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was deprived of the internet for 2 long days...but now its back! and i've finally got the chance to update this blog.

Everyone made a pack to blog about this....mwahaha

today during our break in between classes, while the-girl-who-is-leaving-for-UK left for the bathroom....

the rest of us cheeky kampung people (mua, tiff, yien, fung min, mel, beng and jonsern) played a prank on her. We left the table we were sitted at and went hide around the lift area of our block, making her think that we left her for our next class that is at L4. LOL i had such a hard time holding back my laughter while hiding...and i'm still laughing thinking of it! Poor gurl went all the way up to L4 from L2 and back to L2 searching all over for us haha...we even had her phone with us so she could not have contacted any of us...sorry yea *puppy eyes* don't get angry at us yea hehehe (yeah we are quite childish)

at least im trying to write about this as vague as possible :P

Grandma won second place in a cooking competition recently with the TRADEMARK Fruit Flan.

Her aunty friends claimed that grand's cake was much better than the MEE JAWA made by another aunty who won first. Anyways, grandma's won herself some cookware and stuff from Maggi....and now everyone's asking her to conduct classes on how to make her TRADEMARK cake.

on an unrelated note.


This is how a cow's tongue look like.

damn gross and huge right?

Took this with my phone while grocery shopping @ Giant. imagine how clear this pic would be if i took this pic with my camera...

i tried feeling the surface of the tongue THROUGH a plastic was damn rough. felt like those plastic brush bristles. According to one of the Giant staff, people actually buy these and BBQ em...*drops jaw*

SInce i've pstarted the gross pics galore, lets have more shall we?

this is how chicken backsides look like.

I've recently started using this phrase alot -

"XXX can stuff chicken asses down his/her throat!"

instead of cursing the normal way...hahahha so yeahhh to all the desperate/annoying/carbon paper-like/lame/no life humans out there....u can stuff these down your throat. i heard some people actually find chicken bishop noses very you might wanna try em out.

(im not picking on anyone ok! i would only say this to..let "says" (wong, 2006)....people who annoy me.)

i got sounded by another Giant staff after taking those pics...*grins*

on another totally unrelated note.

it has been raining so much these days....

and on yet another totally unrelated note.

i feel like i've just fallen in love with him all over again...

eneguebayweedonkeewhoisyourdreamguyakaMYbf and i...saved by each other.

and lastly another absolutely unrelated note.

this is the rubber snake my psy 102 group used during our presentation.

Garfield hates it.

Thats all for now...watching Tomorrow never dies.


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