5 minutes header

Excuse my cacat new header. it was done in 5 mins simply because i cannot stand seeing so many words on my blog. Now is not the time to be awake. I need sleep.

Just when i thought being fat and ugly was bad. now I'm fat, ugly, pimply and broke!

i isa need to hide from reality.

I owe so many people pictures and its so frustrating to transfer pics to everyone else in any event. Rawr! I still haven't had the time to transfer pics from my cameras to my comp so pics will only be available when I'm done pmsing and when I've time to do so.

my blog feels so dead and now my header just made things worse..=( i wanna spend time revamping the site!
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Christmas menu

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i gotta make like super alot of changes to set a time and after that someone else comes ruining my plans and after trying to accomodate with that person suddenly i'm not included in the plans already What The Fuck?

I bloody hate ppl who don't give a damn about others and think their plans are always more superior than others.

"I want it now means now"

What? Now the world has to revolve around you? Can't you bloody have a lil patients to wait for others to try and ACCOMMODATE you?

Waste of bloody time.

And now i gotta replan reconfirm reeverything. So sick and tired la!
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who would think that after all the happiness clouding me i'd be back in my emo state...in no time


Super unproductive day today...hope tmr will be better.

And i feel really upset.

Whats goin on?
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I still have to remind myself every other 1/2 hour...


Thank you. and you and you.

I can officially read people's minds.

Come start up a line or something, i will try my best to attend to all.


Can you believe it? can you? can i? cannot?

What am i gonna do next now that i don't have to worry about what subjects to take next semester, which lecturer is good and not so good... how will my timetable be and all that jazz?


but i know he's got it all planned out for me =)

ok thats all for now, the graduate's gotta get some sleep. hohohohho
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I'm really scaring myself at the rate i'm procrastinating.

Everyday i wake thinking "i still have the whole afternoon, evening and night"

then in the afternoon i'd go "Nah i still have the late evening and night"

at night I'd go "Chillex, i still have the AMs"

and at the AMs I'd go "no worries la i still have tmr morning"

and finally "Chillll i still have the few minutes before my paper to look through my notes"

Old habits die hard, in fact i guess they'll live forever!

I'm so distracted! I can't help it because certain issues keep popping up one after another. A mix of both good and bad issues that is. Will elaborate soon-ish.
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fought a good fight.

After a whole year of struggles and perseverance. Its all done.

In conclusion

Perceived stress and social support are significant predictors of life satisfaction and experiences of positive affective states.

I'm in bed now. Didn't get no sleep last night.
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Hi Hi Hi Hi Hi! *waves frantically*

I'm actually a lil hyper now. I guess it must be the sugar rush from that horrible cup of cocoa i made. I added too much water and so i couldn't add in the milk i wanted to add in...and so because of that i had to substitute fresh milk with condensed milk that made my drink so sweet. Aih. The reason why i had too much of water in my cup was because i wanted to empty the hot water in my flusk as i didn't want to waste it. Complicated, and i don't know how to describe my situation properly. yer. i is a suck blogger. My barista of a brother was never there to help either because at home, I'm always the one making the drinks for him even though he was supposedly trained in this area. lousy.

Come, let me tell you what i've been up to lately.

I've handed n thesis. HAR! you better be happy for me because i'm darn happy and hyper after 2pm of 1st Dec 2008.

so for the last week, i skipped classes to stay home and worked on my thesis

i looked like that practically the whole week. Same ol hair tied up in a bun. And i've been wearing that shirt from tiff for like so many freaking days! eh, wash...wear...wash...wear again ok? cos that shirt is darn comfy. hehehe! I'm actually wearing it again now lol *innocent*

My ass was glued to my red hot couch for the whole week but sadly, i wasn't always working on what i was supposed to. I watched a lot of tv too, caught up with some drama series and blog hopped. Things i haven't been doing alot lately. I would have gotten my thesis done like in no more than 2 days if i was really focused. as usual.

Finally got to meet my source-of-happiness after the struggle to get that dissertation done, and it was so awesome getting to spend time with him again. i missed him.

I've been singing this tune from Marry Poppin's for the last hour, It's stuck in my head

"just a spoonful of sugar helps the medicine go down, the medicine go downnnn, the medicine go down.. just a spoonful of sugar helps the medicine go down, in a most delightful way..."

but now after reading Roberta's post of how nursery rhymes contain so much of violence i've learnt to become more discerning with the lyrics of some songs...(after like what 15 years? lol!)

I'm not sure about the lyrics here but a spoonful of sugar is damn alot right?? I know they're not asking kids to take a spoonful of sugar with medicine but theres just something about the lyrics that makes me feel a lil uncomfortable..

I can vividly recall the scene where marry poppins was feeding the children medicine...i used to (actually i still do) love taking syrupy medicine because of its sweetness. My favs were...

I forgot this kids cough syrup brand that i used to take. The logo has like a face of a man..:( i hate not being to remember my childhood memories.

anyway, i love taking this too.

Who doesn't? I still get excited whenever I'm sick enough to take pei pa gou or in my language pee pee gou...hmmm i really would look forward to savouring the sweetness and the texture of this yummy cough syrup. ahhh...beautiful. But then now...i guess i should keep a look out on the sugar content of this cough syrup...must be more health conscious now that i'm quite aged already *massages own aching back*.

Didn't you know i'm suffering from premature aging?

I love this picture of me but unfortunately it was a lil too exposed hoohoo, hence the oddly placed heart.

I miss blogging la!
but i think i'm really sucking at it after not blogging for so long. It used to be a daily thing for me...:(

*odd silence*

Thats all for now =)

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Be Right Back

It's not like I've been updating very frequently, but i'm so stressed over my work now and i need an outlet! just not through blogging. cos blogging can take up quite alot of my time.


be right back ya
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just a lil something to say....

Imagecave is by far the worse image hosting site i've used. They'd flag my image as inappropriate when my pic was only consisted of a fork with some glutinous rice stuck to it. Their storage space runs out so bloody easily. Bandwidth also lousy. Totally hating it......COS IT MADE ME HAVE TO DELETE MY OLD IMAGES to make space for new and no i can't create more than one account from the same ip....STUPID LA.

On another note....i'm still thinking. Thinking alot. Thinking about probabilities...what ifs and all that.

Btw made a new linking button for phasionology :) prettier than the old one la to me heeheehee

I'm sleepy and i have loads of pictures to work on...sigh
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what a great way to earn money

A lil copy pasting here and there, stealing a bit of ideas here and there, doodling here and there and you get few hundred bucks from that.

What a great way to earn money from people who don't know those are easy peasy things to do. Maybe i should start working on that too. earn myself a few hundred bucks lol

Thats what designers are here for right.

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I really feel like one of the cleaners of MBPJ man. Bloody stressed.
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Bloody stressed over all the work in hand. Can't wait for everything to go over soon...can't wait till the end of 2008.

another realization.

I can never depend on anyone for help, best way to get things done is to DIY.

so many pics to edit too. :(

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Spoilt view

Some of the bullshit those beautiful creatures in the pond have to face.





tsk tsk tsk
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Inspiration strikes

Just had a very inspiring exchange of text messages with my dear cousin in the midst of working on my Media Marketing assignment. *grins*

for now, i want to create a _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ PW without wasting too much money! I want it i want it i want it! Because I believe it'll make me a _ _ _ _ _ _ _! and it would make _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ much more _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ .

argh i want a PW! PW PW PW!
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Champion Desk

i so sometime back during the holidays, i forced myself to clear up the rubbish on my studying desk because its simply impossible for me to work there.

Trust me its very challenging to clear up MY desk lol. Just check out the amount of interesting "stuff" i have with me. And yes this is the after picture. didn't take a before.


I probably have the most interesting (coolest!) and not to mention messy studying desk around.

items spotted on my desk that most probably would never appear on yours:

button torch light /lamp
compact mirror
old school clock/radio
toilet seat covers
paper soap
nail polish
baby oil
anti dandy shampoo sample
hydrating mask sample
leave on hair conditioner sample
camera bag
hair bands
spray painted planet earth art piece done with baybee
lava lamp by baybee
first stalk of flower by baybee
soft toy giraffe with a short neck
plastic fur ball thingy from jon sern
toilet paper roll
milk bottle piggy bank

....just to name a few

wait till you see what are in the little boxes.

among all the interesting things i found, this particular toy i used to LOVE playing with brings back so much memories of my childhood.

Poly Pocket!

how many of you still have yours?


this is a very simple one of a restaurant layout with 3 cute lil characters, Mr.Chef and two lil girls.


sigh...those were the days where i could spend my time playing with toy after toy...i want to be a little girl again. (stress = regression to child like behaviors)

I have another even cooler Poly Pocket set, that one is sort of a water theme park set where i can even fill up a pump with water and spray water on those lil humans. but I can't find that set =(
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feeling super unproductive today despite all the running around that's been done the first half of the day.

The schedule is supposed to be packed with not very physically but mentally challenging activities.

the night will be spent emo-ing.

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Date 11/10/08 0306hour

assignment status 10%
revision status 0%
stress level 0125497858709475747574987502743937492038765923749349%

note to self I'm gonna be obese very soon if i continue to eat like this
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A Night of Mayhem

*puppy eyes*

So? Are you guys free on the 31st this October?

If so you have no excuse to NOT come for this very scary event hosted by HELP University College's Bachelor of Psychology Student Council!


This is not some sort of occultic event, we are not celebrating Halloween (no jack-o-lanterns, trick or treating, bon fire, black cats), not glorifying occultism and whatsoever.

The poster might be a lil disturbing to some because of the somewhat provoking words like death and bodies, but you'll see how everything would make sense in the next few weeks!

We organizers would want this to be an event open to everyone and anyone and also for guests to be entertained by some of the "best actors" in our psychology department.

come dressed up and mingle in whatever costume you like because you would be entitled to participate in the lucky draw & best costume competition if you dress up. *winks*

admission is only a mere 13 ringgit :)

so come la.....give face abit can? since i've hardly contributed to organizing any psych events and since i took soooooo much effort to design that poster up there. hee hee hee.

For non psych people who think we psychology students are mind readers, here is your only chance to come get free mind reading services from us.

comment, text, mail me if you'll be joining the mayhem alright.

[ps. the pathway of mayhem is gonna be awesome!]
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Seee Saww Seee Sawww Seee Sawww

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dunno whats gotten into me these days...feeling alot less confident lately and hardly acknowledge any little things i've managed to achieve. Too much of expectations maybe...sometimes i think i'm being too hard on myself but at times i'd think again and realize i shouldn't be spoilin myself further. Hmm. Its so hard to put it into words...these feelings..i don't know how to word it when i can hardly comprehend my thoughts...scary. Every night before i go to bed i spend some amount of time thinking and thinking and i'll get all upset...thats y i stay up till i'm really sleepy and then head straight to bed, thinking i could skip the emo part. I'm good when it comes to falling asleep, in fact i'm a champion but i can't escape having to go through the emoness the next night...and the nights after. Sometimes i feel i'm too innocent and i've got too much faith in humanity....noSigh. Tonight i took a tablet. Flu medication la. because i've been sneezing crazy the whole day :( i think it should help me sleep better....hmm. Whatever.
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The Wedding Pics 1

So one fine day, a few of us decided to take a stroll down to Klang, just for the fun of it :P

BOO! of course not! We had a very very important event to attend :P

I won't elaborate because I've got too many pictures to talk on my behalf










Obviously there are so much more pics! But I've yet to find time & patience to edit them all. Initially wanted to upload them as they are but i couldn't stand the color & lighting of all few hundred of them. So...gotta edit em one by one...SIGH. thanks to my very Sdn Bhd. photography skills.

Be back for more ya! but can't promise when will they be done...laa dee daa.

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I am ageing....too fast!

For the past two weeks, I've been suffering from shoulder, neck and back aches.

Am i aging too fast or am i not?


Banyak hal to attend to and i have a deadline attached to each one of them.

I will get it done i will get it done
*rolls about in bed in denial*


a list of pics from events i have yet to upload/ transfer
- my birthday 1
- my birthday 2
- my birthday 3
- my birthday 4
- more pics from ttoc photoshoot
- Roberta & Ye Tsun's wedding
- forgotten.
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In case if you've forgotten how i look like.

I'd like to publicly applaud myself for such great achievements of self control. *Pats own shoulder... rubs own cheeks*

I'm truly amazing for being able to tahan NOT spending a single cent on shopping online these past months. It's not like I'm a crazy online shopaholic but I've got my eyes own a few items that i really wanted!!!!! and yet....I'm holding back on mailing in my orders...eeks. Well, at least I'm not being the stupid me before who would very impulsively purchase anything i want while compromising the quality..size...possible cheaper prices of the same item elsewhere yada yada...

Do you know how hard it is especially when you yourself are selling items that you love??? you have a whole lot of goodies staring at you everytime you enter your room??? *those could be mineeeee.... butttt i gotta sell em...sell em...*

let see how long more can i tahan la.


I am so happy with my results for the past semester can???

eventhough i was very annoyed having to wait and wait (1 week more) ANDDDD wait (two weeks more) for the release of results for those three courses i took last semester...the excitement/tension seeing those beautiful alphabets (with accessories!!!) appearing one by one looking so beautiful was............................nice :)

Thank you lord.

Prayers do work. :)

more updates: two drama series i feel i cannot live without at the mo.

Moonlight resonance.
Gossip Girls.

need i explain more?

what else eh?

*digs picture album*


And we were all where we were because of.....

K n o w a

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