Extraordinary day

Today was just like any ordinary day where people like me would go to college...park my car at the main building and take the college shuttle buss over to KPD... oh wait! today was Wisma for classes...oh wait! wait! today was for exam.....


that would make today not that ordinary anymore wouldn't it.


so anyway i parked my car got up the bus, which was btw veryy veryy empty and so i was there sitting at me seat shivering a lil cos it was coldd in the bus.

took a glance behind my seat and i saw something similar to what that's illustrated below

( i don't draw well but u get the hint)

a guy grabbing the left boob of a girl, squeezing it and jiggling it all about *mind wanders off to hokey-pokey song* ...he does the hokey pokey and turns himself around thats what its all about...-__-"

i thought i made a mistake and took a second glance....

yes the boob of that young girl was still in the hands of the young man, and it was still jiggling.

so it thought to myself..big deal... students caress one another's private parts in H E L P buses all the time...... ... ... ...... er...... ... ..no..not that i've come across...NOT.

then i glanced some more ( hahahhahaha 88888)
this time i saw his head tilted downwards and heard *muax muax muax muax* sounds. i did not witness no boob grabbing this time because the chairs were blocking my view (damn!) but i did notice that the position of his arm did not differ much from before...

moments later i took ANOTHER glance and saw that his hands went lower beyond her boobs....

(this is where u'll start going O___________O)

to her tummy.

oh btw the girl was happily giggling away throughout the journey to the other blocks.

em yeah.

today was an ordinarily extraordinary day.

no not because of what's happened in the bus but because i got to spend about half the day with my baybeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee! (it's been so long!) *happyhappyjoyjoy* and also because mid terms is over. heee.


My group's poster (along with Tiffany and Belle) won best poster presentation for PSY303 Counseling Class! so freaking proud and my ink didn't go to waste producing that poster hahaha.....

too bad the lecturers didn't announce this last sem (PSY303 was a subject from my previous semester) during the price giving ceremony of research colloquium where i remember sitting there in the hall anticipating to receive some sort of token of appreciation for my hard work last sem in terms of oral presentation and poster presentations BUT NEVER GOTTEN ANY!.....until now ....*beams*

yes this poster :) much prettier in person



i better stop here before i start typing gibberish. (baybee knows how capable i am of doing it when i'm sleepy lol)

the end.
night night.
get yourself some pink pajamas just because.

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