uh oh! another song stuck in head

There There (The Bo ne y K i ng of No wh e re) by R a d i o h e a d

is officially stuck in my head like now Jason Castro's version of The Mariah Carey's "I don't wanna cry" was stuck in there!

thanks to whoo?? Huhh? Huhh?

who else but the owner of exit-run...Who features bands (with quality songs
of course but not necessarily new ) every Saturday.

Exit-Run's Review of There There :

I've been listening to this song for over 2 weeks now, I think I play it more than 3 times a day, on the first few days I played it non-stop maybe over 10 times. And I'm not sure how long more is it going to be on constant play on my Winamp.
It's crazy. It's creepy. It's beautifully creepy. "There There" gets inside you like no other song could. I get goosebumps listening to it.
The way the song progresses to the end.. Ah, orgasm. LOL.

Oh, those who like animations would sure like to watch the video too!

Kontradikcion also wanna review There There lo :

When i was first introduced to the song...i was like...hmmmm so so la. Then unconsciously i caught myself humming the tune of this song after since listening to it a few times later and also Live ;). The building up of the beats makes it so suited for an assignment-ing me! It sorta provides a momentum to me when working! like seriously! hohohohohoooo i layan the random title of the song too. I wonder how they named it...no i'm not gonna research on it although that'd be what i would do under Normal (stress free) circumstances.

they were prolly like...

drummer: what shall we name this shit?!

vocalist: dude, im like so outta ideas...

guitarist: *high* there ....there...

everyone else: Wtf??? you high or something??

guitarist: look there...i mean...there...there...there that boney king from nowhere..you see how he just came outta nowhere?

everyone else: wtf? confirm high

after another XX hours of discussing

bassist: I kinda like the boney king idea

guitarist: *still high* there......there....look at him.....*outrage* WHAT u LOoking at huHH you Boneyass you think you king or something?!?

vocalist: you're gone man. ....argh *contemplating* fuck it. "there there/ the boney king from nowhere" it is....I'm sick of cracking my head man.

everyone else except high guitarist: whatever man...there there...here here...here there....whatever man...

few months later

guitarist *SOBER* : WTF kinda title is this!?!? you guys can't even make a more decent title without me? damn!

---the end---

clap please.

if you're a R A D I O H E A D fan and you feel offended
please dun hate me , remember im just a bimbo with no much of knowledge bout this particular band coming up with a totally fictional story....about their very random (to me) song name.

uh oh gonna kena from baybee edi after he reads this...hurrrr hurrr hurrr *prepares cushioning for pokes*

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