stressful week

Had some alone time today so spared some of em to post these up before i forget.

Met up with Glamours on Monday, regret that we didn't have more time to talk. Wish u girls all the best for the new year :) (i spot a donkee in the pic..)

I didn't sleep the whole of tuesday because i was working on my Child Development Scrapbook. The assignment that i've been procrastinating to complete.

On Wednesday, i slept like a pig in class.

On Thursday i felt the sudden need to....*points to pic* what can i say...i go to great lengths to protect my Uni's properties.

Everyone was having very different reactions when heard of the news that our dear intern was leaving..

but we all managed to calm down and snap a proper one for memories' sake :)

Saw these gorgeous miniature furnitures.

more pictures of the cherry blossoms.

Last but not least...

Happy Chinese New Year people!!

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