Donkey Years.

Ignore the horrible manicure please thank you.

It has been that long since I've last updated haha, I wonder who still comes by here?

I was browsing through my sd card and I have so much of stuff to share but am just to lazy to get started on it. First of all, my computer is very much still in its barely-alive-but-not-exactly-dead state, my dear uni mates would know this best as I've been complaining about this to them for years.

3 good news I'd like to share =D

1) I've got a new job (loving it! Will share more about this when I have more time)

2) I lost weight (after putting on like 7kg *stabs self* from last year, so I practically still look the same)

3) I'm positive about life! ( Hahaha!)

So thankful for all the people I have in my life, every life experience I've had be it good or bad =)

By the way
Check out the difference between my face and neck color =( I so need new foundation to not look so ghostly! *hint hint*

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