I wanttttt

  • that laptop computer + wacom in one
  • that awesome cameraaaaa
  • that pair of sexyyy sexyyyyyy oxfords but its so freaking hard to get one in my size in Msia :(
  • more accesories!!! I'm getting sick looking into my boring ol wardrobe.
  • income to get my random ideas into reality
  • to lose weight....
  • to ace that presentation, shut that piece of cracker up.
  • to not be fussing about ma thesis.
  • to splurge on food and clothes!

btw. another rare sight in Uni.

girl wearing a piece of handkerchief as a top to college.

from the front it looks like the top was just a piece of cloth hanging in front of her.

and from the back....think only a thin line (about half an inch wide) across her waist from the back ( like the back view of a person wearing a bikini)

and from the side profile...i could see a view somewhat similar to this.

of course it was not THIS obscene.

I know its damn hot lately but....i just wonder what kinda "look" she was trying to go for

sexy? slutty? or plain gila babi?

okok whatever

i'm just being jealous that she's got the guts to dress like that to uni....*pauses* heh.

ok now i'm being called conservativeeee.....

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