathroom....

the rest of us cheeky kampung people (mua, tiff, yien, fung min, mel, beng and jonsern) played a prank on her. We left the table we were sitted at and went hide around the lift area of our block, making her think that we left her for our next class that is at L4. LOL i had such a hard time holding back my laughter while hiding...and i'm still laughing thinking of it! Poor gurl went all the way up to L4 from L2 and back to L2 searching all over for us haha...we even had her phone with us so she could not have contacted any of us...sorry yea *puppy eyes* don't get angry at us yea hehehe (yeah we are quite childish)

at least im trying to write about this as vague as possible :P

Grandma won second place in a cooking competition recently with the TRADEMARK Fruit Flan.

Her aunty friends claimed that grand's cake was much better than the MEE JAWA made by another aunty who won first. Anyways, grandma's won herself some cookware and stuff from Maggi....and now everyone's asking her to conduct classes on how to make her TRADEMARK cake.

on an unrelated note.


This is how a cow's tongue look like.

damn gross and huge right?

Took this with my phone while grocery shopping @ Giant. imagine how clear this pic would be if i took this pic with my camera...

i tried feeling the surface of the tongue THROUGH a plastic was damn rough. felt like those plastic brush bristles. According to one of the Giant staff, people actually buy these and BBQ em...*drops jaw*

SInce i've pstarted the gross pics galore, lets have more shall we?

this is how chicken backsides look like.

I've recently started using this phrase alot -

"XXX can stuff chicken asses down his/her throat!"

instead of cursing the normal way...hahahha so yeahhh to all the desperate/annoying/carbon paper-like/lame/no life humans out there....u can stuff these down your throat. i heard some people actually find chicken bishop noses very you might wanna try em out.

(im not picking on anyone ok! i would only say this to..let "says" (wong, 2006)....people who annoy me.)

i got sounded by another Giant staff after taking those pics...*grins*

on another totally unrelated note.

it has been raining so much these days....

and on yet another totally unrelated note.

i feel like i've just fallen in love with him all over again...

eneguebayweedonkeewhoisyourdreamguyakaMYbf and i...saved by each other.

and lastly another absolutely unrelated note.

this is the rubber snake my psy 102 group used during our presentation.

Garfield hates it.

Thats all for now...watching Tomorrow never dies.

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I'm worried shit.


just done with printing that ass that i had no idea how to do...Lets hope i answered the question correctly. Or else like what Tiffany said "SOS la"


Ok i just wasted a few secs arranging those ***** up there....can't help it

I'm worried shit.
I'm worried shit.
I'm worried shit.
I'm worried shit.
I'm worried shit.
I'm worried shit.
I'm worried shit.
I'm worried shit.
I'm worried shit.


[Edit : wth the **** didnt even turn out how i arranged them...:( ]
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I've purposely accidentally found a few pics in my comp that have yet to make it to this blog page....and posted em up


the edited version. remember how ugly the color of this original pic was?

sipping away my glass of red.

one of the reasons why i need big bags.

i wanna watch happy feet!

every tao foo fah seller seems to claim that their tao foo fah's the best.

My breakfast on weekdays. Loveeeee eggs.

thats all

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need help

For the first time in my life i've got an Ass that i have no idea how to start doing at all....everything on that piece of assignment question paper sounds Greek to me.


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My darling Pei Shan Tagged muaa...*giggles*

Layer ONE : On the Outside
Name : Michelle Teh Zhu-Yenn (note the spelling)
Birth Date : August 15th 1987
Current Status : Married to Mr weeble donkee
Eye color : Varies (mwahaha) original is dark brown i think
Hair Color: erm...slighty brownish
Righty or Lefty : Righty Ho!
Zodiac Sign : LEOO (rwar!)

Layer TWO : On the inside

Your Heritage: Chinese - Teochew
Your Fears : Making decisions, lizzies, losing something precious to me
Your Weaknesses : Stubborn, critisize alot...complain equally much, picky with food, procrastinating all the time
Your Perfect Pizza : Thin crusted, Loads of pepperoni, Olives, button mushrooms, pineapple cubes, Cheeeeeeeeeese

Layer THREE : Yesterday, Today, Tomorrow
Your thoughts first waking up : But its only830
Your Bedtime : Erm...varies from 12 am to 4 am
Your most missed memory : Too much...

Layer FOUR : Your Pick
Pepsi or Coke : Coke
McDonald's or Burger King : McDs
Single or group dates: Single
Adidas or Nike: ADIDAs Duh!
Lipton tea or Nestea: Nestea
Chocolate or vanilla: Vanilla
Cappuccino or coffee: Cappuccino ain't coffee?? *puppy eyes* i love coffeee

Layer FIVE : Do you

Smoke : No i do not.
Curse : Very very seldom. O=)

Layer SIX : In the Past Month
Drank alcohol: Yeshie.
Gone to the mall: Of cours, 1u is like second home to me.
Been on stage: Erm the stage in our auditorium...for presentations
Eaten sushi: Of course! lovee wasabi
Dyed your hair: Yesh yesh

Layer SEVEN: Have You Ever?
Played a stripping game: Nope
Changed who you were to fit in: In the past yea, but not now

Age you're hoping to be married : Hmmm....hope to seriously settle down with Uncle Weeble by late 20s or early 30s...

Layer NINE: In a Girl/Guy.

Best eye colour: Hazel for both
Best hair colour: Dont have a fav
Short or long hair: Dreadlocks thank you.

Layer TEN: What Were You Doing.
1 minute ago : Listened to a song
1 hour ago : 1648 - Collecting Klassique Beau from the workshop.
4.5 hours ago : 1300 something - Lunching somewhere @ Imbi
1 month ago : My ear had some problems
1 year ago : it was Sheryn's Birthday party last year this i was preparing to go for her party

Layer ELEVEN : Finish The Sentence

I love: Uncle Weeble and the way we laugh about everything under the sun.
I feel: Fat from all the food I've been taking lately.
I hate: nothing right now
I hide: under the comforter when he tickles me.
I miss: Being carefree, my long healthy hair...
I need: to start working on that ASs

Layer TWELVE : Tag 5 people

okie i'll tag those who i think are more semangat in updating their blogs...hehe
1. Ming Zi
2. Xin Yu
3. Robbstar
4. NatC
5. Valene
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censor the fucks

been a lil lazy lately with this blog. Life has been pretty blah and there's nothing much worth blogging about.


Grandma woke me up around 7 today...

Where are your keys?? i lost mine?? where? where?
huhh?? later la...
I need to go now!!!
my baggg....

She went to A famosa today with her friends.

yeah i know. she's more happening than me.

i got back into bed and was dreaming away today until there was this postman knocking on my door around 10. actually thought the knocking was from my dream...and by the time i got to my door, i heard the sound of his motor vroOoming away. Oops.

got back to my bed and not long after that and a msg came in.

are u awake and is leo back?

no and no.

then i continued sleeping till bout 12. got up and spent the whole day lazing around the house....

here are some of the pics in my cam...

pics from Sheryn's Birthday Party

Yup yup...spotlights on Sheryn alright. She was the Queen of the night.

Didn't take much pics this year, not like last year when everyone was much Higher and crazier.

Most of the pics taken that night were pretty awful...

because i was In the pics taken...not taking most of the pics ..ngehehe

This is a better one of the Glamours.

Next, camwhoring pics of weeblethehotbf and maobletheadorablegf

mwahaha love the lighting of this pic.

seee.... the perks of having a hotdonkeeposerbf who loves cam whoring just as much as i do. Rwar! *bites donkee*

Watched the Departed.

There were so many BIG names featured in this movie so i was excited to watch it. Leonardo Dicaprio is an awesome actor, loved his acting in the Aviator and this was not bad too. One thing i noticed, Matt Damon and him were kinda like in love with the same woman but they only chose Leo to film the Lurvee scene with her, when she is supposed to be Matt's official Gf in the movie. I bet thats cause Leo is more of Pro in Lurve scenes compared to Matt...i never recalled watching any Leonaro Dicaprio movie without Lurvee scenes of him and some other woman. Oh and i also realised Matt Damon's head is only as wide as his neck. haha. Jack Nicholson was awesome too as usual.

"The word "fuck" and its derivatives are said 237 times throughout the film" (, 2006)... and the Malaysian Film Censorship Board were soo damn good with details they made sure we hear the more civilised version of that word (nothing) those 237 times that word was mentioned. So touching to know that the censorship board cares so much for the morality of Malaysians. See, cause according to them, if we're not exposed to those awfully vulgar words...we won't know about them nor use them.

Its like a theory they created. Something similar to the "tabula rasa" theory, which states that every human enters this world in a "blank" state and we then pick up whatever culture, attitudes, laadeedaa from the world.

Senserkan penggunaan "Fuck" dalam filem-filem Barat = Masyarakat terlindung daripada pengaruh Barat yang tidak sihat = Penggunaan bahasa kasar tidak akan dibelajari = Masalah dan issue-issue sosial akan kurang = Masyarakat Malaysia akan lebih bermoral.


(how to say censor in Bm?...nvm they do this all the time right? creating odd spelling-ed english words and call them bahasa Melayu)

back to the movie,

it was cool despite all the censoring of the "fucks" and the pancungness following the make out scenes also....

UNTIL the ending. (to tell or not to tell?.....nvm everyone who intends to watch or who have watched it deserves(ed) to be pancung-ed)

Lets justs say i heard alot of "WHAT THE FUCKs!?!?!" at the end.

(alamak! matlamat Badan Censorship Filem tidak dapat dicapai! dan ehfot-ehfot [shit, how to say effort in BM?] yang telah diletakkan dalam "Senseran" filem ini telah disia-siakan.)


need to get hold of Infernal Affairs 1, 2 & 3. The original movie should be better and hopefully not so pancung-ing.
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i love google

I wonder how many other Michelle Tehs are there in this world??

noticed a few people reaching this site as a result from searching "Michelle Teh" on Google Search.

So i googled myself and found some other Michelle Tehs around...


oh well at least this site appeared FIRST on Google Search when u type "Michelle Teh" in the search bar.


unlike in Yahoo search...where i cant even be bothered to search for my blog's add there...

thats why i've always preferred Google Search over any other search engine mwahahhaa
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The night was spent chilling/karaoke-ing at cousin's place. Dad especially was hogging the
microphone. hehe it was qutie fun going out of tune "singing" songs like TRAGEDY!! and STAYING ALIVE hahaha...I'm sure cousin's neighbours were so pissed at us. Oops

Anyway watched this on Warner's comp and it got me laughing so hardddd...if u've watched this before then sorry la im abit outdated. hahaha

HELP students!!
pay attention to the second part of this vid, i think most of us can identify with that situation. HAHA enjoy :D

Cheers *winks*
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Dreadies are a year old!

Happy First Birthdae Dreadies!!

yup its been a year since my dearest bf started wearing dreadlocks and to celebrate this 1st birthday of dreadies, i'm gonna post an entry some of the myths of dreadlocks.

because it gets quite annoying when people out there who don't know anything about dreadlocks wanna start making silly stupid comments about dreads.

Dreadlocks are dirty and disgusting.

Bullshit! Dreadlocks can be just as clean or as dirty as normal hair, it of course depends on whether or not you keep them clean -_- Contrary to popular belief, dirt and debris actually makes it hard for dreads to form, unless you wanna get dreads the lazy/dirty/disgusting/way - not wash your hair for years and have em stuck onto each other forming chunks of shit-like looking... dreads, but of course that IS NOT the most appropriate way of getting your hair dreaded.

Dreadlocks cannot be washed.

Of course it CAN be washed, stupid! any kinda hair can be washed and dreads are no different. In fact, cleanliness is an important aspect in keeping dreadlocks in good condition as mentioned above. Just like normal hair, dreads can and should be washed at least twice a week to look good. Their appearance and condition depends on the maintenance and care given to them.

Dreadlocks are only worn by druggies and those who couldn't care less about their image.

so if you're bald u cant do drugs isit? Some blondie with curls to die for cannot do drugs isit? people who make this kinds statements seriously lack critical thinking skills. About the image part...did u all know that my bf owns more hair products than me? and he spends wayyyyyyy more time working on his dreads than i do on my hair? *blushes*

Dreadlocks stink.
Try not washing your hair for a week and tell me if it stinks, stupid. U don't wash of course stink la! but if you wash your hair would it stink? no right? unless if you're washing it in pee or poop. *cannotstandstupidpeople*

Having dreadlocks is a sign of devil worshipping.

Goodness!!! I can't say i know alot but this statement is utter bullshit. From the research that i've done, there seems to be nooo relation of dreadlocks and devil worshipping. In fact, some people in the olden days used to wear dreads to for spiritual purposes, "as a part of their vow or covenant of purity they would enter into with God" (, 2006).

As far as i know, Bob Marley was the one who introduced Dreadlocks to most of us (as in when people think of dreadlocks, they go... Bob Marley!)...and he praises God in his songs, taking scriptures from the bible as lyrics.

Whatever it is, i always believed that its what inside us that really matters when it comes to our personal relationship with God.

Found this
article that pretty much summarizes all the research that i've done about this topic and i totally agree with this

"Dreadlocks or no dreadlocks, the soul of the living being is what counts, everything else is decoration" (, 2006).

Does anyone have anything smart to say about this topic? Please correct me if im wrong.

*huggles baybee with a sense of achievement* did i miss out on anything?

I'd like to add that dreads bring out the musician in him. hehehe *squeals at baybee's gayaness*

And baybee says....

"Dreadlocks is not just a hairstyle, it's a lifestyle. It's not a hairstyle that comes overnight .. Or using other people's hair and glueing the shit to your own (known as extension) and saying it's dreads.

There are more meaning to Dreads then just having it on ur head and thinking "oh i look cool !" .. there are much more to just carrying Dreads around, certain physical practises of Rhastafari comes to mind, example : Patience.

So if anybody wants to get Dreads just to look cool, you might as well not do it... posers." (San, 2006)

while i say....if u wanna get dreads to look cool? head straight down to the nearby salon, get a clean clean shave or dye your head bright pink! mohawk also quite cool looking whut......HAHAHHAHA...-_-"
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missing the past

year 2004. missing the good old days.
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photoshop crashed :(

let me tell u why u are staring at such a picture with lousy lighting.


as in when i tried using it a few days automatically offed.

and when i tried using it automatically offed.


shall try it again tmr.

something tells me i shouldn't be staring at this laptop

oh yea cos i've mid terms tmr... -_- time to go stare at my textbook and notes.

*grabs donkee along to study desk and hugs donkee while attempting to study*
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i think im pms-ing.
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just being vain

i snapped a pic
i thought it looked damn cute
i wanted to post it up
but there were too many zittiezits around my face
and im sure there are readers of my blog with a weak heart (cannot stand my not-very-perfect skin)
so i erased them all with my stabilo eraser
and contenged abit on my pic with my swan markers
and embossed my pic with my signature b<3 z logo.

....then i posted it up on my blog


p/s - jinjang school is not that jinjang afterall.
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another family breaking apart.

=( don't know if this is reliable but if it's true then....*speechless* :(
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