reading back that post of mine a few months ago has made me.....

......LAUGHHHHHHHHHHhhhhhhhHHHhhhhhh hahhhahHha

............I love my FRIENDS

.......And sorry if ive ever hurt you guys in any way

anyways, will be assignments-freeee and exams-freee the next month woOOhooo~! (finally it's my turn to have holidayssss) *claps and jumps excitedly* so i guess i'll start blogging again :D

ooh btw i've been collecting papercuts from my exam papers :S one from social & business comm and another one from quantitative methods...weird innit??..NO not weird at all...i guess i was just too nervous during my papers...whatever

shall not get so excited about it first cos i have NO IDEa how long will i still be in the mood to maintain this lil bloggie of mine..hehe

did a little studying (and yes picture taking) in the library @ the Subang Jaya National Golf Club last saturday...

loved the pictures we took that day but i'd be so lame if i posted all of em up on friendster...SOOOOOOO had some fun with microsoft photodraw and the almighty photoshop (im still an amatuer at it that is why i still need my good old buddy microsoft photodraw >.<)

the pic turned out quite cute...i think hehe (screw proper english) :P

shall go study for my last paper now...buhbyee

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