was awesome

despite all the shit that took place earlier today.

will talk about that later.

for now, i MISS MY BAYBEEE!

and I'm not done with assignments yet...crap.
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I've got PLENTY MORE from where THAT came from.
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I wanttttt

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a sleepy person

An IQ question for the smart asses

Michelle sleeps for about 5 hours a day. Not necessarily 5 hours continuously but roughly 5 hours including naps.
She dreams 80% of the time when sleeping.

Michelle is awake about 19 out of the 24 hours in a day.
But she is mentally asleep for most of the 19 hours.
and during that time, she's probably day dreaming about becoming rich or just simply zoning out. she could even forget the gear in which her car is engaged in when driving.

Michelle is probably mentally awake for only a fraction out of the 19 hours being physically awake.
and during that few hours, she prolly spends about 2/3 of it on the internet doing unnecessary things. like disguising a blog entry of which she rants-about-having-not-enough-sleep with an IQ question.

Michelle wants to know how much of time a day she really spends resting, zoning out, being awake, being seriously alert. Basically, the pattern in which her 24 hours of a day is spent and also how this bad time management strategy she is currently employing could jeopardize her health to avoid that from happening.

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Kujo @ Timbre Singapore

So in accordance with the SEPEEKAH GOOD ENGRISH MOOFMANT in Singapore....

This was a few weeks back...and i couldn't go down to singapore with him :(


They got featured on Stomp! so go check em out k! I've even took the courtesy to highlight the sections in which they are featured on the site. pictures are clickable.

click, jangan tak click.

ok the whole point of this post is just to put up a vid of ONE of their many many performances that night and also a short interview of them, which got me LOL-ing so hard watching heeheehee

so......watch if u haven't already.

Its acoustic night so don't expect a knowa-headbanging-song *winks*

and you know which member of the band to look out for right?:D

The performance

The Interview

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what u did is what u get

my second stickman animation.
do onto others what you want others to do onto you.
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Violence is not the answer

My first stickman animation.

Violence is not the answer.
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uh oh! another song stuck in head

There There (The Bo ne y K i ng of No wh e re) by R a d i o h e a d

is officially stuck in my head like now Jason Castro's version of The Mariah Carey's "I don't wanna cry" was stuck in there!

thanks to whoo?? Huhh? Huhh?

who else but the owner of
exit-run...Who features bands (with quality songs of course but not necessarily new ) every Saturday.

Exit-Run's Review of There There :

I've been listening to this song for over 2 weeks now, I think I play it more than 3 times a day, on the first few days I played it non-stop maybe over 10 times. And I'm not sure how long more is it going to be on constant play on my Winamp.
It's crazy. It's creepy. It's beautifully creepy. "There There" gets inside you like no other song could. I get goosebumps listening to it.
The way the song progresses to the end.. Ah, orgasm. LOL.

Oh, those who like animations would sure like to watch the video too!

Kontradikcion also wanna review There There lo :

When i was first introduced to the song...i was like...hmmmm so so la. Then unconsciously i caught myself humming the tune of this song after since listening to it a few times later and also Live ;). The building up of the beats makes it so suited for an assignment-ing me! It sorta provides a momentum to me when working! like seriously! hohohohohoooo i layan the random title of the song too. I wonder how they named it...no i'm not gonna research on it although that'd be what i would do under Normal (stress free) circumstances.

they were prolly like...

drummer: what shall we name this shit?!

vocalist: dude, im like so outta ideas...

guitarist: *high* there ....there...

everyone else: Wtf??? you high or something??

guitarist: look there...i mean...there...there...there that boney king from nowhere..you see how he just came outta nowhere?

everyone else: wtf? confirm high

after another XX hours of discussing

bassist: I kinda like the boney king idea

guitarist: *still high* there......there....look at him.....*outrage* WHAT u LOoking at huHH you Boneyass you think you king or something?!?

vocalist: you're gone man. ....argh *contemplating* fuck it. "there there/ the boney king from nowhere" it is....I'm sick of cracking my head man.

everyone else except high guitarist: whatever man...there there...here here...here there....whatever man...

few months later

guitarist *SOBER* : WTF kinda title is this!?!? you guys can't even make a more decent title without me? damn!

---the end---

clap please.

if you're a R A D I O H E A D fan and you feel offended
please dun hate me , remember im just a bimbo with no much of knowledge bout this particular band coming up with a totally fictional story....about their very random (to me) song name.

uh oh gonna kena from baybee edi after he reads this...hurrrr hurrr hurrr *prepares cushioning for pokes*

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insecure sial

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exhausted can?

i hereby proclaim that....

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animated gif my blog will take forever to load


ok i spent half of my Saturday (my boring and uneventful but could have been used to finish my assignments Saturday) making my header into an animated GIF image. nothing fancy cos I'm still an amateur *peace*

i will conquer all those fancy programs soon! and make more fancy things for my fancy

btw i added cute on-the-boundary-of-being-considered-lala thingies on my blog so i'm guessing k o n t r a d i k c i o n will take FOREVER to load.


btw im feeling quite PISSED OFF.
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assignment blues

and i almost led an uncle to the ladies when he asked me for directions to the toilet.

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reverted back to old header

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cannot contain my anger


I've just stayed up till 3 am EVEN when i've got morning classes tmr to finish up the desperate housewives that I've missed so much and DAMN THE SEASON FINALE! now I'll be stuck with guessing what could have happened to one of the missing character and the NEW FELLA!!!

wtfffffffff happened 5 years later?? WHYYY?? WHYYY???

and i thought i could catch up with my series before concentrate on my work but looks like its not gonna work out cos i'd be so desperate for more Desperate housewivessssssssssss.....

new season should be in sept right?


I hate watching series
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another masterpiece of me lameness

First of all I'd like to thank Ching Ee for recommending me this awesome chinese website so that i could catch up with my drama series and movies! Took me quite AWHILE to figure out how to watch the shows because my chinese is so limited...sigh.

我的华语好像 四方形的球,被踢一脚它就滚一下 然后就不会滚了

wo de hua yu hao xiang si fang xing de qiu, bei ti yi xia ta jiu gun yi xia ran hou jiu bu ui zhai gun liao

*random people whispers* huh? wtf?

Obviously I'm not bothered if i made any sense at all by typing that! *peace*

i watched a few episodes of the TVB series I'm following in TV + Over her dead body + meet the spartans today!

i could finally watch my desperate housewives toooooo!! omggg...I'm so behind...


hee hee hee

The following will be statements directed at random people (who i think read my blog) who shall remain anonymous. you people know who you are!

so if u think I'm talking to you then reply me hhahahahhaha

have u made plans for the movie day yet? when are you leaving? I will need to plan for my merajuking and emo season.

28th confirm k! I really hope there won't be any last minute assignment/ exam related stuff to kacau me plans...will see u then!

you remember the other day you helped me search so hard for that old old journal??? I no longer need to refer to it BECAUSE lecturer commented that i (we as a group) have to take a different (correct) direction to researching for that assignment. boo!

I met aimishyew today you know you know and i'm still merajuking because i won't get to go singapore with u *merajuk*!!

okiee to the rest of the people reading, If you happen to be a random reader reaching my site as a result of researching about my uni....I totallly made that incident in the previous post up okie? =)

and if you didn't end up here by of chance... ... ... ... i ate 3 pieces of cream crackers earlier today. yeah, just thought u might wanna know.

I'm sorry but my mind is now screaming LAMEeeeeeeeeeee

~maybe she's born with it, maybe she's maybelame...

mood state: relaxed while knowing deep down inside that im supposed to be stressing.

Garnier..... Take care. (if u didn't get this, I'm mimicking the Garnier TV ad -___-)
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Extraordinary day

Today was just like any ordinary day where people like me would go to college...park my car at the main building and take the college shuttle buss over to KPD... oh wait! today was Wisma for classes...oh wait! wait! today was for exam.....


that would make today not that ordinary anymore wouldn't it.


so anyway i parked my car got up the bus, which was btw veryy veryy empty and so i was there sitting at me seat shivering a lil cos it was coldd in the bus.

took a glance behind my seat and i saw something similar to what that's illustrated below

( i don't draw well but u get the hint)

a guy grabbing the left boob of a girl, squeezing it and jiggling it all about *mind wanders off to hokey-pokey song* ...he does the hokey pokey and turns himself around thats what its all about...-__-"

i thought i made a mistake and took a second glance....

yes the boob of that young girl was still in the hands of the young man, and it was still jiggling.

so it thought to myself..big deal... students caress one another's private parts in H E L P buses all the time...... ... ... ...... er...... ... ..no..not that i've come across...NOT.

then i glanced some more ( hahahhahaha 88888)
this time i saw his head tilted downwards and heard *muax muax muax muax* sounds. i did not witness no boob grabbing this time because the chairs were blocking my view (damn!) but i did notice that the position of his arm did not differ much from before...

moments later i took ANOTHER glance and saw that his hands went lower beyond her boobs....

(this is where u'll start going O___________O)

to her tummy.

oh btw the girl was happily giggling away throughout the journey to the other blocks.

em yeah.

today was an ordinarily extraordinary day.

no not because of what's happened in the bus but because i got to spend about half the day with my baybeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee! (it's been so long!) *happyhappyjoyjoy* and also because mid terms is over. heee.


My group's poster (along with Tiffany and Belle) won best poster presentation for PSY303 Counseling Class! so freaking proud and my ink didn't go to waste producing that poster hahaha.....

too bad the lecturers didn't announce this last sem (PSY303 was a subject from my previous semester) during the price giving ceremony of research colloquium where i remember sitting there in the hall anticipating to receive some sort of token of appreciation for my hard work last sem in terms of oral presentation and poster presentations BUT NEVER GOTTEN ANY!.....until now ....*beams*

yes this poster :) much prettier in person



i better stop here before i start typing gibberish. (baybee knows how capable i am of doing it when i'm sleepy lol)

the end.
night night.
get yourself some pink pajamas just because.
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so smart i just had to pen this down

for a moment today....

I Felt that I'm freaking smart because I decided to finally get my ass up and fill up my petrol tank before i even heard about any fuel price hike rumours.

I've been procrastinating to go pump petrol since last saturday and today i suddenly had that urge to get out of the house for awhile in the afternoon to feed wong kam kam cos i gotta be riding in it tmr.

I am very smart because when my parents dropped by the petrol station at around 8 pm


They had to wait for An hour and 15 minutes to fill up their car tanks!

iamdamnsmart hahahhahahaha!!!

and also damn distracted. was supposed to be checking out the textbook companion site to prepare for a paper IN LESS THAN 12 HOURS and here i am...typing away....

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0% on an Overall Similarity (plagiarism) assessment of my assignment could only mean....

1) I've written a 100% original paper
2) My english is so horrijiber the system cant find anything similar to any online sites or wherever
3) I've written a whole lot of crap because none matches anything from any sources...

what else could it mean?

feeling insecure...
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