post exam part II

Part II
so after all the eating at fondue house, we went on to mont kiara for the flea market...left some of the cars at the parking area near fondue house and headed to mont kiara in mike and beng tack, and yien's car...Mike's car boot got a lil hyper, it kept flingin open whenever we crossed any bumps hahaha ( i believe it was because of the passengers..bisingggg!!!)

upon arriving...we walked around the place for bout 1/2 hour i think and finally decided on havin dinner (proper dinner) at Sarpino's pizzeria...runner-up choice for dinner was mcD's -_____-
then we had our pizzas (they were awesome btw)

finally took a group photo after being pestered by grace throughout dinner...then after lookin at the group photo, we noticed an awkward gap between vern may n my place so i made a joke saying something was sittin there beside us..this joke was actually related to what tiffany told us way back in march about her brother's friend's weird encounter with ghosts...

im just gona summarize the story here ok...5 girls went red-boxing (haha) around 1 am at lowyat, done sing, asked for the bill, they were charged for 6 pax, they spoke to the people at red box, then they were showed the cctv filmin them in their room and there was a 6th girl sitting right at a corner looking very sad and lonely....hmmm

hahaha nvm in this pic that "girl" was obviously not there but some odd lookin dude was :O

after dinner was shopping time at the bazaar..

but instead of shopping i wandered around the place myself started taking alot of pictures of the place..cos the lights were so pretty >.< ...ooh i took a pic of this girl standin by the fountain and edited it :D comments? (edited: gene said it's cool!!! but abit creepy!!) iman said it looks nice but scary..but nice hahahaha the others were bz posing for the cameras around the fountain..see those human figures at the side...its them! the psycho students from HELP :D ( i wished they werent in this pic though..hmmm mebe ill just edit them off later hehe) didnt get to walk around much as it started to we had no choice but to head back (potong ler). Tiffany stayed and waited for her mum to pick her...

while the rest of us head back to our cars...
hmm yeah so thats about it...the night was fun cos its not very often at all that we get to spend time together outside Uni, the food, the laughs, the jokes, the gossiping, will never be forgotten...Thank your guys (if any of u are reading this) for making that night a memorable one :D see you guys next sem! haha
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pre and post exam

one last paper to go....ONE LAST PAPER TO last paper to go...

therefore i gathered my accesories and started (attempted to start) studying...

just then i noticed how pretty my stationeries looked....and...

HA. HA. HA. i heard u say....:p

the last paper was not toooooooooooooo bad...would love to thank Dr. Goh for setting such a manageable paper hehehehe :)

anyways the long planned mission to makan @ THE fondue house has finally been executed and accomplished on this glorious day :D the food was awesome but i somehow prefered the cheese fondue to the chocolate...maybe it's because i prefer savoury food to sweet stuff

7 cars convoyed to THE fondue house and the journey was so much fun *laughs* tiffany kept exclaiming at the backseat of vmay's car

"SOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO CUTEE!!!!! *in a very high pitched voice* SOOoO CUTeeE all the cars following each other!!!! you Seee!!"

while vmay kept going

"why are all these people driving so slow...-_-"

and i was just...laughing as usual :) hehe well some of them missed a traffic light on the way so vmay (the leading car) had to stop near Cristros to wait for the rest of them...we waited for quite a bit but i had a lil chat with baybee over the phone while waiting :)

my first impression of the place was not very erm good simply because of the cheapskate (to me la) banner and design of their logo...but the interior was not so bad la just that the doors were abit weird, you'd have to hold on to them really hard or else they'd swing and bang u on your way in (or out).

(OK i think i know now why i prefered the cheese fondue...see right there under "FONDUE" , it says tasty steamy i think they are more specialised in cheese fondues)

but anyways who cares if the outside looked cheapskate, its the food that counts..or to be more precise its the FONDues that count then we entered the shop and were given customer service fit for royalty...ok no la i was just being lame, but we were greated by a friendly lady and that was good enough :)
the selection of food there were pretty appealing...but the prices would be slighty expensive if you were dining there alone or with someone else. So my advice would be to go in a big group, preferbly an even number in the group so splittin up of money would be so much more simpler and if possible find someone with a was it a master's card? to dine there with you, coz they have discounts :)

we took our own sweet usual.....

then the food arrived *flashesback and drools*
then came the cheese fondue...
and straight into our mouths...,mmmmmmmmmmmm

and they all lived happily ever after...
hahhahaa nayhh...still have loads more to post but am getting sleepy so...thats all for now :)

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