another masterpiece of me lameness

First of all I'd like to thank Ching Ee for recommending me this awesome chinese website so that i could catch up with my drama series and movies! Took me quite AWHILE to figure out how to watch the shows because my chinese is so limited...sigh.

我的华语好像 四方形的球,被踢一脚它就滚一下 然后就不会滚了

wo de hua yu hao xiang si fang xing de qiu, bei ti yi xia ta jiu gun yi xia ran hou jiu bu ui zhai gun liao

*random people whispers* huh? wtf?

Obviously I'm not bothered if i made any sense at all by typing that! *peace*

i watched a few episodes of the TVB series I'm following in TV + Over her dead body + meet the spartans today!

i could finally watch my desperate housewives toooooo!! omggg...I'm so behind...


hee hee hee

The following will be statements directed at random people (who i think read my blog) who shall remain anonymous. you people know who you are!

so if u think I'm talking to you then reply me hhahahahhaha

have u made plans for the movie day yet? when are you leaving? I will need to plan for my merajuking and emo season.

28th confirm k! I really hope there won't be any last minute assignment/ exam related stuff to kacau me plans...will see u then!

you remember the other day you helped me search so hard for that old old journal??? I no longer need to refer to it BECAUSE lecturer commented that i (we as a group) have to take a different (correct) direction to researching for that assignment. boo!

I met aimishyew today you know you know and i'm still merajuking because i won't get to go singapore with u *merajuk*!!

okiee to the rest of the people reading, If you happen to be a random reader reaching my site as a result of researching about my uni....I totallly made that incident in the previous post up okie? =)

and if you didn't end up here by of chance... ... ... ... i ate 3 pieces of cream crackers earlier today. yeah, just thought u might wanna know.

I'm sorry but my mind is now screaming LAMEeeeeeeeeeee

~maybe she's born with it, maybe she's maybelame...

mood state: relaxed while knowing deep down inside that im supposed to be stressing.

Garnier..... Take care. (if u didn't get this, I'm mimicking the Garnier TV ad -___-)

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