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a relative has been admitted into UH recently. She had a wound on her leg and it needed to be attended to immediately because she's diabetic. Her fam sent her to UH hoping her doctors could follow up on her condition; however, she was only being attended to later that day...she waited a few hours in pain. Her fam got anxious after waiting half a day at the hospital and spoke to one of the docs. When the doctors finally got to her a FEW HOURS LATER, they decided that the skin on her foot has to be scraped off because the bacts has spreaded onto that area. After the surgery, she stayed in UH a few more days, and went home after making an appointment with the doc for a second surgery - to amputate 3 of her toes 2 weeks later. Today, she was in pain again and her fam sent her to SJMC instead of UH this time. The docs at SJMC suggested to amputate her leg off asap to prevent the bacts from spreading any further. She should be under operation now. sigh. i somehow couldn't understand how can the ppl at UH make an appointment with her 2 weeks later to amputate 3 of her toes while the ppl at SJMC said to amputate the whole leg immediately after attending to her. The bacts spreaded that fast to the whole leg knee below? and if bacts do spread that fast, how come she wasn't being attended to immediately at UH? With the speed of those bacts spreading, i doubt the only parts that need to be amputated 2 freaking weeks later won't be 3 toes only. Are the people at UH just plain inefficient or what? let people wait in pain.

Personally, i think the few hours wait when she just got to UH was what made her condition this bad. Aih.

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