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It feels so weird to be typing in this page...nothing about blogging seems familiar anymore.

Its so strange to think how i used to be so comfortable writing about my life, my stories and putting up pictures (some pretty shameless) about everything little detail of my life. Gone were those days.

The reason for my 2month hiatus was because i was so busy working on
I procrastinated learning how to build a website until in March where i finally got my ass into working on the site. It was a fulfilling experience and I'm kinda happy i managed to finally get it done all by myself of course with some help from my most reliable person in my life. I love how he was able to give the site one final touch and made it close to my perfectly imagined site.

Gotten mixed comments from visitors of the site, some said its pretty some said messy some said its very easy to navigate while others also said it was confusing. The homepage was envisioned to be like a mag cover, hence the messy designs and words all over the page. I really wanted it to be something different, not too serious and most importantly fun to look at and navigating through. I'm not one of those fond of conventional columned websites with a header and sidebars laa dee daa...so what i can hope is for people to except and embrace something new and originally mine.

Mmm so yea...that would be i think the most interesting part of my life upon graduation - Building my first website.

The second most interesting part of my life upon graduation would be, I'm finally starting to look for a proper job. (How interesting) yes i figured...no actually i knew from the start that i would be needing much more resources that i now have for me to pursue whatever business venture i intend to in future.

Everyone around me is so worried because I'm not working yet and honestly i kinda despise the tone of voice of some people when they say "Still no job ah?" or " Still not working ah?" or "Still lazing around ah?" but i just brush off my sensitivity and reply them with a soft laugh *ha haha~* yeah lor! ........... I think people think of me as having a problem for not looking for a job especially in these "bad times" but honestly...I know what I'm getting myself into.

LOL btw My granny asks on average 3 times a day "Has any company replied?"
*when i get outta bed* - see your computer, got reply or not?
*when i get outta the toilet* - see your computer, got reply or not?
*when i'm watching the television* - aih...seee your computer..

Who knew (heh) looking for a job could be so troublesome...I'm getting offers for positions i did not apply for and positions i would never take up. ........Am i just being too picky? sigh.

Anyway. I've been looking at my old pictures for the past hour and really miss having my closer friends around...:*(

My primary school mates - Wern Ai, Suzz when will we be meeting up again? I'm so proud of you girls, wern ai...watching your first podcast and suzz for being who you are...wish i was half as knowledgable and well read as you girls...miss u all =(

My highschool buddies - Vat, Wen, Yeen, Jac, Shan, Aza I miss spending time with each one of you...sigh...we've all grown up so fast...seems like yesterday when we were all still in our uniforms hanging out during recess and gossiping in class. Aiyo damn emo...

Glamours - Andrea, Sheryn, Adelene, Vern may Thank you all for the wonderful memories in college...miss those times so much =) emooo....

My unimates - Belle, Tiff, Vernmay, Zi and Min just saw you girls recently but miss you all already...I miss having jaw aches and unstoppable period flow whenever laughing with u girls la! To those working, try not to be too stressed up! (Carry air freshener with you!) To those who just gotten into relationships...I'm so happy for you! To those holidaying (in UK and in Rawang) Enjoy your much deserved break and i miss you girls so much!!!

and also to the few of who could finally cross out all assignment and exam dates from your calender Mike, Belle, Yips, Beng and You Ming. Congratulations! and I can't wait to catch up with you guys =) to Jonsern, sorry ah quite busy to chat lately hehe hope you're perfecting the art of brewing and will make me one someday! and Grace, nice catching up with you again, I'm proud of how much you've changed in a good way.

SIGH. so emo....gonna be more emo cum Monday as my bestest best friend and partner in everything i do will start to be busy. *sobs* I'm gonna miss our carefree days together for the past 4 whole years. I'm trully blessed having you in my life baybee...thank you for being with me and just layaning all my nonsense when I'm claiming to be acting cute hehehehehhee only you would know what I'm talking about. I love you. I love loving you!

*wipes little tear off corner of eyes*



Why sound like suicide note wan...CHOI! *hugs woods*

Night night whoever who still reads this blog.

I can't be bothered to reread this emo post to check for typos and grammatical errors so just correct it yourself in your head thank you your welcome no problem bye bye.

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