[May 4th 2005]

the 123456 moment passed without me even realising was only minutes later when donkweee called and i checked my chat log of me and the donkwee later that i realised i said "then then?" at that very moment. hehehe was chatting with donkweee where he was telling me the story of the book he's reading that time...Hehehehe *muaxxx* love u baybee...thanx for making it a memorable moment...the "THen then" moment hEHhehehe

in a mellow mood up past noon and basically just CHILLED :)

gonna be starting work next bye bye to lazy days and waking up at 1. Work will be at mum's office, i'll be following her to work and doing data entry for 6 cents per entry O.O hehehe lets see how much i can handle for the next 2 weeks.

cousins, bro and i were cam whoring @ PDI concept store in Ikano after dessert at paddington pancakes the other day...we got shoooed away by this guy after awhile. OUT of the concept store. blergh. we werent even taking pictures of the products or whatever but simply borrowed their mirror for a while. -__- whatever, the pics are pretty though cos we were in bright bright colors :D
we used to nickname ourselves the "Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles". Wow that was really long ago..i remember i used to love watching the ninja turtles movie hehehe...gone were the days where we have cute turtles masked in bright colored eye masks (color for identification purposes) that fighting crime. Purple for Donatello, Orange for Michaelangelo, Blue for Leonardo and Red for Raphael.

since im so bored here why not lemme talk about the turtles.


Turtle #1
Leonardo (my brother Leonard) is identified with the blue colored mask. He's most inclined with master Splinter's teachings and is most disciplined among the four. A fast thinker, excellent strategist are his qualities and that makes him the leader of the four. However, Leo can be a perfectionist at times and is an impatient turtle. Leo is said to be a more balanced Raphael because they share similar qualities but Leo thinks before he acts and is more calm compared to Raph. Besides that, Leo is a healthy eater, like rice, fish, veggies and pizza (under the influence of Mike). When it comes to music however, Leo prefers Japanese and new age.

Turtle #2
The red turtle(Warner), Raphael is as angry and impulsive as the colour red. He is often being misunderstood as the dark one because he is known to go to the extremes with his anger. Raph is easily irritated and argues fast, but he is also quick when it comes to defending his buddies. He is a determined (or stubborn) turtle and this determintation is what usually drives him to finish the tasks he considers as high priority. He's not afraid of the authority and is also usually up for an argument with them. Despite his tough guy image, Raph also has an emotional side and cares for his buds just as much as anyone of them...the only problem with Raph is his inability to express his care for others properly. Other interesting facts bout this turtle is that he enjoys Rap, metal and hardcore music and loves eating cereal.

Turtle #3
the purple one aka Donatello (Amanda) is the intelligent one,
He's also a comp geek and always comes in handy when there is any repairing needed. Donnie comes across as a very quiet and self contained turtle. Loves peace hates war and therefore, donnie is more of a turtle who would outsmart his enemies than actually harming them when in combat. His choice of a wooden weapon (long wooden stick) reflects his stand that it takes more patience and brains to stop violence and anger than to unleash them. Favourite food includes pizza and sushi, fav music, classic old school rock.

Turtle #4
Michaelangelo's (mememe) favourite color is orange. this turtle is a carefree, talkative, fun-loving and friendly one. The skills this turtle possess include disguising, driving a car (Ahaks! i can identify with that), cooking, first-aid and video gaming. He's hardly serious about anything, has the tendency to clown like 24/7 but his playful nature does indeed help keep the rest of the turtle's stress levels down. This turtle also has a creative imagination and put them to good use in his writings and poetries. Hmm he's the most emotional one compared to the other 3, with that, he also likes being the caregiver for the other turtles. Mike is addicted to Rock, Pop, Techno and Oldies and his favourite food - pizza, with pizza.

So there u have it a lil info about each of the turtles. Did it trigger your memories about them in the past? or did u even know these cute little turtles existed? O_O haha nvm. Okiee time for dinner, im having porridge tonight!! Weee~! i love eating porridge btw (the ones made by my grandma though). buhbyeeee...OH wait WAIT!

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CFP have trained me well....HAhHAHahHAhahhahHAhahahHa >_

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