Friendster doing their part in fostering new friendships

What is wrong is Friendster users these days?

Someone i don't know tried adding me on friendster...and i normally don't entertain ppl who i don't know in life trying to add me on as usual *hits decline request button*

Few days later...the same person tried adding me again...and i thought to myself "Wow! she really wants to be my friend huh?" but still too malas to layan actually it's cos the person is some lala mui *squints* err yeah la so *hits decline request button*

Then few minutes before i started typing this... i logged in to Friendster and there it was again THAT Friend Request


got people so thick skinned one er?

i know there are some girls out there who are thick skinned enough to send repeated friend requests to a GUY even when she got declined before...BUT i really don't see a point why that girl is trying so hard to add me on her's not like she's even sincere or something.

In sincere i mean by at least sending a message saying not just

"hIE! CaNz wE mAkeSs a fRIenDShIp?"

(urgh i hate people who type like that! its so 2002! damn.. i was actually one of those who thought typing lIkE tHiS could make my testimonials to my friends more decorated... -_- Don't u dare laugh! as if u weren't one of those people :P...anyways we've all grown up RIGHT?)

Where was i...Oh but something like

"hiE! I aM XXX and i aM tRyiNg to cOmp3te with My fri3nd XXX tO ge+ moR3 FRiEnds On friEnds+er! sO can u PLeasE h3Lp m3 by aCc3pting th3 ADd?? I wiLL thAnK yOu d3! MuAcKs~"

( hate those who refer to friends request as "the ADD"and their friendster page as "my friendster website")

HAHAHa nayh i mean at least make it clear that you really really really really really so wanna be friends with me *puppy eyes* then i'll evaluate the message and see if you are worth my time (sound damn bitchy) *giggles*

(hmm but actually i don't even bother replying msges *hides*)

Seee see the contradictor kontradikting....*bwahah*

ANYWAYS, I dunno..I'll probably make her friend list go up to 1080 or something and she can then compete with her friend who has a friend tally of 1089 then both of them can proudly go to their highschools/ college/ uni and brag about how many friends they have on friendster....but i'm not one of those people who would send testimonials like

"THANKS FOR THE ADD!" so it's *hits decline request button* AGAIN.

*shakes head*

I will never understand these people. When i become a psychologists in future i think i'm gonna do a study on lala people. Wait...that research could be used for my thesis. O.O *Ahaa moment*

I'm evil. not really i'm just trying to FIT IN just like my twin z y e n n a down here ...

girl with blah fashion sense spots "trendy top" and decides to be more BOLD and TRENDY in her dressing.

girl with blah fashion sense now has "trendy Fesyen sense" and she is oh so proud of it.

transformation complete : girl with Blah fashion sense is Blah No more! She is officially.... "Trendy"


[edit : OMG SHE SENT THE REQUEST AGAIN!!!! *faints*]

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