I'm feeling kinda sick of my blog's textured background right now because I can't edit my pictures in a way to blend in with the background. I want a new laptop so I can start with my picture editing again woohoo!

I miss the good old days where I use to spend hours and hours just to edit pictures and compose blog entries and making this page pretty.

Reading back some of the old entries, I realize I've gotten less personal with this blog...I used to talk about everything that was going on in my life, rarely even filtering stuff that should be kept more personal. Part of the reason why I've became this clamped up in my blog is because I wasn't really blogging for myself anymore..I was blogging in a way that would please a certain few people who would read my blog and then come back to comment about it, most of the time negatively. You know people telling you

"Why did you have to say that?"

"You should have been more ___ with that issue!"

So enough with all that bullshit and let me try give blogging another shot aye? =)

By the way I wanna thank dear tiffany & mingzi for this awesome *winks* (refer to picture) all the way from the UK

Union Jack
Union Jack

It's so comfortable and I'm loving it! *hugs*

Since I'm on a roll of flashing my panties, feast your eyes on prolly one of the most unglam pictures of mine.

Tadika Seaport
Yes, I am the one in the middle.

Can you see my panties or not?

What on earth was I thinking?! Why was I such a boyish little girl and not one of those pretty girlie girls? hmph. Btw I was 3 years old in this picture =)

Found back this picture from facebook when a girl who was from the same kindergarten as I posted em up.

Ok enough of em panties flashing *zips up*.

Alone in the office
Taken when I was all alone in the office @ 8:30 PM last night. A day before Halloween. O_O

Bye for now!
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Just a quick one

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Donkey Years.

Ignore the horrible manicure please thank you.

It has been that long since I've last updated haha, I wonder who still comes by here?

I was browsing through my sd card and I have so much of stuff to share but am just to lazy to get started on it. First of all, my computer is very much still in its barely-alive-but-not-exactly-dead state, my dear uni mates would know this best as I've been complaining about this to them for years.

3 good news I'd like to share =D

1) I've got a new job (loving it! Will share more about this when I have more time)

2) I lost weight (after putting on like 7kg *stabs self* from last year, so I practically still look the same)

3) I'm positive about life! ( Hahaha!)

So thankful for all the people I have in my life, every life experience I've had be it good or bad =)

By the way
Check out the difference between my face and neck color =( I so need new foundation to not look so ghostly! *hint hint*
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