my piggy

Hows the CNY celebration going?

piggy and i look alike

Mine has been GREAT especially with all the fineee food i've been stuffing down my mulut *rubs tummy*

the second part of my Mid Terms will start next week and because of that I'll let my cute lil piggy steal some of my limelight around here first...

Piggy: "because it's MYYY yearr!"


on an unrelated note,

I pity my printer for having to go through all those hardcore printing marathons...*hugs and sayangs my bubble-jet*

To all the psycho people reading this...GO STUDY!!!! bwahahaha!!..... -_-
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I'm It

Ahhh stressed!!! I got tagged by Ms NatH erm i mean NatC + Mr Daniel Ho (your bm power la!) *winks* and my dearest Ms Ming Ziiiiiiiii

so here goes

Each player of this game starts off with ten weird things or habits or little known facts about yourself. People who get tagged must write in a blog of their own ten weird things or habits or little known facts as well as state this rule clearly. At the end you must choose six people to be tagged and list their names. No tagbacks!

*squeezes brain juice*

1. i edit my pictures or do whatever using the trackpad and not the mouse *winks*

2. i'm quite observant...even when i put on a blur face sometimes.

3. i actually like it when i know there are people out there who dislike/hate me.

4. i hum or sing nursery rhymes when i'm with boogene baybee or when i'm alone and i miss him.

5. i smile to myself when i look into the mirror *shy*..and sometimes i even go "Hey wassup?" *shy shy shy*

6. i laugh extremely loud during foot reflexologies because i'm just too damn ticklish!

7. my maggi noodles are always 3/4 well...not well done hehe cos i like the crunchhh.

8. i like to imitate the voices of those tele operators, machines..especially those ticket machines. I always go "please pay the amount shown on the display"..."please remove your ticket" in some weird accent whenever paying for parking at 1u.

9. when boogene asks "what are u doing?" or "what have u been doing?" i'll go bounce bounce and start singing "i've been chilling at the Holiday Inn~" OR...When asked whats the time? i normally go "2:47" without even checking

10. i like eating raw garlic because it makes my skin look good (serious! clear skin after eating garlic) but i've stayed away from it cos...shyyy la *squints*...that's why my skin is so bad now..

Meee-shall tags people my other fellow bloggers have yet to kacau :P and people who i think might layan tags...

1. e n e g u e the donkeee who is a donkee =h
2. pei shan the best buddy i miss.
3. soo wen the crappy one i heart.
4. suzzane the tall and intellectual one who i also miss crapping with.
5. jaclyn the garfield who is a future journalist :P
6. anna teoh the adowable one who has a very interesting blog to read :D
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Friendster doing their part in fostering new friendships

What is wrong is Friendster users these days?

Someone i don't know tried adding me on friendster...and i normally don't entertain ppl who i don't know in life trying to add me on as usual *hits decline request button*

Few days later...the same person tried adding me again...and i thought to myself "Wow! she really wants to be my friend huh?" but still too malas to layan actually it's cos the person is some lala mui *squints* err yeah la so *hits decline request button*

Then few minutes before i started typing this... i logged in to Friendster and there it was again THAT Friend Request


got people so thick skinned one er?

i know there are some girls out there who are thick skinned enough to send repeated friend requests to a GUY even when she got declined before...BUT i really don't see a point why that girl is trying so hard to add me on her's not like she's even sincere or something.

In sincere i mean by at least sending a message saying not just

"hIE! CaNz wE mAkeSs a fRIenDShIp?"

(urgh i hate people who type like that! its so 2002! damn.. i was actually one of those who thought typing lIkE tHiS could make my testimonials to my friends more decorated... -_- Don't u dare laugh! as if u weren't one of those people :P...anyways we've all grown up RIGHT?)

Where was i...Oh but something like

"hiE! I aM XXX and i aM tRyiNg to cOmp3te with My fri3nd XXX tO ge+ moR3 FRiEnds On friEnds+er! sO can u PLeasE h3Lp m3 by aCc3pting th3 ADd?? I wiLL thAnK yOu d3! MuAcKs~"

( hate those who refer to friends request as "the ADD"and their friendster page as "my friendster website")

HAHAHa nayh i mean at least make it clear that you really really really really really so wanna be friends with me *puppy eyes* then i'll evaluate the message and see if you are worth my time (sound damn bitchy) *giggles*

(hmm but actually i don't even bother replying msges *hides*)

Seee see the contradictor kontradikting....*bwahah*

ANYWAYS, I dunno..I'll probably make her friend list go up to 1080 or something and she can then compete with her friend who has a friend tally of 1089 then both of them can proudly go to their highschools/ college/ uni and brag about how many friends they have on friendster....but i'm not one of those people who would send testimonials like

"THANKS FOR THE ADD!" so it's *hits decline request button* AGAIN.

*shakes head*

I will never understand these people. When i become a psychologists in future i think i'm gonna do a study on lala people. Wait...that research could be used for my thesis. O.O *Ahaa moment*

I'm evil. not really i'm just trying to FIT IN just like my twin z y e n n a down here ...

girl with blah fashion sense spots "trendy top" and decides to be more BOLD and TRENDY in her dressing.

girl with blah fashion sense now has "trendy Fesyen sense" and she is oh so proud of it.

transformation complete : girl with Blah fashion sense is Blah No more! She is officially.... "Trendy"


[edit : OMG SHE SENT THE REQUEST AGAIN!!!! *faints*]
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Lee Hom causes chaos at home.

random stuff.

I'm sure u guys have seen the recent celcom ads on tv by Lee Hom.

Cousins and i were talking about how weird that hair looks on him in that ad...and also comparing the chinese and english version of the ad. it was just a quiet little conversation between us..

then my grandmother went...

"what Hong hong? the Cooking one ar??"

that was when the whole house went chaotic la.

mnda+warner+leonard+me : WHAT!!?!??!?!! NOOOOOOOO!!! *inserts "sweat" emoticon*

mother+aunt+father+uncle : No la! AIYOHHHH

father : this is the singer right??

uncle : hahah cancelled!

mnda+me : WHAT? no laaaaaa

me to mnda : postponed la...u noe..almost everyone i know tells me Lee Hom is theirs..

mnda : *puppy eyes* But he is mineeeee

me : LoL!! could i forget...going for the concert??

mnda : how to go? *points to cacated foot*

me : maybe they have reserved seats for the handicapped?? *giggles*

mnda: you have no idea how my friends have been making use of my cacatness...they push my wheelchair to the front of a queue and go "orang cacat"...They go "drift drift!!" whenever i come to a corner...They even go "come lets race with that other wheelchair bound fella" -_-

me : kesiann....*speechless*

cousin's maid : *starts laughing*
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stressful week

Had some alone time today so spared some of em to post these up before i forget.

Met up with Glamours on Monday, regret that we didn't have more time to talk. Wish u girls all the best for the new year :) (i spot a donkee in the pic..)

I didn't sleep the whole of tuesday because i was working on my Child Development Scrapbook. The assignment that i've been procrastinating to complete.

On Wednesday, i slept like a pig in class.

On Thursday i felt the sudden need to....*points to pic* what can i say...i go to great lengths to protect my Uni's properties.

Everyone was having very different reactions when heard of the news that our dear intern was leaving..

but we all managed to calm down and snap a proper one for memories' sake :)

Saw these gorgeous miniature furnitures.

more pictures of the cherry blossoms.

Last but not least...

Happy Chinese New Year people!!
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cherry blossoms

there are created for females. So pink and lovely =)

blessed holidays.
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This is an interesting image i found of a heart.

image from chriscasselldotnet

Happy Valentine's Day people =)

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had a bloody killer mid term paper.
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z y e n n will be away for awhile due to assignments and stuff.

so... go camwhore or indulge in some other self-gratifying activities in the mean time.


beautiful fwower of mwe bag.

no its not in any way related to the top half of this entry.

*grins and bounces away*
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repressing the negative

ding ding ding...doo doo dooo *stares at the ceiling*....

*skips about around house*....*bangs into chair* ouchhh...

*stares at the idiot box*...nothing to watch

*lies down on couch*....*sleeps off*

2 hours later

OMG!!!!!! i SLEPT FOR 2 HOURS?!?!

*stares at idiot box somemore*...boringgg

*hits On button of the high-tech notebook*

*creates new post on blogger*...what to write?

hMmmm so bored.

*surfs around*


*big fat balloon full of repressed negative thoughts bursts* POoOooFff!

*all the repressed thoughts starts flowing*

oh....*stoned* ...

oh yeah...yeah.

i have an assignment to complete...O________O

and a mid term paper to study for...O_________________O X8742374798043

*hits publish button*...

*closes window*
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no point in cursing the mozzie...just smack

you know what's funny?

i just cursed a mosquito for annoying me with its buzzing sound.

And after that i thought to myself....

like they'll ever understand what i said!

and then i started laughing.

we humans are quite silly sometimes huh?

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something to annoy you

I'm sure ya'll have come across this toy somewhere in the Internet.

Enjoy getting annoyed mwahaha! let me know how many of you actually did press that button till the end! :P
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what my brithdate means (supposedly)

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Random emo shit

This is gonna be very random stuff.

One of the things i want to do right now is going by the beach and having me legs burried in sand.

Besides that, I also miss that time when i got to sit by the beach @ midnight just talking and chilling with friends, playing with lil crabbies.

Wish i had more carefree moments right now instead of constantly feeling emo and stressed up.

2007 doesn't seem like a good year for alot of us who were born in the year of the Wabbit. But then again, we're only in the second month of it. So, lets keep our hopes high. no? I might sound like a pessimist but to me, the only 'theory" that seems to makes sense in my life is - the more i expect out of something, the more dissapointed i'll get. *emo*

Got myself a semi-shower @ Frim today thanks to those lil form 2 Wild Boys. Now, i'm feeling worse than yesterday. Feverish.

On another hand, community service is not as bad as i thought it would be. Felt slightly emotional during my groups's first visit to the shelter and i almost teared (almosttt!) when i was watching them being so carefree playing in the field despite having gone through certain horrible life experiences. I could never imagine being in their shoes. sigh. Really thank God for what i have.

Btw, this is the shelter that we've went and will b going to with for the next few weeks. Agathians.
Read through the biodata of some of those kids and you'll feel (well you should feel) how i felt.

"Just because someone doesn't love you the way you want them to, doesn't mean they don't love you with all they have." - (
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its finally my turn..

I could feel the soreness of that throat.

Btw this is the first self potrait i snapped using his new cam. I sayang this cam cos it takes nice camwhoring pics. skin looks so clear there! no editing done. but i look darn chubbehhhh. *sulks*

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walking after you

Was trying to download this song since forever and thank God Ares is now behaving.

Love it so much *squints*. Love the video's so sexy! watch it!

Tonight Im tangled in my blanket of clouds
Dreaming aloud
Things just wont do without you, matter of fact
Im on your back, Im on your back, Im on your back

If you walk out on me, Im walking after you
If you walk out on me, Im walking after you

If youd accept surrender, Ill give up some more
Werent you adored
I cannot be without you, matter of fact
Im on your back, Im on your back, Im on your back

If you walk out on me, Im walking after you
If you walk out on me, Im walking after you

Another heart is cracked in two, Im on your back

I cannot be without you, matter of fact
Im on your back, Im on your back, Im on your back

If you walk out on me, Im walking after you
If you walk out on me, Im walking after you
If you walk out on me, Im walking after you

Another heart is cracked in two, Im on your back

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Been camera hunting for theeneguebaybee the last week. He was contemplating on getting either a digicam, videocam or a DSLR but we finally settled with a digicam for now. To me, that cam is the ultimate cam whoring device! Gonna haveto experiment with it someday *puppy eyes to baybee* can?

Camera hunting was so much fun! we went hunting all the way from subang parade to 1u to ss2 till he was finally satisfied.

i couldn't get my eyes off the dSLRs on display in every single shop and took every chance to play around with em. The nikon's newest D40 seems to be quite affordable and most shops we've been to were promoting that model *prays*. Compared dSLRs between the brands and seems like Nikon's are also more in demand. Settled la! for now all i need to do is save up *squints*

argh i want i want i want i want!

Edit: just read Kennysia and guess what?! he got himself the D40. Jealous!!!!
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Bahasa Melayu begitu indah sekali

*dalam nada suara yang penuh perasaan*

(jangan ketawa laaaa)

kawan-kawanku sekalian, aku ingin meluahkan sedikit perasaanku bagi ketika ini selepas mengunjungi blog seseorang kawanku yang tidak pernah gagal membuatkan aku ketawa dan meningkatkan mood aku bila aku sedih.
Sedarkah anda bahawa warga Malaysia kian lama kian suka meniru apa yang dipopularkan oleh pihak barat? kadang kala, kita terlalu hangat memberi tumpuan kepada apa saja yang didedahkan kepada kami oleh pihak barat hingga terlupa akan budaya kami yang istimewa. Wajarkah kami berperangai sedemikian? *mengeluh*

Aku rasa amat malu sekali apabila aku tidak dapat ingat perkataan-perkataan Bahasa Melayu sebab aku telah membazirkan masa selama 11 tahun membelajari Bahasa ini. *mengeluh*

Aku harap bahawa entri aku ini boleh menjadi peringatan kepada kawan-kawanku bahawa kami sebagai rakyat Malaysia sepatutnya ingat akan fakta tersebut.

Dapatkah kamu rasa keikhlasan aku? Jikalau tidak, tak apa...sebab aku bukan juga budak Malaysia yang patriotik sangat. Aku hanya ingin...shit how to say join?...."Join" kawan saya untuk menaip blog dalam Bahasa Melayu bagi tujuan....melepaskan tekanan sedikit :D

inginkan saya menggalakkan kawan-kawan sekalian untuk menaip blog dalam Bahasa Melayu dari semasa ke semasa tanpa merasa malu akan Bahasa kami yang begitu indah *batuk* (ohh maafkan aku....kerongkongku tidak begitu sihat sangat...)*batuk* sekali.

Terima Kasih.
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