cannot stand hip hop these days



lousy lyrics
lousy beats


and those singers look freaking horrible!!!


just an example to illustrate how much i can't stand it

i was watching tv in my hall, laptop is chargin in my study room

i got up immediately once the chorus to this LOUSY song started and came right in here JUST to say how annoyed am i at that song.

omg weih!!!

[since im here now i might as well update abit?]

im gonna be indulging in some less annoying (to me) music that i loved during teenage years tmr live...

lalalalalala~ not exactly an update yea? hehe let me put up some pictures......

of myself :)

camwhoring with wong kam kam (or wong gee gam). I like to treat my objects of possessions as friends.


malas nak edit.

so sad. yet so true.

been a long time since i camwhored with other human beings

speaking of being (feeling) antisocial

i'm starin at one of my friend's PM on msn and it says

"the more people i meet, the more i love my dog"

and then i came to a sudden realization. I gotta stop being antisocial because im not even an animal lover!!!

now im feeling sad also because glamours didnt take any pictures today :(

(shit another hipy hoppy dee doo doo song is playing on tv!!...yes my tv is still on)

i will just post up some more random stuff and ciao off soon....but i can't sleep yet because my nails are not properly dried yet.

ok random stuff are as follow.

erinn and i during our "girly day out 1"
from from girly day out 2 are still in my card...

my lovely cousins...

i love my cousins because we do the silliest things together.

for example during Christmas lunch.

warner: *hands mnda, leonard and i each a mini tart* see who can last longest without eating it! the one who can tahan wins!

me : bwahhaha im sure gonna win because im not a dessert person!

so four of us where squeezin at the backseat with our tarts.

mnda ate hers first
followed by warner
then my brother.

I won!

me: [few hours later] I WON!!!!! so what do i get???

everyone else: the tart la!


im so clumsy when it comes to painting nails. how i wish i could be neater...and more patient when it comes to drying the polish...

i think i ruined my right index finger.

no wait... i confirm ruined it.


this is how i waste my time.
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dusty laptop

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Random Pictures i found sitting in my folders :)

This is my spanish rice.

my lunchbox. Added ingredient in conjunction with CNY - BA GUAAAA (dried meat) hahaha

My barista of a brother wanted Lunch too.

so this is his.

compare the size. LOL

a self portrait in case I'm being forgotten...

all pictures are taken using my N95. Haven't being using my camera for very long. I miss using it but am too lazy to carry it around.


Happy Chinese New Year!!!
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Rollin Rollin Rollin

SOMEhow SOMEtimes i can NEVER stop rolling my eyes whenever i visit certain sites (personal) on the WWW.

whatever it is, whether i find people being ridiculously idiotic talking about the things they were talking about.

ORRRRrr people i think and feel that have became very similar to *ahem* me (or other people).

nvm nvm nvm its just COINCIDENTAL i guess.

so what i'd do is try to withhold any further comments about the things they do......lo


and the eyes go Rollin Rollin Rollin...............
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so he speaks

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antisocial me

i've got a gun.

antisocial mode : on
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