Lee Hom causes chaos at home.

random stuff.

I'm sure u guys have seen the recent celcom ads on tv by Lee Hom.

Cousins and i were talking about how weird that hair looks on him in that ad...and also comparing the chinese and english version of the ad. it was just a quiet little conversation between us..

then my grandmother went...

"what Hong hong? the Cooking one ar??"

that was when the whole house went chaotic la.

mnda+warner+leonard+me : WHAT!!?!??!?!! NOOOOOOOO!!! *inserts "sweat" emoticon*

mother+aunt+father+uncle : No la! AIYOHHHH

father : this is the singer right??

uncle : hahah cancelled!

mnda+me : WHAT? no laaaaaa

me to mnda : postponed la...u noe..almost everyone i know tells me Lee Hom is theirs..

mnda : *puppy eyes* But he is mineeeee

me : LoL!! right....how could i forget...going for the concert??

mnda : how to go? *points to cacated foot*

me : maybe they have reserved seats for the handicapped?? *giggles*

mnda: you have no idea how my friends have been making use of my cacatness...they push my wheelchair to the front of a queue and go "orang cacat"...They go "drift drift!!" whenever i come to a corner...They even go "come lets race with that other wheelchair bound fella" -_-

me : kesiann....*speechless*

cousin's maid : *starts laughing*

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