photoshop....too much?

[The orginal date of this post was MAY 30th]

i wouldn't at all say that i know alot about photoshop but i do know that it could do wonders with pictures. EVEN knowing all that, i still get amazed by how some people could really photoshop their pictures to the extend that they look like a totally different person in photos.
As in from a size L to S.

And me, being silly me, i thought "WOW my friends lost so much weight!" and start stressing because they are losing all their baby fats and im not. They looked so good in their pictures in friendster i felt that i was ugly looking at em. HAHA but i was so wrong...and now i feel so much more confident about myself because i dont "diet" and "lose weight" through photoshop (eventhough i could). For me, i make sure my pictures are taken at angles which could hide my chubby cheeks and i delete pics that i look fat in. Im not saying i don't photoshop my pics, I do. I do erase the zits out of my skin, eyebags if they look too horrible in pictures and also adjust the lighting of my pictures to make it look better and colors more attractive...but eww not like from big flabby arms to perfectly toned ones...u get what i mean? come to think of it, photoshopping actually lowers my self esteem, because the more i do it, the less attractive i feel, to be honest i actually like the way my eyebags look on me from certain angles, i dont know, i find them cute >_<.
how can i not save pics like this right?

i really think the bags look cute from this angle>>>>>

Anyways, today im gona make myself look pretty, look dolly and im going for plastic surgery...........throughthe all mighty photoshop.















This is one of my favourite pictures. You would have seen this if u've visited my friendster page, i know i look silly in it but i stil like it very much.

Eventhough i love this pic, my skin looks real bad in there...therefore, i made my skins less oily and much smoother in this second pic.

*bimbo tone* OMG those Bags and those cheeks, so chubby!!! *click click click click*

But then, big noses are deemed nose was made smaller and higher. Eye were also magnified a little BECAUSE pretty girls have big eyes. *roll eyes*...

*still in bimbo tone* pHEw!! at least i dont look so like chubby now...oh damn i think i need to look like fairer to be like prettier because most chinese girls are fair...hmm but my nose looks abit like jacko's OH nooooo and those nostrils...*click click click click*

Nose and lips were then corrected to look more normal. Nostrils made smaller.

hmm alright, i think this nose suits me fine *giggles*....oooh and my lips least they're not so big and ugly like my old lips.

alright, im done...but because i look so frozen in the 4th pic, i adjusted the ligthing to make my frozen look not so obvious..

There u have it. After an hour of plastic surgery *claps in excitement*. weeeeee~!!! i look like a doll.

Hmmm damn potong if i compare my complexion in my 4th pic and my 1st :( but whatever, i still love my first picture the most, because that is how i really look.

ps - if im ugly then so are u. note i wanted to look dolly! like a DOLL...not human...>_<
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Semester 2 starts

[29th May 2006]

as expected
..... meeting back with all me funky psycho mates would result in havoc in...

i really think we shouldn't board the HELP bus at a go, all of us at one go. i have to admit i do feel a little shy at times when we make too much noise and people start staring haha but whatever it is, i missed those people and it was nice to be reunited with the whole kampung.

as expected.....meeting back with the kampung people would mean lunching at McD's.

McD's = scary food

i was prepared for this since the starting of the hols, i hadn't had any McD's for the past month....until today...where i forced myself to look straight ahead at the big ass Porridge poster in front of me and not anywhere else to the nuggRAts and cheeseBUGGERSs...and of course ordered porridge :D

as expected....Winnie was as sarcastic as everrrrrrr

but i think we kinda got used to her sarcasm so...i duno...she doesn't amuse me that much anymore :P Oh wait she still does...her magnetic white board duster...Soooo cutee. I was also trying to count the number of clocks she had in her office...note, i said i triedddd. Hmm i think there were at least 5 clocks.

as expected
....Goh was as PREDICTABLE as always

he split the clas up according to our birthdates (again) and gave us topics for discussion. Honestly speaking, ( i wrongly typed "sepaking" at first and im laughin at myself now ahahhahaha!!!) i didnt catch the names of ANY of my group members -_____- but there was this chick in my group who had *ahem* assets and was wearing an *ahem*-ly *ahem* top that revealed her *ahem* very *ahem*-ly ahahahah and best part was...she was sitting rightttt opposite me...i swear i tried not to stare at her *ahem* while talking to her ok...but...HAHA. im only human.

i couldn't concentrate throughout Goh's lecture today because (Tiffany would know how annoying i was...i'm so sorry for bugging u about my hair all the time during lecture >.<) i was so conscious about my hair. sigh i know i sound really dumb but i felt so inferior...because almost all the girls i saw today had longer hair than mine :S i know that hair grows and i know i sound soooo silly but i can't help it. Man i used to have hair, people used to be envious of my hair ( according to research ok :P). I am now envious of the hair i used to own...neyhh the hair that u envy :PPP chehhh~ sigh nvm shall just hug my donkee and everything will be alright :D (seriously)

Goh gave an example of how couples on their first date normally behave and it got me thinking of
MY first date with baybee.
so i was thinking...and thinking...and i thought harder....

i couldnt recal
l any first dates with him. :S

Firstly, every so called "date" with him seems like the FIRST, i still get sooo excited as always...and also we never really had a formal first date, but on the first day that we actually met...i don't know how to describe the feeling, but its as if i've known him all along...there weren't any weird awkward moments at all (at least for me la hehe) and i knew that i've fallen for this donkwee the moment i recognised his scent on our second date even before seeing him, not the smell of his cologne but HIS scent.

sigh. i've got a head full of curlers right now and im gona sleep with em. i hope i wont look too weird in i hope hair wont be toooooooooooooo curly :s. Good Night and make sure you wash your feet before jumping into bed.
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My NEW Goals

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The Last Day

[May 27th 2006]

yesterday was my last day of work....


wow 3 weeks of data entry, finally came to an end *bounces with joy* im happy cos i dont have to get up super early in the morning anymore...(even my new Uni timetable doesnt require me to get up at 6) :)

stayed back till about 9 yesterday to firstly, wait for the rain to subside and to key in as many entries as i can ( so i can make more $). Went out for lunch (for the 1st time) with my colleagues to some coffee shop famous for curry yong tau foo noodles @ glenmarie. But i didnt eat that famous yong tau foo cos i was havin a bad bad throat + flu + headache+ god knows which other part of my body is malfunctioning...

cause of sore throat - >10 cups of milo per day for 2 weeks
cause of flu - jumping into aircond room and ZzzZz right after bathing
cause of headache - not enough of ZzzZz

i just realised (from readin some article) that not enough sleep also causes weight gain :S

ok back to talking about my part time job...throughout this 3 weeks, i can say that i really got to know more about how a company functions and opened my eyes to politics in the workplace...and of course the gossipin... its kinda freaky how people can just smile and be all nice in front of u but stab your back when your not there...*shrugs* the best line ive heard was...

"if you wanna survive in a company, dont stick with her...because its only natural to not get so close with
people the boss dislikes..."

sigh...nvm shall not get so worried about that, i'm sure i'll have my fair share of company gossips to face in the near future...

troughout these few weeks also, because of my very strategic seat position in the office (right in the middle) i got to observe the behaviors, habits of most of my colleagues..analyze them....hahaha (yesh i observe a psychology student ok) and ive been able to identify several personalities, Type A...Type B..ok i think i shall stop right there :P

my colleague
brought her wedding album for me to admire at yesterday!! Some of the pics were really nice and the poses were all very natural but some of em i thought were abit jeng because of the dresses and head gear, the colors, the lighting and aiyah u know what i mean. All of those pics and albums for 3000++ bucks. Pretty worth it. I especially loved one of her pics where she n her husband were all in white, the background and all were white and she was holding a bouquet of red roses...with a little help of photoshop, the colors of the roses were really pretty and it became the focus of the whole picture...beautiful!!!

The rest of the girls in the office spent the last few hours of work checking out pics of wedding dresses online while i was busy entering data (was so itchy to go join them!! but i gotta meet my target entries!!) hehe one of them will be getting married soon , i made sure i will be invited!

i miss attending weddings :) i remember on the last wedding ceremony i attended, the couple both lit a huge ass candle with a lit candle in their hands each...2 souls united and living as 1...i almost teared k cos it was so touching *shy* Btw i was dining @ Cafe De Sky Garden the other day and there was a wedding going on at the other half of the restaurant...the bride was sooo prettyyy!! but when she opened her gap -___-..... POtonggggggggg hahaha cos she has like the squeaky lalaish kinda voice...
God is fair O=)

this place serves italian vegetarian food, food is reasonably priced and yummy too!! The interior is pretty :) but too bad my camera wasn't with me, used mummy's phone to snap these 2 pics, not very clear so go visit the place yourself to admire the interior :p This restaurant is the only vegetarian restaurant that doesn't have that "vegetarian meat" kinda smell , i cant tahan that smell, seriously, yucks.

The other half of the restaurant where the wedding dinner was going on.

One more thing, this place only takes cashhh so robbers u noe where to go and people who wants to go there for other purposes (i. e. Makan) bring more cash. Me recommend the pizzas :D

i think im done with writing now, shall add pics to make this post less boring :p

Starters...yum YUm YUM. Brandy + Coke on the right

Then we have the shark's fin...

The spring onions were shaped into pig's tail and the reason why there were so many of em is because the suckling pig only has 1 cute lil tail and it cant be shared with everyone on the thats y they substituted the pig's tail with the spring onions. Now u know y leh..chehhHHhhh~ hahah i learnt this on that night so now im sharing it :D

Then the suckling pig (my apologies to muslim readers)

Fish fillet with macademia love!!

Prawns...for me to look, im allergic to prawns but i love eating prawns...but im allergic ..but i love them
CHEERSSS!!!!!ALL LAughSSss...when boss made his speech.

i managed to snap a few more pics of the things i'll miss

my chair...this seat is super comfortable!! unlike my first seat blerghh...this chair was the seat of Michael, who left us, my previoius seat was Ivan's ...Ivan came back from Vietnam so i had to return his seat ..(damn sad right i dont even have my own seat).

I'l miss laughing at names/entries like these hahaha...Law How Sui means drooling in canto btw

And of course, I'll miss the MILO...

one cup like this equals to 2 cups from the machine, i have an average of 5 cups like this everyday, now u know why i got my sore throat

having my last cup of milo after meeting my target entries around 9 pm @ the office...see how tired i looked, and im not gona conceal it :P

btw i realised my hair still has curls!!! and it could still last if i put in abit of effort to make it curl :D


a clearer view of the curls..

i know im obsessed with curls >___<

hehe thats all for now, buhbye and make sure u drink more water :D

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The Transformation

[May 21st 2006]

: 19th May 2006
SUBJECT : Michelle aka zyenn
TRANSFORMATION : Mature curly hair look to slightly more youthful/cute/bordering the lala line look.



Now to clear the confusion in yur kepalas

firstly, no i did not straighten my head, its blow hair is naturally straight n lacks body.

secondly, me had to cut my hair cos it was frizzin up...sigh the downside of gettin your head permed.

ive never had hair this short for like 5 years??? yeahh..

what still depressed over losing me curlie wurlies...but nvm...sooon...very very sooon ill get my curls back... and this time im gona make sure they behave :D

*chants to self* hair grows....*sobs*...they GROW...*pouts*
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Goodbye Elliot

[May 18th 2006]


so sad and dissapointed that Elliot got voted out :(

But then again i feel really happy for this dude to have made it this far on American Idol. Whatever it is Me still thinks Yamin is THE American Idol for this Season.

Anyways, been really hooked onto 2 songs. The lyrics, the tune everything...simply lovely. gona post the lyrics of the first song up for now.

"Every Little Thing"

Let me in
to see you in the morning light
to get me on and all along the tears they come
see all come
I want you to believe in life
but I get the strangest feeling that you've gone away
will you find out who you are too late to change?
I wish I could be
every little thing you wanted
all the time
I wish I could be
every little thing you wanted
all the time
some times

lift me up
just lift me up don't make a sound
and let me hold you up before you hit the Ground
see all come
you say your all right
but I get the strangest feeling
that you've gone away- you've gone away
and will you find out who you are too late to change?

I wish I could be
every little thing you wanted
all the time
I wish I could be
every little thing you wanted
all the time
some times

Don't give me up
don't give me up tonight
or soon nothing will be right at all
will you find out who you are too late to change?

I wish I could be
every little thing you wanted

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[May 17th 2006]

its been awhile since i last posted sumthing here hahaha..i've got so much to write i dont know where to start, lets hope my memory doesn't mess up the order of whatever im about to post...first things first! i wanna out loud...shout

Happy 1st Birthday Sephantina No. 4!!!!!!

for those of you who do not know who Sephantina is, Sephantina is a squeezie man boogene gave me a year ago during our 1st month anni (u do the math) but most importantly as a temporary relief boogene...but i still miss the donkee so squeezie man or gigantic polar bear from Hallmark that costs 1600 bux could ever replace my donkee...sigh love him so much

-the hollywood famous stars trying to be like us-
i look really stupid in the pic but who cares?? Im HAPPY :P

okie back to bloggin...hMM im supposed to continue with PART II of my last post ahhaha..Oh before that i'd like to thank Darrel and Adam from the office for helping fix my lappy and my's now working!!!!!!! Wee!!!

btw this is where i sit at the office..and those are the amount of data i've to enter O_O

Alright shall start updating In order of what happened in the last week. i cant remember dates.

Friday- Dinner with the kinky penguin and her furry bunny
Sunday-Mum's birthday
Monday-work, Some Seminar at Armada
Tuesday-work, MET DONKEEEEEE
Thursday-work, surprise dinner for Daniel
Saturday-MEt DONKEEEEEEEEEE , BBQ at Ian's
Met up with me donkee and then met up with Erin and Jonz for dinner. Dinner was alright but the company was...simply wonderful. Spent bout an hour standing around Donkee's car chattin/teasing girls/gossiping/joking/laughin/trying to fit into the mat rempits hangin near us after dinner. Hahaha :D

i don't remember what i did on sat

-Had lunch @ Jack's Place after church
ill put up some pics first b4 i start talking about the food


WHo Said we were done with main course hahaha

Pics from this point onwards are not edited because me is lazy (besides...they were not worth editin)

dad's whatever steak...
Brother's whatever steak...
i only remembered mum's - mixed grill

and my miserable lookin plate of fried rice, i didnt make the order btw, was too fickle to decide on what to eat so dad made the decision to order fried rice..

anyways enough pics already....time for Review
SO...The food at Jack's me and my tastebuds

SUCKS BIG TIME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

ive never taken such lousy western food for quite some time....the escargots were HAwwiBLE!! i think the best way to cook em is just to baked it with cheese and garlic. The steaks, however, i find the potatoes the most OK tasting one among all the crap on those plates. The fried rice- so so, could taste abit of ajinomoto though. Overall, was so dissapointed with that place...shudda went to Ittalianies instead (ive never eaten there b4 btw). So from this experience of mine dining at Jack's Place, i shall make an obviously biased conclusion that
Singaporeans can't cook Western Food, the most they can do is
Western food ala Singapore.


-After work, went with mum to this seminar, the E-code i think, @ Armada
-Seminar was quite interesting, very enlightening on how some people are actually making 50 K USD per week online while im chatting and blogging online...O_O

Nothing much except for me meetin up with my donkee and we had a great time laughing over dinner...really not much of your business ahahah so SKIPPP.

LALALALA Work Work Work. Oh was invited to a farewell dinner for some guy in the office but i didn't wanna go so mum sent me home before going to Mum's Place for the dinner. Thank goodness i didnt go to the dinner because most of my colleagues ended up with upset stomachs the next day...poor things hahahaha apparently the food were all tooooooo spicy for them to handle. Been there once but didn't really enjoy the food. Firstly cos im not a rice person, and secondly cos i don't really take much spicy food.

my colleagues (hahaha colleaguess whom i share with my mum) had a surprise birthday dinner for OUR boss. The dinner was @ Yu Jai Village at Imbi Road...Shame on You if u dont know the place..COS the food was AWESOMEEE (ahaha food again O=] ). I'll just do what i do best pics to take up space on my blog and make it hang on your comp while u are tryin to access my blog hahahaha


>>>>>>>blogger is havin some problems, cant post the rst of the pics and its already 1 -__- me need sleep so i won't have to struggle to stay awake during work like the last few days. Im so not done proofreading, editing and posting pics for this post so bear with me for awhile. >_<>

>>ADD ONS<<< style="color: rgb(255, 102, 102);">HMC peeps
@ Ian's later this day. whate more can i say, great food, awesome company, nice spot for BBQ-in, and it's times like these spent with the Hmc-ers that ill miss all the time.

sheryn and i @ BBQ

iman and i

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Workie Work

[May 8th 2006]

...Started working today at mum's office..the people there are pretty nice...Pretty helpful when consulted, some offered my snacks and some even offered to buy me lunch...i got so many questions bout my age (because my mum looks so young they cant believe how big her daughter is) and comments ( most saying how pweetee i am) and alot about how mum and i look so alike haha...Best comment though was from the big boss

"Oh mayRie so this is your daughter...Prettier than u.."

Theres this binbo colleague of mum who's really erm concern about me and kept saying how my eyes could "deen" people (as in zap) -__- abit the fake la but then whatever she's cute..always smiling and bounces when she walks...will check to confirm about the bouncing tmr

work however, was B-O-R-I-N-G but tiresome. i thought i wouldn't need much brain activity to Enter data BUT haha i thought wrongly, spent so much time recognising the handwriting which are BY THE WAY...99% HORRIBLEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE (OMG!!!) some people are even so odd to write their chinese names in the names section (entries are in English), but then again those odd form came from mostly village areas in Penang, and so i had to give them my own interpretation of their names in English depending on my memory of how those words sound in Mandarin...too bad la kampung people :P hehehe some are real cute too, they put "girl" or "Nu" (the chinese character of female) in the gender section...i donno i just find it cute...hehe

Erm what else, OH my fingers hurt so bad cos ive been typing non-stop sigh...and and OH i drank 7 Freaking cups of Milo today hahaha. There is this Nescafe machine in the pantry and its FOC la obviously, so being the Milo addict i am, i kept refilling my cup as many times as i want hehehe gona try the teh-tarik fromt he machine tomorow...Bish mum wants the laptop ( i want my own laptop to work..y cant connect to internet :S) i went to a salon last Sat and so crown of glory looks xtra glorious on sunday and today...sigh so dont feel like washing it :S but i have to...i cant stand not washinbg my hair for more than a day...:S

---TO BE COntinUEd--
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[May 4th 2005]

the 123456 moment passed without me even realising was only minutes later when donkweee called and i checked my chat log of me and the donkwee later that i realised i said "then then?" at that very moment. hehehe was chatting with donkweee where he was telling me the story of the book he's reading that time...Hehehehe *muaxxx* love u baybee...thanx for making it a memorable moment...the "THen then" moment hEHhehehe

in a mellow mood up past noon and basically just CHILLED :)

gonna be starting work next bye bye to lazy days and waking up at 1. Work will be at mum's office, i'll be following her to work and doing data entry for 6 cents per entry O.O hehehe lets see how much i can handle for the next 2 weeks.

cousins, bro and i were cam whoring @ PDI concept store in Ikano after dessert at paddington pancakes the other day...we got shoooed away by this guy after awhile. OUT of the concept store. blergh. we werent even taking pictures of the products or whatever but simply borrowed their mirror for a while. -__- whatever, the pics are pretty though cos we were in bright bright colors :D

we used to nickname ourselves the "Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles". Wow that was really long ago..i remember i used to love watching the ninja turtles movie hehehe...gone were the days where we have cute turtles masked in bright colored eye masks (color for identification purposes) that fighting crime. Purple for Donatello, Orange for Michaelangelo, Blue for Leonardo and Red for Raphael.

since im so bored here why not lemme talk about the turtles.


Turtle #1
Leonardo (my brother Leonard) is identified with the blue colored mask. He's most inclined with master Splinter's teachings and is most disciplined among the four. A fast thinker, excellent strategist are his qualities and that makes him the leader of the four. However, Leo can be a perfectionist at times and is an impatient turtle. Leo is said to be a more balanced Raphael because they share similar qualities but Leo thinks before he acts and is more calm compared to Raph. Besides that, Leo is a healthy eater, like rice, fish, veggies and pizza (under the influence of Mike). When it comes to music however, Leo prefers Japanese and new age.

Turtle #2
The red turtle(Warner), Raphael is as angry and impulsive as the colour red. He is often being misunderstood as the dark one because he is known to go to the extremes with his anger. Raph is easily irritated and argues fast, but he is also quick when it comes to defending his buddies. He is a determined (or stubborn) turtle and this determintation is what usually drives him to finish the tasks he considers as high priority. He's not afraid of the authority and is also usually up for an argument with them. Despite his tough guy image, Raph also has an emotional side and cares for his buds just as much as anyone of them...the only problem with Raph is his inability to express his care for others properly. Other interesting facts bout this turtle is that he enjoys Rap, metal and hardcore music and loves eating cereal.

Turtle #3
the purple one aka Donatello (Amanda) is the intelligent one,
He's also a comp geek and always comes in handy when there is any repairing needed. Donnie comes across as a very quiet and self contained turtle. Loves peace hates war and therefore, donnie is more of a turtle who would outsmart his enemies than actually harming them when in combat. His choice of a wooden weapon (long wooden stick) reflects his stand that it takes more patience and brains to stop violence and anger than to unleash them. Favourite food includes pizza and sushi, fav music, classic old school rock.

Turtle #4
Michaelangelo's (mememe) favourite color is orange. this turtle is a carefree, talkative, fun-loving and friendly one. The skills this turtle possess include disguising, driving a car (Ahaks! i can identify with that), cooking, first-aid and video gaming. He's hardly serious about anything, has the tendency to clown like 24/7 but his playful nature does indeed help keep the rest of the turtle's stress levels down. This turtle also has a creative imagination and put them to good use in his writings and poetries. Hmm he's the most emotional one compared to the other 3, with that, he also likes being the caregiver for the other turtles. Mike is addicted to Rock, Pop, Techno and Oldies and his favourite food - pizza, with pizza.

So there u have it a lil info about each of the turtles. Did it trigger your memories about them in the past? or did u even know these cute little turtles existed? O_O haha nvm. Okiee time for dinner, im having porridge tonight!! Weee~! i love eating porridge btw (the ones made by my grandma though). buhbyeeee...OH wait WAIT!

Reference (in APA format)
Laird, P. (2003) Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles. Retrieved May 4, 2006 from the World Wide Web :

CFP have trained me well....HAhHAHahHAhahhahHAhahahHa >_
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