Guilford SOI, Shilpa Lee

According to Guilford's Struture of Intellect (SOI), individuals have a range of 180 types of different mental abilities.

Each type of mental ability is represented with one cube from this beautiful-pieace-of-art aka my assignment with ms tiff and belle.

each cube consists of 3 different dimensions that makes up an individual's mental ability

they are

operations - generally the type of intellectual process (eg. cognition, evaluation, memory)

content - the area in which intellectual processes are applied onto (eg. visual, auditory, semantic)

productions - the result of one applying a certain type of operation on a particular content (eg. units, classes, relations, transformations)

so, with the existence of 180 types of mental ability as Guilford proposes, it is simply impossible for one to be strong is all these 180 areas.

for example, you might be one who is very good at math, so good you qualified Oxford at the age of 12....but at the same time you might not be one who is able to bear situations you face in life.

taken from

Ms Sufiah Yusof (aka Shilpa Lee), once a math prodigy and pride of Malaysians....

now....a hooker charging 130 pounds an hour for her services.

Reading the story about her and how she ended u being who she is now really made me a lil heavier.

The things she went through with her parent's constant pressure on her to EXCEL in math paid off in a way, but it caused so much of trauma to her that she had to runaway from them. Then came the failed marriage of hers for only 13 months.

laa dee daaa....laa deee dehh

she ends up selling herself online.

Ego defense mechanism?

If u have no idea who i'm talking about click here.

..cos I'm too lazy to summarize everything.


done reading??

sad anot???


I wonder if Gerard would use this as his case study for the finals.

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