a crappy ending

who on earth would write a six page article on ethics and conclude it this way?


Ethics is important. They make us better doctors in both clinical and forensic situations, and their absence causes problems for all concerned.

...yeah thats it.

and who on earth would consider such an article "important" for a final exam paper?



F R A N K ly...i think students could write and conclude their papers better.

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I might need a new identity

do we really have so much in common or are you copying me?

I've notice (some other people have too) this more than once.

Inadvertent plagiarism maybe?

Well, i hope it is because secretly reading other people's blog, stealing their ideas CONSCIOUSLY and then pulling it off as yours is.....

making yourself look very s t u p i d.

i appreciate you admiring what i do but please go develop your own identity.

eh you might as well take over maintaining my blog la since i'm so busy and we're so alike and all right?


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just when i was feeling all moody and hopeless...

and bored of doing what i was doing...

mummy handed me a lil something that made me grin from my telinga kanan to my telinga kiri.

a letter from

walaupun jakun sikit, she's still the ming zi we all missssssssssssssssss....

*bounces around room waving letter in hand and proceeds to reading it*



hARH? really??







miss u too...

*wipes tear off cheeks*

Dearestttt zi zi i know you like to tulis panjang lebar to practice your writing but i think its about time you balik kampung to practice your speech & drama with us!

ah wim bah weh ah wim bah wah?

don't forget to drag penang princess back here too because we sayang her alot tooo

we are waiting......

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bought something new

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random baby food craving

The rain makes 1:14 pm feel like 10 am and that is why I'm not stressing out at the fact that HALF of the day is GONE already and i have YET to pick up that book *points to textbook* and those notes *points to pile of notes* to read *puts on a nerdy look while adjusting specs*

having too much of "proper" work to do have refrained me from playing around with designing crap like what i used to enjoy doing. Was looking through my highschool sketch/rubbish book and i felt a lil...just a lil impressed by the stuff i use to doodle. Then i looked through my notes from the highschool (yes i still have some of them), and in terms of my past notes...i was very impressed.

history class was more like art class to me. gila.

one of the doodle books i used to make out of used A4s JUST for fun.

one of my kemahiran hidup assignments that i still have. I remember being praised by my not so sweet smelling teacher when i handed this in for placing the lace very "creatively"..lol

those were the days when i had so much of free time.


i find myself regressing back to the earlier stages of me life..because...

Im craving for RUSKS!!!

GWAAAAaa i waanttttt!

*snatches rusk biscuit off random baby*


CRAP. whats happening to me? I used to love eating these and would bug mummy to buy these for me...even when i was still in secondary school. =) i love biting rusks because of its texture and its faint hints of flavour....and i'm officially drooling.

While searching for baby rusks pictures, i found that apparently alot of celebs like jennifer aniston, reese witherspoon and marcia cross (BREE from Desperate Housewives!!) wenr on Baby Food Diet. Meaning, to substitute normal daily food with baby food...er...those from the lil jars.

i cannot stop lol-ing at that!


now how did i go from talkin about my highschool work to baby food again...

I never fail to amaze myself with my randomness.

btw i'm singing out loud to BSB.

ANWAY. the whole point of this post was just to rant about me feeling all bored and lacking in creativity.


yeah thats about it.

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its 2:22 am and I'm still grinning at the bargains i got today from THREADSZOO @ Plaza TTDI.

i wish i had more patience to go dig around the awesome goodies though. no worries i'm sure there will always be a next time.

Im sooo gonna be heading to more events like these!!
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taken forgranted.

and its pissing off.
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Pranks and stuff

What is the ultimate April's Fool prank you've ever pulled on anyone?

or the worst that u've ever experience???

i think these girls prolly experienced their worst in the vid!
i know i wud be traumatized for life!

this is another vid with humans and orangutans...watched this movie yesterday and this particular scene was damn funny!

(bee! this is the scene i was tellin u bout! :D)

Dunston Checks in.

eww eww eww!
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Guilford SOI, Shilpa Lee

According to Guilford's Struture of Intellect (SOI), individuals have a range of 180 types of different mental abilities.

Each type of mental ability is represented with one cube from this beautiful-pieace-of-art aka my assignment with ms tiff and belle.

each cube consists of 3 different dimensions that makes up an individual's mental ability

they are

operations - generally the type of intellectual process (eg. cognition, evaluation, memory)

content - the area in which intellectual processes are applied onto (eg. visual, auditory, semantic)

productions - the result of one applying a certain type of operation on a particular content (eg. units, classes, relations, transformations)

so, with the existence of 180 types of mental ability as Guilford proposes, it is simply impossible for one to be strong is all these 180 areas.

for example, you might be one who is very good at math, so good you qualified Oxford at the age of 12....but at the same time you might not be one who is able to bear situations you face in life.

taken from http://www.newsoftheworld.co.uk/3003_hooker.shtml

Ms Sufiah Yusof (aka Shilpa Lee), once a math prodigy and pride of Malaysians....

now....a hooker charging 130 pounds an hour for her services.

Reading the story about her and how she ended u being who she is now really made me a lil heavier.

The things she went through with her parent's constant pressure on her to EXCEL in math paid off in a way, but it caused so much of trauma to her that she had to runaway from them. Then came the failed marriage of hers for only 13 months.

laa dee daaa....laa deee dehh

she ends up selling herself online.

Ego defense mechanism?

If u have no idea who i'm talking about click here.

..cos I'm too lazy to summarize everything.


done reading??

sad anot???


I wonder if Gerard would use this as his case study for the finals.

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