Kujo @ Timbre Singapore

So in accordance with the SEPEEKAH GOOD ENGRISH MOOFMANT in Singapore....

*flips hair*

My Baybee's band... (not Knowa you know ah!)...its his other band, K U J O.

*flips hair somemore*

kinda got...ya' know...INVITED....

*flips more hair*

to perform

*resorts to posing in front of a stand fan for more effect*

at their Rock Your World concert/gig/night @ Timbre Singapore.

Nothing major *continues posing* hmm they prolly performed like ..*starts counting with fingers* a handful...wait its 2 handful of songs....so that makes 10.

This was a few weeks back...and i couldn't go down to singapore with him :(


They got featured on Stomp! so go check em out k! I've even took the courtesy to highlight the sections in which they are featured on the site. pictures are clickable.

click, jangan tak click.

ok the whole point of this post is just to put up a vid of ONE of their many many performances that night and also a short interview of them, which got me LOL-ing so hard watching heeheehee

so......watch if u haven't already.

Its acoustic night so don't expect a knowa-headbanging-song *winks*

and you know which member of the band to look out for right?:D

The performance

The Interview

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