In case if you've forgotten how i look like.

I'd like to publicly applaud myself for such great achievements of self control. *Pats own shoulder... rubs own cheeks*

I'm truly amazing for being able to tahan NOT spending a single cent on shopping online these past months. It's not like I'm a crazy online shopaholic but I've got my eyes own a few items that i really wanted!!!!! and yet....I'm holding back on mailing in my orders...eeks. Well, at least I'm not being the stupid me before who would very impulsively purchase anything i want while compromising the quality..size...possible cheaper prices of the same item elsewhere yada yada...

Do you know how hard it is especially when you yourself are selling items that you love??? you have a whole lot of goodies staring at you everytime you enter your room??? *those could be mineeeee.... butttt i gotta sell em...sell em...*

let see how long more can i tahan la.


I am so happy with my results for the past semester can???

eventhough i was very annoyed having to wait and wait (1 week more) ANDDDD wait (two weeks more) for the release of results for those three courses i took last semester...the excitement/tension seeing those beautiful alphabets (with accessories!!!) appearing one by one looking so beautiful was............................nice :)

Thank you lord.

Prayers do work. :)

more updates: two drama series i feel i cannot live without at the mo.

Moonlight resonance.
Gossip Girls.

need i explain more?

what else eh?

*digs picture album*


And we were all where we were because of.....

K n o w a


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